Oatmeal cake in a hurry! We make different cakes from oatmeal cookies: with banana, cherry, cottage cheese, gelatin, creme brulee

Oatmeal cake in a hurry! We make different cakes from oatmeal cookies: with banana, cherry, cottage cheese, gelatin, creme brulee

Oatmeal cookies are tasty in themselves, but the desserts made from it are simply amazing. Cakes are especially successful without baking. Their preparation does not take much time, available ingredients are usually used, and the result always exceeds expectations. Here are the most interesting options for cakes from ordinary oatmeal cookies. Let's try?

Oatmeal Cake - General Cooking Principles

Cookies will act in the cake shortcakes. They can be layered, broken, impregnated, it all depends on the recipe. Cookies come in a variety of flavors and flavors: classic, with raisins, nuts, sesame, chocolate or cocoa. Of course, all this will affect the taste. Also, oatmeal cookies from different manufacturers differ in diameter and thickness. This should be taken into account, if the items are indicated in the recipe, not the weight. Thick cookies will be soaked for a long time, so you can cut it in half or just cut the tubercle. So we get a flat cake, and the tops, that is, trimming, you can lay in the gap or use for sprinkling cakes.

What creams can be used:

· Sour cream;

· From cream;

· On condensed milk;

· Custard.

It is not necessary to take fatty variants with a lot of butter for such cakes, they will soak the oatmeal cookies for a long time. Also, do not forget that it is sweet enough. If you add a lot of sugar or do not dilute the condensed milk with sour cream, then the dessert may turn out to be sugary. In some cases, fruits and berries can be salvation. They add freshness and lightness. All cakes take a long time to soak. Usually not less than three hours, but in the exact time depends on the cream used.

Oatmeal Cake with Banana

The easiest recipe for assorted oatmeal cake with banana and sour cream. It will take about ten minutes to prepare. But the dessert should be well soaked, for this it is desirable to put it in the fridge all night. Ingredients

· 350 g of biscuits;

· 380 g sour cream;

· 250 g of bananas;

· 2 spoons of sugar;

· A bag of vanilla.

Method of preparation

1. In a bowl or in the form we send food wrap. We make hanging edges, which can then cover the cake.

2. Making the simplest sour cream. Combine sour cream with sugar and vanilla, stir. You can use powder. It is advisable to take a thick cream for sour cream, after adding sugar, it will still become a little thinner.

3. We clean bananas, cut them in circles or in another way at our discretion.

4. Spread a layer of oatmeal cookies, lubricate with a good layer of cream, put bananas into the voids, scatter them on top.

5. Lubricate the oatmeal cookies on one side with cream, put it on bananas. Again, we coat the entire cream, spread the fruit pieces. If the products are left, then repeat. In the end lay out the remnants of the cream.

6. Cover the dessert with hanging tips of the film, send it to cool and soak.

7. After a few hours or the next day, the film should be pushed aside, attach a plate to the cake, turn it over with the bowl. Top can be smeared or decorated in any way.

Oatmeal Cake with Curd Cream

A very useful option for oatmeal cake. The cream is desirable to make good and fat cottage cheese. Additionally, you will need boiled or just instant coffee, which will be impregnated.


· A glass of coffee;

· 300 g of cottage cheese;

· 100 g of condensed milk;

· Chocolate;

· 100 g sour cream;

· 350 g biscuits.

Method of preparation

1. Grind the cottage cheese, combine with condensed milk and enter the sour cream. Beat cream until smooth.

2. Boil or just brew coffee, do not add sugar, cool well.

3. Dip the oatmeal cookies in the coffee. If it is tough, then leave for five seconds. We shake off drops, we stack on a flat plate. Making the first layer of cake from such a cookie.

4. Apply curd cream. Optionally, you can decompose slices of banana or other fruits, berries.

5. We again moisten cookies, we spread a new layer, we cover with cream. We collect the cake, leave to soak for a couple of hours, keep only in the refrigerator. 6. We rub chocolate, we sprinkle from above, we decorate sides. You can also use nuts or coconut chips, which is more like.

Oatmeal Cake with Cherry

One of the most delicious options for oatmeal cake, which is prepared with cherries. If there is brandy, you can pre-sprinkle the berries and leave to soak, get even more tasty.


· 600 g of cookies;

· 300 g cherries without pits;

· 600 g sour cream;

· A cup of coffee or tea;

· Vanillin;

· Cocoa for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. Mix sugar with sour cream. Add vanillin to flavor or pour a spoon of brandy. Make tea or coffee, cool.

2. Remove the stones from the cherries, slightly squeeze the berries from the extra juice. It can be added to the impregnation, it will only be better.

3. Lay out a layer of oatmeal cookies in a detachable form, wetting each piece in tea or coffee, pour cream, spread berries. Repeat until all products run out.

4. Remove the dessert for 8 hours. Remove from the mold, sprinkle with cocoa powder, garnish with cherries.

Cake from oatmeal cookies a la “Count ruins”

The recipe is simply amazingly simple to make, but a tasty cake that is very similar to the ruins of the Count. Cream of boiled condensed milk. Additionally, you will need meringue, which can be bought in the store. It is very light, it is inexpensive at a cost, you need only 100-130 grams.


· 250 g of cookies;

· 500 g of condensed milk;

· 130 g of meringue;

· 0.5 Art. nuts;

· 200 g butter + 20 g in chocolate;

· Milk for impregnation;

· 50 g of chocolate for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. Butter must be removed from the refrigerator in advance, otherwise it will not work. Beat it in a bowl, add condensed milk. If the products have the same temperature, then quickly turn into a homogeneous cream.

2. Dip the cookies with milk, let it soften a little. If necessary, replace a cup of coffee. Lay out in the form of the base for the cake. Break the remains, fill the voids to make a solid cake.

3. Lubricate the base with cooked cream. 4. Lubricate the meringue cream, lay a slide on the base. If there is a cookie, then you can also break it, smear it, lay between the meringues. We spread the cake in a slide, we smear with the remains of the cream.

5. We melt chocolate in a microwave or in a water bath, adding a piece of butter. Cool slightly so that it is not liquid, pour the dessert on top so that streams flow in different directions.

6. Dry nuts, sprinkle graph ruins. It is advisable to do it immediately, while the chocolate is still not frozen.

Oatmeal Cake with Gelatin

Option amazingly delicate, high and tasty jelly cake with oatmeal cookies. Collect it preferably in detachable form. There is one cake and jelly mass, but you can also cover everything on top with cookies, brush with cream or icing, this is a matter of personal taste.


· 250 g of cookies;

· 70 g of oil;

· 500 g sour cream;

· 300 g of cottage cheese;

· 150 g of powder;

· 300 g of berries or fruits;

· 100 ml of milk;

· 20 g of gelatin;

· Vanillin.

Method of preparation

1. You need to start with gelatin. Mix it with milk at room temperature, leave on the table.

2. Mash or grind oatmeal cookies, add soft butter to it, grind together and put on the bottom of a split form. From above it is simple to grease with sour cream without additives, sugar in cookies is enough. We put in the freezer for ten minutes.

3. Wipe the curd, combine with sour cream and powdered sugar. You can use just sand, but then stir longer.

4. Gelatin, which is already swollen in milk, melt and add to the curd cream. Stir again, but now it is very good for the whole cake to freeze.

5. In the curd mass add pieces of any fruit or berries.

6. We take out the form with the cake from the freezer, pour the jelly mass, level it and now put it in the fridge. It is necessary to wait for complete solidification.

Creme Brulee Oatmeal Cake

Very delicate and tasty option of oatmeal cake from cookies. For the preparation of the cream will need fatty cream for whipping 33%, as well as boiled condensed milk. It is undesirable to add fruits or berries to this cake, if only slices of bananas, they are also tender, they will perfectly fit into the dessert. Ingredients

· 250 of my cream 33%;

· 200 ml of milk;

· 1 can of boiled condensed milk;

· 600-700 g of cookies;

· Chocolate, coke or cocoa.

Method of preparation

1. Beat cream until frothy, gradually add boiled condensed milk to them. If it is very thick, then first beat well separately, then add. There is nothing more to lay in the cream.

2. We moisten the oatmeal in the prepared milk and spread it in one layer. Apply a thick layer of butter cream, cover with a new portion of cookies. We continue to the end.

3. Top the cake covered with cream. Grated chocolate or coconut chips are ideal for decoration. If there is nothing like that, then simply sprinkle the top with cocoa powder.

Oatmeal Cake - Tips and Tricks

· If there are few oatmeal cookies, it can be alternated with any other species. When using a thin or soft cookie, it is not necessary to additionally wet it in the impregnation.

· It's okay if the cream turns out to be watery. Oatmeal cookies are dry, it will absorb all the excess moisture, just need to give it a little stand.

· If you need to quickly soak the cake from the cookie, then it can be cut thinner. Or, after assembly, hold the dessert a little warm, only after that remove for cooling.

· If the biscuit is very dry, then it is better to cook from it, not a cake, but a “Potato” cake or a sweet sausage. In a crushed form, it is well and quickly soaked with cream.

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