Easy cooking cakes - save time and effort! Simple recipes for simple but delicious easy-cooking cakes

Easy cooking cakes - save time and effort! Simple recipes for simple but delicious easy-cooking cakes

A cake is not always a piece of pastry. There are lots of simple and quick recipes that even a child can handle. But this does not affect the beauty of the dessert or taste. Make a light cake?

Easy cooking cakes - general principles

Light desserts are usually based on cakes without baking. They are made from cookies, gingerbread, corn sticks, marshmallow and other ready-made confectionery. Often use dairy products and gelatin, various fruits and berries, candy, chocolate.

Creams for such cakes are prepared according to the general rules: mix the ingredients, beat, fill with different flavors. It is also based on dairy products, butter, chocolate. Vanilla, nuts, coconut chips can be added to them.

Cake easy cooking biscuits and condensed milk

For this instant cake, you can use thick white condensed milk or boiled. Cookies are better to use square or rectangular cookies, from which you can lay out even layers without gaps.


• 500 g of cookies;

• oil 250 grams;

• 350 g of condensed milk.


1. We soften the oil by removing it from the refrigerator to the room in advance. Then we shift it to the bowl, immerse the mixer, whip it first just like that, then gradually add condensed milk.

2. If desired, you can add additional ingredients to the cream: vanilla, cocoa, chocolate pieces.

3. Divide the cookies into 3 parts, stack the first layer and lubricate. Next, do the same.

4. Top the cake grease, you can sprinkle with nuts, cocoa, coconut flakes or the same pounded cookies. Leave for a couple of hours for impregnation.

Lightly made marshmallow and fruit cake

The recipe for a delicious dessert. The cake is very sweet, so to dilute the taste it is better to use the dense fruits of kiwi, they are sour. Marshmallow needs the most common vanilla without filling and glaze. Ingredients

• 3 Kiwis;

• 350 g of marshmallow;

• 3 Kiwis;

• 300 g thick sour cream;

• Vanilla;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• 50 g chocolate;

• 15 g of oil.


1. Cut each marshmallow into two parts to make the plates. Bulging tops set aside, they will go to the top of the cake. To keep the marshmallow from sticking to the knife, the blade can be moistened with cold water.

2. Peel kiwi, cut into plates.

3. Bananas are also peeled and cut too. Instead of these fruits, you can use strawberries, peaches or plums, some other apples or fruits, but they should be soft and tender, that is, apples or pears will no longer fit.

4. For the cream you just need to mix the sour cream with a spoon of powder, you can season with vanilla.

5. Place flat marshmallow mugs on a flat platter, spread the kiwi on top, brush with sour cream.

6. On the kiwi again lay out the plates of marshmallow, spread out the bananas. Coat this layer with cream.

7. Next, lay out the convex parts, try to spread the pieces of fruit between them. Place all bananas and kiwis. We spill the remnants of sour cream.

8. Lay the remains of figure marshmallow on top.

9. Put chocolate and butter in a bowl, put in a microwave, hold for 15 seconds, then stir and set again, melt the glaze, stir.

10. Spoon pour the cake on top, draw a net or just a strip. Leave for half an hour and you can eat! It is undesirable to keep such a dessert for more than 8 hours, as the fruit pieces will make juice.

Easy Cake “Curd” Cake with Cookies

Another version of the cake is light cooking without baking. This recipe also uses cookies, but the dessert is enriched with a useful product - cottage cheese. Cookies used square-type baked milk.


• 24 cookies;

• 5 tablespoons sour cream;

• 500 g of cottage cheese;

• 0.5 cans of condensed milk;

• 0.5 packs of softened butter;

• 4 spoons of powdered sugar;

• 0.5 chocolates.


1. Put cottage cheese in a large bowl and grind it carefully. You can use a blender. If the product is dry, it is recommended to wipe it through a sieve. 2. Separately mix the powdered sugar with sour cream, add the softened butter. In order for the fat not to snag, the food must have the same temperature.

3. Put sour cream and butter to the curd, stir. Look consistency. Gradually introduce condensed milk. If it is liquid, then you can add a little less, the cream should get thick.

4. Spread 8 cookies, lubricate the cream, should leave the third part. We collect in this way the whole dessert.

5. Chocolate rub fine chips, sprinkle the cake on top. Or use for decoration any other products, decorative chips.

6. We send a light and fast dessert to the cold, so that it is strong, soaked and softer.

Easy cooking cake “Anthill” of corn sticks

The recipe is amazing simple cake easy preparation, which is prepared very quickly, it turns out delicious and original. The basis of the dessert is corn sticks. It is better if they are small.


• 200 g toffee;

• 150 g corn sticks;

• 150 g of oil;

• 40 g peanuts (any);

• 50 g chocolate.


1. Toffee free from labels. It is possible to use for this recipe and weight iris, too, everything will turn out perfectly.

2. In a saucepan melt butter, but not all. Approximately one tablespoon is left for the glaze.

3. Pour the prepared toffee into the melted butter, mix, bring the sweet mass to homogeneity over a small fire.

4. Pour the corn sticks into a large bowl in which it will be convenient to stir.

5. Pour melted mass and quickly stir. It is best to use a spatula for this.

6. Immediately shift the sweet mass to a plate or any dish, give the form of an anthill, or rather do nothing at all, just lay a slide.

7. Chop nuts, fry for a minute in a skillet.

8. We melt chocolate and butter in a water bath, pour an anthill on top, sprinkle with nuts. Instead, you can use seeds, poppy, sesame.

Cake made from ready-made cakes

Ready-made biscuit cakes, which are usually sold in packs of 3, will be required. Since they are not very different in taste and rather dry, they need to be properly refined. Instead of bananas, you can take strawberries, kiwi or any other filling.


• 3 cake layers;

• bank of condensed milk;

• 250 g of oil;

• 250 g sour cream;

• 300 g of bananas;

• 120 g of sugar;

• 150 ml of water.


1. We start cooking with syrup. Since it needs to be cooled. Boil water with sugar, cool. It can be replaced by any sweet compote or tea, it will be even easier. For aroma we throw in vanilla or pour a spoon of brandy.

2. Cut bananas into plates, or do the same with other fruits.

3. Beat the butter with a mixer until it becomes bright and fluffy, begin to add sour cream, which must be thick, then add condensed milk.

4. Put the cake on a dish, pour the third part of the syrup, lubricate the prepared cream and distribute half of the fruit on it.

5. Similarly, you need to soak the second cake, smear, put on top the remaining bananas.

6. Last sponge cake just spill syrup and coat with cream, process the sides. For decoration, you can use chocolate chips or coconut.

Cake made from cracker fish

Variant of delicious, delicate cake, which is based on fish cracker. We use cookies with a neutral taste, salted fish will not do. For laying out the cake is best to use a silicone form.


• 300 g of fish;

• 100 g of oil;

• 300 g of cottage cheese;

• 2 cups of yogurt;

• condensed milk to taste.


1. Pound the curd with yogurt, you can choose any taste, add soft butter to the mass. We bring to homogeneity. Pour in condensed milk to the cream was sweet and flowing.

2. Mix the cracker with the cooked curd cream.

3. We shift the resulting mass in the form, well tamped, so as not to form voids.

4. Send dessert to the fridge for 3 hours. 5. We turn the cake on a plate, remove the form. We decorate with any products at our discretion.

Cake of easy cooking “Jelly” from cottage cheese with sour cream

The recipe is not only easy, but incredibly tasty and very useful cake. Cottage cheese and sour cream, you can take any fat, on the basis of this recipe obtained excellent dietary desserts.


• 500 g of cottage cheese;

• 500 g sour cream;

• 30 g of gelatin;

• 400 g strawberries (or other berries, fruits);

• a glass of sugar;

• 120 ml of water.


1. We start by soaking the gelatin with water at room temperature, since it needs to stand, swell. The time is indicated on the packaging.

2. While the gelatin is dissolved, wash the strawberries, remove the tails, leave the berries to dry.

3. Cottage cheese, sour cream and sugar just whip until smooth. You can add to them vanilla, chocolate chips, coconut chips.

4. Melt the gelatin so that it becomes liquid, but do not overheat. Mix with cottage cheese.

5. Add the strawberries, mix gently.

6. Pour the future cake into a silicone mold or into a regular bowl covered with film. Leave for 5 hours in the refrigerator. After complete solidification, you need to turn the bowl and the torus is ready!

Easy cooking cakes - tips and tricks

• To fix the cake in the center of the dish, and it did not move to the side, you need to grease the pot with a thin layer of cream in the center. If the dessert is biscuit, it is better to put a drop on each piece before placing it on a plate.

• Chocolate for the glaze will not melt if even a drop of water gets into it. Dishes must be dry and clean.

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