Cake "Turtle" at home - the very tenderness! Recipes chocolate, emerald and classic cake "Turtle"


Unusual desserts always attract attention, and if they are also very tasty, then this is doubly pleasant. Such a cake can be easily prepared at home, and it is called “Turtle”. In fact, there are a huge number of recipes, here are the most popular and tasty options.

Turtle Cake at Home - General Cooking Principles

For the classic tortoise cake, small biscuit cakes are made from regular egg dough. Due to their small size and porosity, they quickly become saturated and the cake does not need to stand for a long time. The cream is usually used sour cream, but you can make custard or condensed milk. It is not recommended to use thick and oil creams, as the cake with them may turn out to be dry, it will stand for a long time, it will harden and not soak.

What you can cook "Turtle":

• with nuts;

• fruits, berries;

• dried fruit;

• cocoa or chocolate.

There are many recipes for a lazy cake made from biscuits, ready-made biscuit cakes, gingerbread and even marshmallow. The original version is obtained from miniature rolls, the preparation of such a cake will take several minutes.

Formed cake in the form of tortoise shell. You can lay out your head, bake a few elongated plates for the legs, tail, or just cut them out of the cake layers. In the second case, it is better to do this in advance, so that all the trimming should be folded inside the shell. On top of the cake is covered with icing, sprinkled with nuts or decorated with fruit, such as kiwi.

Turtle Cake at Home (with Sour Cream)

The recipe for a simple tortoise cake, which is easy to make at home. Sour cream for the cream is desirable to take a thick, so that nothing drained, and the cakes are well soaked.


• 6 eggs;

• 1.5 Art. wheat flour sifted;

• 1 tbsp. sugar sand;

• 8 g baking powder.


• 700 g sour cream;

• a glass of sugar;

• 1 spoon of cocoa (you can add 2-3). For the glaze: 6 tablespoons of sour cream and sugar, 4-5 tablespoons of cocoa powder. To decorate some nuts.


1. Dough for tortoise biscuit. Break eggs, add sugar, sand, beat 10-15 minutes at maximum mixer speed. Add the ripper together with wheat flour, mix.

2. Cover baking sheets with baking paper or silicone mat.

3. We collect the dough on a full teaspoon with the mountain and lay out the lozenges on the trays. We leave the distance between them about three centimeters.

4. Baking at 200 degrees to wheat color. To flatten the tortillas is not very necessary, they are prepared very quickly. Leave to cool completely, then remove from paper or pad.

5. Mix sour cream and other ingredients of the cream. Cocoa can be added more, especially if the cream is liquid, the powder will absorb some of the moisture.

6. Putting a turtle. Coat the lozenges with chocolate cream, stack them on top of each other, forming a shell.

7. Cooking in the saucepan glaze. Mix all ingredients, cook on low heat until smooth.

8. Lubricate the cake with icing and immediately, until it is frozen, we spread the places of contact between the pellets with nuts.

Turtle Cake at Home with Cocoa

Chocolate version of the cake “Turtle” at home. Cocoa is added to the dough and to the cream, which is also made from sour cream.


• 5 eggs;

• 140 g wheat flour;

• 25 g of cocoa;

• 150 g of granulated sugar;

• 5 g ripper.


• 600 g sour cream;

• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 150 g of boiled condensed milk;

• 100 g of powdered sugar.

For the glaze: 150 g of chocolate 50 g of butter.


1. Pour the flour into a sieve, add cocoa powder and ripper to it, sift together. Combine eggs and granulated sugar, beat until firm and fluffy foam. Pour the dry mixture into the dough and stir.

2. Arrange the tortillas on a baking sheet, bake in the oven and cool.

3. Combine sour cream with icing powder and cocoa, add boiled condensed milk, beat the mixture until homogeneous.

4. Lubricate the biscuit plates with cream and put a slide, forming a turtle shell. Insert the legs, head. 5. Melt chocolate and butter, cool the glaze slightly, so that it is not too liquid and does not flow. Cover the shell of a turtle, draw chocolate eyes and mouth on the face.

Emerald Tortoise Cake at Home

A special feature of this cake is the way of cooking in the pan. The recipe is quite simple, does not require much time, but the dessert is bright and beautiful. For decoration are used fresh fruit of kiwi.


• 3 eggs;

• 1 standard bank of condensed milk;

• 500 ml of whole milk;

• 500 g flour (approximately);

• 1 pack of oil;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• Kiwi pieces 5-6;

• bag ripper;

• vanilla.


1. Since custard cream, you need to start with it. It will take time to cool. Combine two eggs with sugar, leave one for the test. Pour two spoons of flour and beat. In the process of adding milk. We put all this on the stove, boil almost until boiling, but do not let it boil. Cooling down.

2. Beat up a pack of butter with a mixer, add cream to a spoon, until it runs out. We fill with vanillin, put in the fridge.

3. We start to knead the dough. Beat egg and condensed milk, add half of the flour, mixed with baking powder. Then add more flour until the dough becomes thick.

4. Roll out a sausage from it and divide it into 8 parts, roll each piece in flour.

5. Roll the tortillas, bake alternately on a dry frying pan. They will be prepared very quickly, just for a minute on each side.

6. Put one cake on a dish, smear with cream, cover with a second layer and so on, while leaving the top layer dry.

7. We take a sharp knife and begin to cut the cake, giving the shape of the shell. For evenness, you can cover the plate.

8. Now you can grease the cake with the cream on top, cut the kiwi into circles, decorate the shell with emerald slices.

Turtle Cake at Home Cookies

Lazy version of the tortoise cake, which is made from cookies. Used cracker "fish". It is very important that it is not salty and has a neutral taste. Cream classic cream. Ingredients

• 0.5 kg of cookies;

• 550 g sour cream;

• 350 g of boiled condensed milk;

• one chocolate bar;

• 40-60 g of oil.


1. We combine boiled condensed milk with sour cream, there will be a lot of cream, this is normal. In the process, the cookie is completely absorbed.

2. Mix the cracker fish with cream, leave for five minutes.

3. During this time, you need to pick up a suitable bowl and cover it from the inside with cling film. You can use any package.

4. Put cookies with cream in a bowl, level and press. We cover with something and send to the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

5. Turn over the bowl, first covering the flat dish, remove the film.

6. Crumble chocolate, combine with butter, melt. Lubricate the shell, decorate to your taste.

Turtle Cake at Home with Banana

Basis for this cake is baked according to the first or second recipe. Cakes can be made chocolate or white at their discretion.


• 1 can of condensed milk;

• 200 g of oil;

• 300 g sour cream;

• 4 bananas;

• 80 g chocolate.


1. Put the butter in a bowl, leave it warm for a couple of hours. Immerse the mixer and start beating.

2. As soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous and begins to increase in volume, we begin to add condensed milk to the future cream. Then lay out sour cream. To taste we put vanilla, cinnamon. You can add a little coconut or cocoa.

3. Release bananas from the peel, cut into plates.

4. Putting the cake. According to the classical scheme we grease the lozenges, put the first layer and between them scatter the pieces of bananas. We collect in this way the entire shell. There should be no fruit on top.

5. Cake smeared with the remnants of the cream.

6. Chocolate rub, sprinkle the shell with chips. Give the cake soak.

Turtle Nut Cake at Home (Ready Cake)

For this cake, you can use any nuts, but it’s tastier and more beautiful with walnuts, especially if you don’t chop them and spread them in halves or quarters. The usual biscuit cakes from the store (white or chocolate) are used. Ingredients

• packaging of biscuit cakes;

• 200-300 g of nuts;

• 1.5 cans of condensed milk;

• 300 g of oil;

• 120 g of chocolate;

• 50 g sour cream or heavy cream.


1. Cut biscuit cakes with squares of arbitrary size, but do not need large pieces.

2. Mix the butter with condensed milk.

3. Smear the prepared biscuit pieces with cream. If the cakes are thick, then before that they can be sprinkled with any syrup, compote or regular tea (at your discretion).

4. Fry the nuts in a frying pan or in the oven.

5. Combine chocolate with sour cream, melt together in a water bath.

6. Immediately decorate the cake with nuts, so they have time to stick to the icing. Leave the cake for 7-10 hours in the fridge so that it is soaked.

Turtle Cake at Home - Tips and Tricks

• Inside the turtle you can lay not only bananas, but also other not very juicy fruits, for example, canned pineapples. Delicious cake is obtained with cherries, cherries, strawberries. Berries should also be dense.

• For a children's party, you can cook a turtle with a surprise by placing candy, marshmallow, and marmalade inside the shell.

• The shell will look more spectacular if you apply patterns of white glaze on it. You can use melted chocolate or protein cream.

• If the cream flows, it is impossible to collect the cake, you can lubricate the lozenges and put in a deep bowl, then cool, leave for a while to soak. After that, you can turn on the dish, cover with glaze and decorate.

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