Cake "Bird's milk" at home - step by step and in detail. Home-made recipes for poultry milk cakes on gelatin


Bird's milk is a legendary cake that everyone knows.

By the way, many know how to cook it and do not hide recipes.

Here you can find the simplest variants of the popular souffle cake, which can be easily and inexpensively made at home.

Bird's Milk Cake - General Cooking Principles

Unlike candies of the same name, the cake is prepared with cake layers. There may be two or one, depending on the recipe. The most commonly used sponge cake or layers of short pastry. Between them lay the soufflé, which is the highlight of this dessert.

What makes cream souffle:

• milk, cream;

• eggs;

• butter;

• sugar.

But the main thing is a thickener. For freezing is used agar-agar or gelatin. There are recipes based on milk semolina, one of them is below. This cake is always coated with icing, the easiest option is made from a bar of chocolate, more difficult - cooking the final coating of cocoa powder.

Bird's Milk Cake: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Gelatin

Gelatin is the most affordable soufflé ingredient, and can be bought at any grocery store. Recipe for simple cake “Bird's milk” at home, step by step and detailed description.



• three eggs;

• by ? Art. flour and sugar.


• a spoonful of flour;

• two glasses of sugar;

• milk 1 tbsp .;

• a dozen eggs;

• powdered gelatin 40 grams;

• 0.3 kg high quality oil;

• vanilla.


• five spoons of cocoa;

• three spoons of milk;

• 50 g of oil;

• six tablespoons of sugar.


1. Bake a biscuit preferably in a detachable form, so that later it can also collect bird's milk. Beat the eggs very hard. After the appearance of a good foam, we pour granulated sugar over them. As soon as the mixture becomes airy, frothy, pour out the flour. Pour the dough into a mold, smooth it and bake at 180 degrees.

2. Cool the biscuit, remove it from the mold, remove the parchment. Then return the cake back. 3. Mix gelatin and 150 ml of water, infuse for at least 25 minutes.

4. Separate the yolks from all eggs, add one glass of sugar, flour and milk to them. Beat, then put on the stove and cook custard. Cool it down.

5. Add the mashed butter to the cooled cream, beat together.

6. Melt the gelatin.

7. Protein whip with the remaining glass of sand to dense peaks. At the very end of the thin melted gelatin.

8. Mix both creams. Biscuit divided into two layers, one placed in the form of a cut top.

9. Put the soufflé on a sponge cake, smooth it, cover it with a second cake, press down a little. Put in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours until the cream completely hardens.

10. Remove the split form.

11. Mix all the above glaze ingredients, cook chocolate. It is desirable to do this in a water bath, but you can just in a saucepan, constantly stirring the mixture.

12. After dissolving the pieces, remove the bowl, let the icing cool slightly, cover the cake on the top and sides. Wait until full.

Bird's Milk Cake: Step by Step on Agar Agar

Agar-agar can be purchased in the departments for baking and confectioners. This version of the “Bird's Milk” cake is made using crumbly sandy cakes.


• 0.1 kg of butter and sugar;

• 5 yolks;

• 0.14 g flour;

• 0.5 tsp. baking ripper;

• vanilla.


• 4 tsp. agar;

• 0.3 kg of sugar;

• five proteins;

• 150 ml of water;

• 70 ml condensed milk;

• 0.14 kg of softened butter;

• 5 ml of lemon juice

For the glaze: butter 45-55 grams and one dark chocolate.


1. Beat the softened butter, add the yolks one by one. Stir the mixture well each time. Add flour and vanilla with baking powder. Knead. Bake 2 cakes, 20 cm in diameter, putting the dough on the parchment. The temperature is 210 degrees, the time is not more than ten minutes.

2. All souffle ingredients must be at room temperature. Oil and condensed milk whipped, the mass should turn white and fluffy.

3. Cook the syrup from agar, sugar and water. Boil three minutes after boiling. At the end add lemon juice.

4. Proteins are whipped to steep peaks, curly patterns should move away from the mixer beaters. 5. Pour syrup into proteins in a thin stream, continue to beat, followed by introducing oil cream.

6. Collect the cake: Cake, distribute all the soufflé at once, then cover with the second layer. Cool

7. Construct a water bath, drown chocolate and butter on it.

8. Take the cake out of the fridge, cover it with chocolate.

Chocolate Cake “Bird's Milk”: step by step with a detailed description of

A variation of the popular cake, but with chocolate cake. The dessert turns out amazing, chocolate is also added to the souffle, it is prepared on gelatin. Also in this step-by-step version of the Bird's Milk cake, dark chocolate is used to coat the cake.


• 4 eggs;

• 20 g of cocoa;

• 110 g of flour;

• 1 tbsp. Sahara.


• 0.5 liters of cream;

• 250 g chocolate;

• 12 g of gelatin;

• 60 ml of water.


130 g dark chocolate

60 ml of heavy cream.


1. Cooking chocolate sponge cake. First, beat the eggs. After the appearance of the foam, gradually pour the sugar, after dissolving, add flour to them. Pour the mixed dough in the form of 20-22 cm. We bake. Cool, cut into two layers.

2. Cooking soufflé. Immediately soak gelatin. It is not necessary much, as chocolate will help the cream to harden. Cream whip in a lush and airy foam with sugar. We first melt chocolate in a water bath, followed by gelatin. We introduce all this in turn in the cream, but do not stop beating.

3. We put one half of the cake in the form, pour out the chocolate cream and cover with the second part of the layer. Cool until the inner cream becomes firm and elastic.

4. Combine fat cream and chocolate, melt. You can use the water bath again or warm the mixture in the microwave.

5. We cover the chocolate dessert with icing.

Bird's Milk Cake: step-by-step recipe with semolina and lemon

Cakes for this cake, cook any of the recipes above, they all fit. Souffle is prepared in a simplified way from semolina.


• 0.3 kg butter;

• 160 g sugar;

• 750 ml of milk;

• 1 lemon;

• 0.13 kg of semolina.


• 50 ml sour cream; • 4 spoons of cocoa;

• 50 g of oil;

• 2 spoons of sugar.


1. Cooking ordinary semolina porridge. Milk combine with sugar, put on the stove. After boiling a thin stream we introduce semolina, quickly stir the cream. After thickening, remove from heat and cool.

2. Wash the lemon well, grate the zest, put it in porridge. Squeeze out the juice from citrus. If the pulp gets into it, we filter it.

3. Beat the butter until fluffy, pour the juice into it in portions.

4. Combine porridge with zest with whipped butter, stir.

5. Put all souffle on cakes, cover with the second part and send for a couple of hours in the fridge. Porridge should freeze.

6. We take out the frozen “bird's milk” on the dish.

7. Mix cocoa with sugar and butter, melt. After dissolving, remove from heat and add sour cream. Cover the resulting chocolate cake, cool another couple of hours.

Bird's Milk Cake at Home: Step by Step with Strawberries and Bananas

Another variation of the popular cake, which is prepared with the addition of strawberries and bananas. Korzh take one biscuit.


• 1 banana;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 7 proteins;

• 20 g of gelatin;

• 0.15 kg of oil;

• 0.38 kg of condensed milk;

• 0.15 kg of strawberries.

You will also need one chocolate and two tablespoons of butter for coating.


1. Mix dry gelatin and 100 ml of water in one bowl, leave for a while.

2. Whip the oil, pour sand. We spend about half.

3. Protein whisk separately with the second part of the sugar.

4. Melt the gelatin, which should already have swelled well.

5. We pour in a thin stream in proteins, add oil, quickly stir.

6. Bananas we cut into circles, strawberries with arbitrary slices, mix with soufflé.

7. Putting everything on the cake, you can not put the second layer on top. Cool for 5 hours.

8. Melt chocolate and butter.

9. Remove the “Bird's Milk” from the mold, cover it with glaze, let it stand for at least another twenty minutes in the fridge so that the chocolate hardens.

Bird's Milk Cake at Home: Step by Step Cream

Another variation of the bird's milk cake at home. Step by step and describes in detail the process of cooking souffle cream with condensed milk. Cakes take any recipe with gelatin. Ingredients

• 30 g of gelatin;

• 120 ml of water;

• 500 ml whipping cream;

• 320 g of boiled condensed milk;

• vanilla;

• 50 g of softened butter.

Frosting: 1.5 bars of chocolate, 4 spoons of butter.


1. Mix the gelatin with water at room temperature. We leave for the time specified in the instructions.

2. Beat butter with condensed milk. If the mixture is thick, add a few tablespoons of cream.

3. Pour the cream into a clean bowl. Beat until dense, fluffy foam.

4. Combine both mixtures

5. Gelatin set for 30 seconds in the microwave. We take and stir. If it does not dissolve completely, heat up some more.

6. Pour the gelatin into the prepared cream, stir.

7. Put the cake in the form, pour the souffle, close it with the second layer or leave it like this. Cool, withstand until fully frozen.

8. Melt the chocolate, mix the butter with sour cream, then with the melted chocolate. Cover the frozen cake with icing.

Cake “Bird's Milk” at home - tips and tricks

• It is not necessary for the cake to bake cakes yourself. In the lazy options, you can use the purchase sponge cake. Also, as a base, you can take kneaded shortbread, mixed with butter.

• The cake will be more original if you apply a cream or jam on the cake in front of the souffle.

• It is not necessary to use chocolate coating to cover. You can make white or any other. Dessert with sparkling mirror glaze looks original.

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