Chocolate cake with strawberries - a dream of a sweet tooth! Recipes amazing chocolate cakes with strawberries for homemade tea

Chocolate cake with strawberries - a dream of a sweet tooth! Recipes amazing chocolate cakes with strawberries for homemade tea

Chocolate and strawberry are two magical foods that enhance mood. They are often featured in many desserts and they make delicious cakes.

Any sweet tooth will be delighted with such a delicacy, which is also very easy to cook at home.

Are you spoiled with a chocolate cake with strawberries?

Chocolate Strawberry Cake - General Cooking Principles

All chocolate cakes with strawberries can be divided into two categories: with baking and without it (prefabricated). Desserts from the first category are prepared with biscuit, sand cakes. They are baked with the addition of cocoa or chocolate bars.

Prefabricated cakes without baking can be prepared from a variety of flour products: gingerbread, cookies, sometimes use purchased cakes. Also, baked cakes are included in desserts without baking. Dairy products most often serve as their basis.

Creams for chocolate cakes with strawberries are prepared on the basis of sour cream, cream, cottage cheese or condensed milk. All these ingredients are perfectly combined with berries and highlight the amazing strawberry flavor.

Recipe 1: Chocolate cake with strawberries made from classic sponge cake

A variant of an ordinary chocolate cake with strawberries, for which the simplest sponge cake with cocoa powder is baked. Cream of sour cream, which should be thick and oily.


• 4 eggs;

• 110 grams of flour;

• 50 grams of cocoa;

• 190 grams of sugar.

For cream:

• 320 ml thick sour cream;

• 7 tablespoons of powder.

To fill the cake 400 grams of strawberries.


1. Beat eggs with sugar pitch until firm foam. The mass should be white, thick and very lush.

2. Add flour sifted together with cocoa and quickly stir it, at this stage it is better not to use a mixer. If there are concerns about dropping the biscuit, you can add a little baking baking powder.

3. Pour the dough into a mold with a diameter of 20-24 cm and send it to the oven. Baked cake at 180 to dry sticks.

4. Take out the biscuit, cool, cut into two cake layers.

5. We mix sour cream with powder, for a long time we do not do this so that the cream does not become liquid, we immediately lubricate the lower layer.

6. Scatter the strawberry pieces, cover with the top cake and spread the whole cake with sour cream. Cut the remaining berries in halves and decorate the top.

Recipe 2: Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Curd Cream

For this cake, you can take any chocolate cakes or bake a biscuit according to this recipe. The highlight of the cake is a delicate cream of cottage cheese with sour cream.


For sponge cake:

• 3 eggs;

• 0.5 cup of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa;

• 1 cup flour.

For cream:

• 0.3 kg of cottage cheese;

• 0.3 kg sour cream;

• 0.3 glass of sugar;

• 0.2 kg of strawberries.


1. Bake an ordinary biscuit. For the dough, beat the eggs with prescription sugar, add flour with cocoa and baking powder. We bake the cake in a split form. Cooling down.

2. Whip sour cream with sugar and add grated cottage cheese. Divide the cream in half. In one part add pieces of strawberries, leave a third of the berries for decoration.

3. Cut the cake into two parts and return one to the form.

4. We spread the cream with pieces of berries and cover with the remaining layer. We put in the fridge for an hour.

5. Remove the form, shift the cake on a plate. Lubricate the side parts and the top with a cream without pieces, decorate with deferred berries.

Recipe 3: Chocolate cake with strawberry biscuit on boiling water

For this chocolate cake with strawberries, we will prepare an unusual sponge cake on boiling water. Cakes made from it are very airy and tender.


• 0.39 kg of flour;

• 1.5 cups of sugar;

• 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder;

• 100 ml of oil grow;

• 1 tsp. baking powder;

• 200 ml of milk;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 tsp. soda

For cream:

• 2 glasses of cream;

• 120 grams of powder.

For registration of 500 grams of strawberries. For the impregnation of the cake layers with 120 ml of strawberry compote, you can use syrup or just sweet tea.


1. We combine loose ingredients. You can simply sift the flour with cocoa, baking powder and baking soda.

2. In another bowl, beat eggs with sugar and milk, add cocoa.

3. Now mix the cooked mass with the flour mixture and pour in a glass of boiling water. Quickly stir.

4. Pour the dough into a detachable cake mold and send to bake. Preparing the cake for about 50 minutes at 190 degrees.

5. We divide the baked and cooled biscuit with a knife into several cake layers, basically it turns out three. But if the shape is large in diameter, it will be two. 6. Whip cream with powder to fluffy foam.

7. Cut strawberries in half.

8. Soak the compote cake, just a little bit, slightly sprinkle. We grease with cream, we put strawberry slices.

9. Cover the next cake and repeat.

10. Top of the cake is just covered with cream and decorated with whole berries.

Recipe 4: Chocolate cake with strawberry gingerbread “Fairytale”

To make a chocolate cake with strawberries for this recipe you will need gingerbread without gingerbread. Cream of sour cream with cocoa.


• 0.5 kg gingerbread;

• 0.2 kg of strawberries;

• 0.25 kg sour cream;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 4 spoons of condensed milk;

• 2 spoons of cocoa powder;

• 1 chocolate bar;

• 40 grams of plum oil.


1. Take the gingerbread and cut each into plates. It can be halved or in three parts, depending on the height of the products.

2. Whip sour cream with sugar, condensed milk and cocoa powder.

3. Cut the strawberries in any pieces.

4. We take a deep bowl and cover it from the inside with a cling film.

5. Put a layer of gingerbread on the bottom of the container, grease with cream and sprinkle with strawberries. Then a new layer and so on. The remains of the cream just pour out the top.

6. Leave the cake in the fridge for three hours.

7. We take out, we overturn on a dish, we remove a film.

8. Melt chocolate with butter, glaze the cake and in ten minutes you can taste it.

Recipe 5: Chocolate cake with strawberries and bananas (on gelatin)

Option jelly cake with strawberries and bananas. Also for cooking you will need sour cream, which is the basis of the dessert.


• 0.7 kg sour cream;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• 1 chocolate bar;

• 40 grams of gelatin;

• 2 bananas;

• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 300 grams of strawberries;

• 150 ml of water;

• some vanilla.


1. Immediately fill the gelatin with water, leave to swell.

2. Whip sour cream with sugar, add melted chocolate, cocoa and vanilla to them.

3. Melt the gelatin and also send to the sour cream mass, stir.

4. Cut the peeled bananas into any pieces.

5. Cut the washed strawberries in half. If the berries are large, then it is possible in four parts.

6. Spread bananas with strawberries in chocolate sour cream, mix and pour into any form, preferably from silicone. 7. Give the cake to get stronger in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Recipe 6: Chocolate cake with strawberries and cream biscuit

Recipe for chocolate shortcake cake and whipped cream. The strawberry is used entirely, we choose beautiful, ripe, but dense berries.


• 0.3 kg of cookies;

• 0.12 kg of butter;

• 4-5 spoons of white condensed milk;

• 4 chocolate cubes;

• 3 spoons of cocoa;

• 0.2 liters of whipping cream;

• 4 spoons of powdered sugar;

• 0.3 kg of strawberries.


1. Grind cookies to crumb, add cocoa and melted butter, stir. Enter the condensed milk and get the dough.

2. Put the mass on a plate covered with cling film, make an even layer and put it in the freezer to set.

3. Whip the cream with powder to dense peaks. Wash strawberries and dry.

4. Take out the frozen chocolate cake, turn over on the same plate and remove the film.

5. We grease with a thin layer of whipped cream and chaotically spread strawberries.

6. Cover the berries with an air cloud of whipped cream. You can use a pastry bag with carved nozzles.

7. Rub chocolate cubes over the cake, and it's ready!

Chocolate Strawberry Cake - Tips and Tricks

• Strawberry belongs to the perishable berries, so cakes with it are not stored for a long time and it is better to cook the dessert at one time.

• Chocolate for cake can be melted not only in a water bath. Easier and faster to do it in the microwave. Tile break into cubes and set for half a minute. Then mix and repeat so several times until all the pieces are dissolved.

• Cocoa should be sieved before adding to the dough or to the cream. Mixing the powder with other dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, and powder will also help to prevent the appearance of lumps.

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