Three Chocolate Cake - step by step recipes for a spectacular dessert. Cooking a delicious Three Chocolate Chocolate mousse cake using step-by-step recipes

Three Chocolate Cake - step by step recipes for a spectacular dessert. Cooking a delicious Three Chocolate Chocolate mousse cake using step-by-step recipes

Three chocolates - a delicious dessert! Any sweet tooth will appreciate its delicious taste. The cake is very fragrant, sweet, different from many other desserts and can be prepared by yourself.

Here are step-by-step recipes for the Three Chocolate cake with the most detailed and clear description.

Three Chocolate Cake - General Cooking Principles

Cake "Three Chocolate" is made on the basis of biscuit or without it, it all depends on the recipe and the availability of free time. You can use the finished cake, only cut it to the size of the form. Next are stacked sweet mousse layers.

What is used for mousses:

• Chocolate, cocoa. Irreplaceable ingredients that are used in the cake itself and for decoration. Taste and aroma will depend on quality.

• Gelatin. It serves as a thickener, gives the cake the necessary elasticity, allows you to cut into pieces. Without gelatin you get a mild dessert, which you can eat only with a spoon from a bowl.

• Cream. They must be necessarily fat, as they will be whipped. It is advisable to take the product 30-35%. But also suitable special pastry cream for whipping and desserts.

The most convenient way is to assemble the “Three Chocolates” cake in a detachable form, all step-by-step recipes are designed for this. Before adding each layer, you need to cool the previous mousse. Decorated cake only after complete freezing.

Classic cake “Three chocolates”: step-by-step recipe

This dessert is made on the basis of chocolate crust. In this step-by-step recipe of the “Three Chocolate” cake, it somehow resembles a brownie, it turns out to be just as tender and juicy, no additional soaking is required.


• 50 g each of sour cream and milk;

• egg;

• 70 ml of coffee;

• 0.1 kg flour;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 20 grams of cocoa;

• 30 grams rast. oils;

• salt, vanilla;

• 5 grams of ripper.

White mousse:

• a glass of cream;

• 120 grams of white tile; • 4 grams of gelatin;

• 30 grams of butter;

• 3 spoons of water.

Milk tile mousse:

• a glass of cream;

• 0.5 tablespoons of powder;

• 2 g of gelatin;

• 2 spoons of water;

• 40 grams of oil;

• 120 grams of milk chocolate bar.

Dark mousse:

• a glass of cream;

• 120 grams of dark chocolate;

• 40 grams of oil;

• 0.5 tablespoons of powder;

• 2 g of gelatin;

• 1.5 spoons of water.


1. We start with the preparation of the basics. Send flour to the sieve, pour the cocoa powder and immediately pour the baking powder to them. All this needs to be sifted into a bowl. Add vanilla, salt, stir.

2. Take another bowl, break an egg, pour in milk, immediately put sour cream, cool coffee and add granulated sugar. Shake until homogeneous with a whisk or a regular mixer.

3. Add flour to the mixture, mixed with all other ingredients. We introduce vegetable oil in the last turn.

4. Cover the parchment sheet with a split form, take a diameter of 22-23 centimeters. We shift the dough, level with a spatula and send to the oven to bake.

5. Prepare the base for about twenty minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Then take out, give a little cool.

6. Put the base out of the mold, let it cool down finally, lay clean parchment on the bottom and insert the sheets along the edges so that the mousse does not stick. Return the cooled cake. If suddenly he has bumps, then you need to cut.

7. Making the first mousse. According to the rules, it is made of dark chocolate. Mix gelatin with 1.5 spoons of water, leave to swell.

8. Break chocolate into pieces, mix with butter, put in a water bath. Melt, but do not need to overheat, so that nothing is rolled up flakes.

9. Beat the heavy cream with the addition of powder in a good foam. First add the melted chocolate, gradually, not in a hurry, whip. Then heat the gelatin and add it too.

10. Beat the first mousse one more time and shift it into the form with the cake. Smooth the surface, put in the fridge.

11. Now prepare the milk chocolate mousse. Also mix gelatin with water, leave to swell. We send chocolate and butter to melt, while we ourselves are engaged in cream. 12. Whip the cream with the powder, add milk chocolate, drive the melted gelatin. Spread the fluffy mass on dark chocolate mousse and also gently, without pressure, stretch and level the layer. Return to the fridge.

13. The last layer of white mousse remains. This chocolate is capricious because it is not always melted well. It is important not to allow the ingress of water, mix the cubes with oil, put in a bath.

14. Whip cream, powder, you can not add, as the white tiles are sweeter. Gelatin comes here more, because in white tiles there is less cocoa butter, we combine with water.

15. Mix cream and white chocolate. We shift melted gelatin, whip it all up, but not much, send in the form. Since this is the last layer, align it carefully.

16. Put the cake to freeze in the fridge, soak for several hours.

17. Remove, remove the sides of the form, carefully remove the paper.

18. Decorate the top with cocoa powder, you can squeeze out the flowers from white whipped cream or just scatter cubes of three different types of chocolate.

Three Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Very gentle dessert option. Step-by-step recipe for the famous cake “Three chocolates” with mascarpone cream cheese. You can replace it with other similar species, for example, Almette.


• milk chocolate 200 g;

• 200 g dark chocolate;

• 200 g white chocolate;

• 500 grams of heavy cream;

• 250 grams of mascarpone;

• 100 g sugar per cake;

• 60 grams of oil;

• 40 grams of flour in sponge cake;

• a pair of eggs in a biscuit;

• 100 g sugar in sponge cake;

• 2 spoons of brandy;

• 12 grams of gelatin;

• 30 grams of cocoa for sponge cake;

For the glaze we use 150 g of milk chocolate and 50 g of butter. But you can just sprinkle the Three Chocolate Cake with cocoa powder, as in the step-by-step recipe above.


1. Biscuit base prepare the most simple. Before fluffing, beat a couple of eggs, add sugar. Continuing to wield a mixer. West cocoa with flour, stir and pour into a preformed detachable form. 2. Bake a cake at 200 degrees. Since the dough is small, it will take about ten minutes.

3. Put the biscuit on the grid, let it cool.

4. Cover the form with a clean piece of parchment. If the sides are stained, then wash, wipe dry. After that, they, too, it is desirable to lay a sheet of parchment.

5. Return the sponge cake to the form, sprinkle with brandy.

6. Divide the gelatin into three parts, add 3 spoons of water to each, let it swell.

7. Beat cream until firm peaks, add cream cheese, stir. Mascarpone should be warm. You can partially mix it with whipped curd cheese or mass, it will cheapen the cream.

8. Divide the whipped cream into three parts, two of them put in the fridge.

9. Melt the dark chocolate and butter, immediately dissolve the gelatin, shift into whipped cream, gently stir until smooth.

10. Spread chocolate mousse in the form of the cake, level, transfer to the refrigerator.

11. Now you need to melt the milk chocolate and also the second part of the gelatin. Mix with one part of the creamy mass. We shift in the form over the dark mousse, again send to freeze in the refrigerator.

12. Now melt the white chocolate with the remaining oil, dissolve the gelatin, combine all this with whipped cream and complete the assembly of the cake. We give it a good strength in the fridge, preferably withstand at least three hours.

13. Melt milk chocolate and butter, cool to a warm state.

14. Remove the cake from the mold, cover with icing. Or just fall asleep cocoa powder.

Curd Cake “Three Chocolates”: a step-by-step recipe for a simplified dessert

Very simple and cheap step-by-step recipe of the “Three Chocolates” cake. It is important to use a good fat cottage cheese, then it will turn out very tasty and tender.


• 600 g sour cream;

• 300 ml of milk;

• 15 g of gelatin;

• 200 g of sugar;

• 3 tbsp. l cocoa;

• on 1 tile of white, dairy, dark chocolate;

• 60 g of oil;

• 900 g of cottage cheese.


1. Divide the gelatin by 5 grams, mix each portion with 100 ml of milk, leave to a good swelling. 2. Combine the cottage cheese with sour cream and granulated sugar, smash the blender into a homogeneous and tender mass. Divide into three parts. Two of them are still in the fridge.

3. Melt dark chocolate with 20 grams of butter, heat one part of gelatin in milk, combine with cottage cheese, also with one part, stir and put into a separable form. We take a diameter of about 20 cm. Put in half an hour in the refrigerator.

4. Do the same with milk chocolate: melt with butter, mix with cottage cheese and add melted gelatin. Spread over a dark mousse layer that has begun to harden.

5. Now we also drown the white chocolate bar, combine it with cottage cheese, milk and gelatin, spread it over a layer of milk chocolate mousse.

6. Put the dessert in the fridge, let it stand until it is completely set, then gently remove it from the mold.

7. For decoration, you can use cocoa powder or just grated chocolate.

Cake “Three Chocolates” - useful tips and tricks

• To melt gelatin or chocolate, you can use a microwave, only you need to watch and not to overheat the mass. Gelatin in no case be boiled.

• If there is no detachable form, you can collect the mousse layers in a deep bowl, covered with cling film. But in this case they are going in the reverse order, the cake is finished with a cake. After hardening, the bowl must be turned over on a dish, removed, and decorated.

• Between the layers of mousse you can lay pieces of berries or fruit, marshmallow or marmalade, but they should not be too much.

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