Sour cream cake: a step-by-step recipe for homemade treats. Vanilla, chocolate, jelly sour cream cakes (step by step recipes)

Sour cream cake: a step-by-step recipe for homemade treats. Vanilla, chocolate, jelly sour cream cakes (step by step recipes)

Cakes on sour cream are different from classic biscuits with juicy and tender crumb. Cakes do not need to be soaked with syrups, they are tasty and rich without them. If you pick the right cream - it will be a fairy tale! Here are the most detailed step-by-step recipes for sour cream cakes with a full description.

Sour cream cake - general cooking principles

Sour cream cakes are usually soft, porous, tender and always cooked with eggs. They are whipped with sugar as a classic biscuit, then injected sour cream. Of course, for the test it is better to use a product with good fat content, then it will turn out more tasty. Add sour cream in beaten eggs should be carefully, so as not to precipitate the foam. If the product is thick or heterogeneous, then before that it must be thoroughly mixed in a separate bowl.

What else can be added:

• flour;

• cocoa;

• vanilla;

• rippers.

Cakes are usually baked in the oven or in a slow cooker. If they are tall, then it can be cut into several pieces. Then the cakes are smeared with cream, which can also be made from sour cream. But oil cream is also suitable, on condensed milk, custard, chocolate paste, it all depends on the recipe. The cake is collected, coated, soaked for several hours.

Classic sour cream cake: a step-by-step recipe

A variant of the simplest sour cream. In the step-by-step recipe of sour cream cake uses a minimum amount of products. At the same time the dessert turns out matchless, tender and juicy. If it is good to decorate it, then it will find its place even on the holiday table. For the dough, you can take even acidified or not very fat sour cream. But for the cream we use the highest quality and fresh product, as it will not be subjected to heat treatment.


• 300 grams of wheat. flour;

• 3 eggs;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 1 tsp. pish soda;

• a glass of sour cream;

• package of vanilla.


• 370 g sour cream (thick, fat content of 25); • 150 g of powder Sakh .;

• 1 packet of vanilla.


1. It is advisable to immediately turn on the oven, let the oven warm up to 180 degrees. Immediately prepare the form: lubricate, you can lay the bottom. Or lubricate and sprinkle with flour. By the way, sour cream can be cooked in a slow cooker. Then just lubricate the bottom and side parts from the bottom, you do not need to heat anything in advance.

2. For kneading dough, you can use a whisk, but much faster eggs will be whipped with a mixer. Smash them into a bowl, start churning, sprinkle a piece of granulated sugar into pieces. Beat until it dissolves.

3. It is not necessary to extinguish soda with vinegar, as sour cream is used in the dough. Combine, stir and shift to beaten eggs.

4. Lightly mix the sour cream with the eggs, add the sifted flour and one packet of plain vanilla. You can give citrus flavor to sour cream. To do this, add crushed zest, you can pour a little cinnamon. In general, we experiment.

5. We stir dough, we shift in the greased form. Gently shake so that the layer is evenly distributed, and set to bake in the oven. Cook until dry sticks for about half an hour. In a slow cooker, we withstand a full baking cycle, usually 50-60 minutes. If necessary, we increase the time.

6. The finished cake should be cooled well, then cut into two thin layers. This can be done with a long knife.

7. The cream is very simple to prepare: all the ingredients are mixed in a bowl. You can take sugar instead of powder, but then you need to stir the mass until the grains are completely dissolved. When using a mixer, you need to whisk gently so as not to turn the sour cream into butter.

8. We lubricate the lower cake of sour cream with cream, cover and lubricate the top. The side parts also need to be lubricated so that the cakes do not dry out, soak.

9. For decorating the cake, use chopped nuts, you can sprinkle it with crushed waffles or cookies, coconut chips will fit perfectly here. Or make flowers and patterns of oil cream.

10. Remove sour cream cake in the fridge for at least four hours. Dessert soaked, will be tender, juicy, will delight the taste.

Chocolate sour cream cake: a step-by-step recipe with bananas

This is a universal step-by-step recipe of sour cream cake, which can be cooked with cherries, bananas, other fruits or berries, but we take a not too soft filling. Otherwise, the filling can flow.


• a glass of flour;

• 40 g of cocoa;

• three eggs;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 10 g ripper;

• a glass of sugar.

For cream and filling:

• 340 g sour cream;

• 170 g of boiled condensed milk;

• 1 g of vanilla;

• 4 bananas.


1. In a clean bowl, break three eggs, immediately fall asleep to them prescription granulated sugar and beat the ingredients until a good light foam.

2. We put cocoa in a sieve, add a glass of wheat flour, put a bag of special baking baking powder. And all together you need to sift. This technique will save from the appearance of unpleasant cacao clumps or ripper.

3. In whipped eggs, first lay out a glass of sour cream. A few seconds stir with a mixer, but at the smallest speed.

4. Next, add flour, mixed with other ingredients, and also mix at low speed. We get a homogeneous semi-liquid dough.

5. Lubricate the form for biscuits with a diameter of about 20-22 centimeters. Put in her chocolate dough.

6. The oven should have already warmed up to 180 degrees by this time. It is impossible to put dough into a cold oven, it will dry, the cake cake will not work. We send the form, bake until done, check with a wooden splinter.

7. Put the finished sponge on the grid. Completely cool.

8. Cooking cream. In our case, it is better to add sour cream to condensed milk, and not vice versa. Put a spoon, stir well, then add a spoonful of sour cream. If you put it right away, lumps of thick boiled condensed milk may appear, as it is not always homogeneous. The cream is filled with vanillin or any essence.

9. Peel bananas. We cut in circles, but not thinly, as they will be only inside and the filling should be felt. We make about 4-5 millimeters.

10. Cut the cooled chocolate cake in half lengthwise for a two-layer cake. 11. One part is put on a flat dish, we grease with the prepared cream from sour cream with condensed milk, we spread an even layer slices of bananas, which should completely cover the surface.

12. The second part of the biscuit is also lubricated with a layer of cream from the side of the slice and this side we cover the bananas. If this is not done, the upper part will not be saturated as well as the bottom.

13. Now we cover chocolate sour cream with cream on top and sides.

14. For decoration, you can use a rubbed white or dark chocolate. It is better not to put the bananas up or to do this just before serving the cake to the table. On the air, the pieces will darken.

15. Give the cake a few hours to soak in, keep in the fridge.

Gelatin sour cream cake: step-by-step recipe (with biscuit)

This cake combines a baked cake and an amazing smetanny layer. The dessert turns out to be quite large, to make it better in a detachable form by 23-25 ​​cm. The total number of berries and fruits is indicated in the step-by-step recipe of sour cream. You can use kiwi, bananas, strawberries, peaches, citruses.


• 2 eggs;

• 100 g sour cream;

• 140 g of flour;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• 90 g sugar.

For the jelly layer:

• 700 g sour cream;

• 200 g of sugar;

• vanilla bag;

• 20 g of gelatin;

• 80 ml of water, milk or juice.

Additionally, you need 500 grams of berries or fruits.


1. You need to start cooking with a biscuit base. This will be one small cream sour cream cake. Beat eggs and sugar until white. Introduce sour cream, and then flour with baking powder. Get a classic dough on sour cream.

2. Grease the shape of the inside with a piece of butter, the bottom can be covered with a piece of parchment.

3. Pour the prepared dough into the form, smooth it out.

4. Put the base in the oven, bake until cooked at 180 degrees.

5. Cool the cake, remove from the form. Remove the paper. If the form is dirty, then you need to wash it, wipe dry. Return the cake to the form, we will collect the cake immediately in it.

6. Soak gelatin in milk, let it infuse. Instead of milk, you can take any juice or just water, if nothing at all. 7. Combine sour cream with sugar and vanilla, beat for a moment. Leave to completely dissolve the grains.

8. Wash fruits or berries, dry thoroughly, cut into pieces. Berries can be in half, if they are small, then leave entirely. A handful set aside immediately to the side for decoration.

9. The gelatin, swollen in milk, is heated, combined with sour cream and whipped again.

10. Add pieces of fruit and berries to sour cream, gently stir.

11. We shift the jelly mass in the form with a biscuit, align the layer so that the thickness over the entire area is the same.

12. From above lay out the pieces of fruit or berries that are set aside. Do not deepen, just slightly pressed.

13. We remove the cake in the fridge for 4 hours. Gelatinous masses cannot be frozen, just cool.

14. Before serving to the table gently remove the split form. Biscuit is dry at the bottom, so we take it with our hands and shift it to a flat dish.

Sour cream cake - tips and tricks

• If there is no good and thick cream for the cream, you can use the one that is. But pre-place the product in a linen bag, hang for serum flow. The excess water will go away, the cream will not flow.

Is the cream completely liquid? You can add special thickeners to it, or pour in some loose gelatin. It is also possible to thicken the mass with coconut chips, crushed with cookies.

• Cakes for the cake is better to bake in advance, you can the day before. Then cool, wrap in cling film. After that, they will be well cut, absorb the cream, the cake will turn out more delicious.

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