Pork at home with potatoes is very simple. Baked, stewed and fried pork dishes at home with potatoes

Pork at home with potatoes is very simple. Baked, stewed and fried pork dishes at home with potatoes

Roasted pork roast is an example of home cooking victory over professionals.

It’s not for nothing that, embarrassingly, they call especially successful dishes, adding the epithet “home-style”. And whether it is borsch or goulash, porridge or kissel, home coloring easily overshadows any recipes.

And we don’t have to talk about roasts: pork meat with potatoes is the very “Home-Fried”: the obligatory line of every cafe that respects itself.

Home-made pork with potatoes - general principles of cooking

• Almost all recipes for homemade dishes are combined with simplicity and speed of preparation, as well as an affordable “budget” set of products. Pork with potatoes can be fried, baked in the sleeve or in a frying pan in the oven, stewed in pots, cooked in a slow cooker. Complementing the main ingredients with different products, and applying different methods of heat treatment, get completely different dishes.

• How tasty the dish will be, depends not only on compliance with prescription recommendations, but also on the correct choice of products. The meat must be fresh, with a dense fiber structure and no wind, no unpleasant smell. When pressing on the pulp, there should be no dents.

• It is advisable to buy fresh or chilled meat, although it is allowed to use frozen meat. Pieces of steamy pork are soaked in water before use in order to get blood out of them. Frozen meat is thawed at room temperature without removing it from the bag.

• Before using, pieces of pork must be washed with water, then dried thoroughly and proceed to cutting. They remove all the excess: the remaining tendons, thick films, hanging pieces of fat, then cut, according to a specific recipe.

• For frying and baking, it is better to take unspothed potatoes, and for stewing, vice versa. Potato tubers can be cut into cubes or slices, as long as the pieces are the same size.

• Home-made pork with potatoes is a separate dish. It is served on the second or as the only dish, with pickles and fresh vegetables.

Home-made pork with potatoes and beans in a tomato sauce


• chilled pork - 700 gr .;

• 600 gr. beans;

• young parsley, dill;

• 800 gr. potatoes;

• water - 600 ml;

• six spoons of tomato sauce.


1. After moving the beans, rinse and leave in cold water for five hours, preferably overnight. After that, rinse again and put the boil. First, with intensive fire, wait for boiling, then, removing heat to medium or less, boil until ready. Bean grains should not be boiled soft (burst), so cook only with a slight boil.

2. Diced pork sprinkle with pepper. Put the meat in a pan in the heated oil, fry until cooked.

3. Crushed the peeled garlic teeth and put them in the water in which the tomato was pre-bred. Season with ground pepper and season only slightly.

4. Put the finished meat in a large bowl. Add large cubes of potatoes, chopped greens, boiled beans and mix thoroughly.

5. Spread the mixture in pots, without reporting to the top by two centimeters, add tomato dressing in the container. It is desirable that it does not reach the edges, otherwise it will pour out during boiling.

6. Install the roaster in the middle of the preheated oven. Place the pots on it, cook for half an hour, until the potatoes soften.

Home-made pork recipe with potatoes and bell peppers for the multi-cooker


• pork pulp - 350 gr .;

• Bulgarian pod, not fleshy pepper;

• large onion;

• 800 gr. potatoes;

• 60 gr. unsalted tomato paste;

• half a spoonful of mustard seeds;

• three peppercorns;

• refined oil - 4 tbsp. l .;

• Bay leaf;

• spoon of sugar;

• fresh greens;

• ground sweet paprika and black pepper.


1. Cut pulp washed with running water into medium sized pieces. It is desirable that they have a square shape.

2. Prepare the vegetables. Cut the peeled pepper longitudinally, in four “slices”, then chop them into thin strips across. Cut onion into medium-sized slices, potatoes into slices. 3. Pour 60 ml of oil into a dry cooking bowl, put onion and pieces of pork. Having started the baking program, fry the meat with onions for 20 minutes under the lid. While frying, stir the bowl at least three times.

4. Add the Bulgarian pepper, tomato paste, mix. Keep cooking without changing the program.

5. After about ten minutes, put the potato slices in a slow cooker, pepper, add sugar, paprika, mustard seeds and a little salt. Put the remaining spices - peas with bay leaves, add half a glass of warm water and bring the dish to readiness in the previous mode for an hour.

6. When serving, decorate with finely chopped greens.

Home-made pork with potatoes in the oven under a cheese hat and milk sauce


• neck - 800 gr .;

• 200 gr. hard, preferably a little stale, cheese;

• three onions;

• one and a half kilograms of potatoes;

• 120 gr. liquid mayonnaise;

• vegetable oil;

• a glass of milk.


1. Bulbs cut into half rings or quarters of rings, potatoes into thin, medium-sized cubes.

2. Place the onion half rings in the frying pan, in the heated oil and fry until lightly golden until golden.

3. Wash the neck with cold water, cut off all the excess from the piece, cut into steaks. From a piece weighing 800 grams. should go six slices.

4. Slightly beat off the pork and place in a frying pan without a handle or baking dish in a thick layer. Season with pepper, and add some salt. Top with a uniform layer lay the fried onions, potatoes on it. Lightly salt the potato layer.

5. Pour all the milk mixed with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with cheese, grated on the coarse side of the grater, and place in a hot oven.

6. Bake until the potato bars are soft. Then turn off the heat and allow the dish to sweat for another five minutes with the door closed.

Home-made pork with potatoes and vegetables in a sleeve


• kilogram of potatoes;

• 300 gr. clippings;

• onion;

• pod of red bell pepper;

• two medium-sized tomatoes;

• mid-size carrot; • 2 spoons of any sparse mayonnaise;

• Paprika powder and pounded black pepper, “Provencal” mixture.


1. Clean and wash all vegetables with water. Cut the potatoes and tomatoes into small-sized ones, into slices, carrots into cubes, and sweet pepper flesh into slices. Chop the onion in half rings. Put all the vegetables in a bowl, season with spices, add mayonnaise and a little salt.

2. Wash the tenderloin, wipe it dry. Remove the dense films from the meat and cut it into 2 * 2 cm cubes. Put the pieces into a bowl of vegetables, mix.

3. Tie one end of the sleeve tightly, place the contents of the bowl in it, fasten the second edge. With a needle or toothpick make several punctures on the surface of the sleeve and place it on a baking sheet.

4. Place the roaster in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees. Bake for forty minutes.

Home-made pork with potatoes in a frying pan


• half a kilo of pork ribs;

• bitter onions - 3 heads;

• a pound of potatoes;

• 70 gr. fresh bacon


1. Cut the lard into small pieces, transfer to a heated pan and heat over medium heat. Remove the cooked cracklings, and lower the chopped ribs into the hot fat. At maximum fire, occasionally turning over, fry, until a golden crust appears on the pieces.

2. Add onion half rings to the meat, reduce the heat to medium. Fry until the onions turn red.

3. Place small slices of potatoes in a frying pan, stir and cover with a lid. Cook over medium heat until the potatoes soften. Stir periodically to prevent the dish from burning. Do this carefully, trying not to break the potato pieces.

4. A couple of minutes until tender, season with black, freshly ground pepper, salt.

Home-made pork with potatoes and mushrooms (in the oven)


• six medium-sized potatoes, necessarily one variety;

• 200 gr. lean pork;

• fresh, preferably small, champignons - 150 gr .;

• two small carrots;

• 100 gr. smoked bacon;

• Spice mixture “For potatoes”; • a quarter of a spoon of coriander;

• ground rosemary - 1/3 tsp;

• 50 ml of highly purified oil.


1. Wash a whole piece of meat in cold water and be sure to blot well with a paper towel. Cut the pulp into square pieces, 2 * 2 cm in size, put in a bowl, season with spices. Do not forget to add salt.

2. Fold the sliced ​​potatoes into separate dishes. Medium-sized potatoes are cut along, into six to eight slices. Pour over vegetable oil, slightly add salt, season with spices and be sure to mix thoroughly.

3. Mushrooms washed with water, dry thoroughly. If the mushrooms are not contaminated, scrape them with a knife and wipe with a towel or napkin. Those that are larger cut lengthwise, into two or three parts, leave small ones whole.

4. Cut the carrots into small-sized sticks, lard into thin strips.

5. Put a layer of meat in a thick-walled pan without a handle, carrots, mushrooms and potatoes on it. Top with slices of bacon so that there is no gap, and put in the oven at 180 degrees.

6. After half an hour, mix everything well, check the readiness of meat and potatoes. If the pieces are soft - reach out.

Home-made pork with potatoes - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Drain not only meat, but also potatoes before frying. Excess moisture will prevent the potato pieces from reddening.

• If the meat is slightly beaten off, it will be juicier and cook faster. It is especially important to do this before baking, so that the potatoes and pork steamed evenly.

• A pot-stewed dish will have a rich meaty taste if you take pork on the bone, or even better - ribs.

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