French chicken is the best way to cook. How to cook chicken in French.

French chicken is the best way to cook. How to cook chicken in French.

French chicken - general description

National cuisine of France can be divided into two parts - regional folk, which includes dishes from various historical areas of France, and exquisitely aristocratic, which was formed at the court of the Bourbons, in times that brought Paris the glory of the trendsetter. The unique dishes of homemade French cuisine have always been distinguished by sophistication and variety, the French have long resisted international fast food chains, as they prefer home cooking.

The traditional French meal begins with appetizers and necessarily includes the main one - cheese, which is produced in large quantities - in France there are more than 200 kinds of it. The passion of the people of this country for cheese is reflected in the recipes of many dishes, but you can feel a true Parisian by preparing a real, sophisticated and refined chicken in French.

There are many recipes, tips, simple and original ways of cooking chicken dishes, some areas of France - for example, Lyon, prefer only this tender and light meat, which has a mass of useful properties. Chicken in French is that since time immemorial unites both directions of French cuisine, this is a dish that both aristocrats and commoners preferred with equal predilection.

French chicken - preparation of dishes

For roasting chicken in French, we need a deep roaster with high edges, its size depends on the number of servings. A sharp knife, a cutting board, a small frying pan for cooking sauce and pasta - that's all. Meat in French can be served directly in the roasting pan or beautifully laid out on a large dish.

French Chicken - Ingredients & Food Preparation

In French cuisine organic foods are used in principle. Back in 1533, marrying Heinrich P., the likely king of France, his young wife Catherine de Medici introduced a fundamentally new culinary technology in the country, according to which the qualities that are inherent in products should be preserved after heat treatment.

For chicken in French, we choose only fresh meat, we will serve it with independently prepared vegetables. White meat is most preferable, since its not very pronounced taste can be perfectly used in complex dishes, using a large amount of Provencal herbs and spices. When the soul asks for something tasty, what could be better than a tender chicken filet in French style?

Chicken French - cooking methods:

Recipe 1. French chicken with onions and cheese

This very simple recipe resembles the preparation of ordinary chops with cheese and pickled onions, it can help you out if cooking is required very urgently. For example, a whole crowd of friends brought to you, or after hard work you remembered that today is the anniversary of your first joint trip to the cinema with your loved one - in any case, you will need a minimum of time and effort.


Chicken breast, cheese (150 gr), mayonnaise, chicken eggs (2 pieces), a little flour, vinegar, vegetable oil and pepper with salt.


Onions are pickled with a mixture of water, vinegar and sugar. We divide the meat into portions, cutting the breast into thin slices. One breast gives us about 10-12 pieces. Beat off the slices, dip in the egg and flour, salt, pepper and lay them tightly on a baking sheet, greased with butter or vegetable oil. Put pickled onions on each piece, grease with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese. We place it in the oven heated to 180 degrees for about half an hour. Friends, this is something! The dish is very delicate in appearance, and its taste is even more tender! It is hard to believe that there is nothing besides meat and onions — after all, it is French cuisine.

Recipe 2. French Chicken with Pasta Sauce

This is a very chic recipe, you will be ugly glad that you tried to cook it is an elegant option, you will see - you will want to return to it again and again. For the preparation of this dish is prepared pasta, in which the meat is laid out.


Here you can see the number of products for cooking 4 servings of chicken: chicken fillet, butter (50 g), onion (1 large or 2 medium), pickled mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes (3 pieces), dry vermouth or wine (200 grams), chicken broth, tomato paste, bay leaf, croutons from 4 slices of loaf.


Mix the water with lemon juice and salt, fill in the prepared onion sliced ​​into half rings - let marinate for about 30 minutes.

Chicken breast otbёm hammer and salt. Roll in flour and fry until golden brown. Prepare and chop the rest of the products - onions, mushrooms, garlic (you can through the garlic box), fry over high heat until golden. Finely chop the tomatoes, after removing the skin (if you drop the tomato for a second in boiling water, the skin will easily lag behind). Add the chopped tomatoes to the pan with the food, pour in the vermouth and the broth. Pasta is ready. Put meat in it and simmer for 30 minutes. Sliced ​​the slices of the long loaf in butter and let them cool and sprinkle the chicken with the prepared croutons.

Congratulations - you have not only prepared a delicious dish, but also reached the next level!

Recipe 3. French chicken with prunes

This recipe for stuffed chicken with the addition of French herbs will be very pleasant to you and your friends precisely because the products are harmoniously combined, the French attach this very great importance. Ingredients

Whole chicken, gutted, a little vegetable oil, ground red pepper, 2 teaspoons of Provencal herbs, prunes (50 grams), walnuts (2 cups kernels).


Carefully remove the skin from the chicken, separating it with a knife and a cuttings of a tablespoon. Boneless meat is passed through a meat grinder, along with nuts, salt, pepper and prunes. Fill the chicken with mass and heal the skin with threads, rub the skin and baking sheet with pepper, cover with the foil, and set the oven in a preheated 180-190 g. Shortly before the end of roasting (approximately 20 minutes), remove the foil to make a golden crust.

We did it!!!! We beat her - YES !!!

French chicken - useful tips from experienced chefs

- In order for the products to be more combined and better assimilated, the French chefs came up with a lot of sauces, and gradually brought their taste to perfection. Add Provence herbs to the simplest sauce - they will do their job, it will turn out incredibly tasty.

- For cooking chicken under cheese, it is better to choose durum cheese so that it can be rubbed more easily. Do not use cheese products in these dishes - they do not melt at all and will not help the formation of golden brown.

Lyrical digression:

“Hey, man, bring me a chicken in French.”

- With pleasure.

- You can without pleasure, but always with cheese.

- It is customary for the French to serve chicken with vegetables or a side dish, and with the obligatory “French bouquet” - a folded bundle of parsley and dill.

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