Meat in French in a slow cooker: the best recipes for a delicious dish. How to quickly and easily cook meat in French in a slow cooker

Meat in French in a slow cooker: the best recipes for a delicious dish. How to quickly and easily cook meat in French in a slow cooker

Meat in French has long been included in the golden fund of homemade recipes.

It is this dish that always saves the hostess if she does not have time to cook something complicated but tasty for a festive table.

It is also a great option for a hearty family dinner.

Traditionally, the dish is cooked in the oven. However, the emergence of a multicooker solved the problem of overdrying of meat pieces, which all inexperienced hostesses face. Meat in French in the crock-pot in any case will turn out juicy. Monitor the temperature of the oven, adjust to the features of your oven, look inside, pour water and generally do not have to bother. Miracle-assistant will do everything.

French meat in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

For cooking any meat will fit: pork, veal, lamb, beef, elk meat (if there is a hunter in the family), chicken. Meat in French in a slow cooker can be cooked even with minced meat: it will turn out no less tasty and very original. According to the traditional recipe, a dish of moderately fatty pork is prepared, which is well baked in the oven and rarely dries. The beauty of the multicooker is that it preserves the juiciness and taste of any, even very dry meat.

To prepare the meat piece, you need to rinse it with ice water, blot with paper napkins or towels, save as much as possible from the veins and fat and cut into thin plates. Their size will depend on the size of the piece, but the thickness should be no more than a centimeter (ideally cut slices about 1/2 cm thick).

Each piece must be discarded, marinated with spices and salt. Meat in French in a slow cooker is prepared according to the same principle as in the oven. All components are laid out in layers, the last of which is cheese. In the process of baking, all layers are soaked with juices of meat, vegetables and melted cheese. There is no need to follow the preparation: multvarka on the baking mode will perfectly heat all the products, but will not overdry them.

French meat in a pork multicooker according to the classic recipe

Pork tenderloin is ideal for cooking meat in French in a slow cooker. Potatoes, soaked in juice and cheese, melt on the tongue and give a delightful sensation.


• a pound of pork fillet;

• six medium sized potatoes;

• one small bulb onion;

• a piece of semi-hard cheese weighing 100-130 grams;

• two cloves of garlic (optional);

• half a cup of mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt (optional);

• spices, pepper;

• salt;

• some oil to lubricate the bowl.

Cooking Method:

Prepare and cut a piece of pork into thin strips.

Beat off the thick pieces, covering with a plastic bag or cling film.

Salt each piece, rub with a mixture of peppers and spices. Marinate for 5-10 minutes.

Peel potatoes, cut into circles.

Cut the peeled onion into half-rings or quarter-rings.

Garlic cloves finely chopped.

Stir mayonnaise or sour cream with garlic.

Pour oil on the bottom of the multicooker.

Tightly lay pieces of pork.

Then put a layer of onions.

Arrange the potato slices.

Salt the potato layer.

Pour it with mayonnaise or sour cream with garlic.

Cheese piece grate on a fine grater.

Cover the dish with cheese crumb.

Bake meat in French in a slow cooker in baking mode for 1 hour under a closed lid.

French meat in a slow cooker with tomatoes

Tomato sour gives the dish a special charm. Meat with potatoes turns out juicy, tasty, tender. It is necessary to cook it according to the recipe from pork, but it can easily be replaced by other types of meat that the hostess has.


• a pound of pork;

• three tomatoes;

• five potatoes;

• one small carrot;

• two hundred grams of any cheese;

• mayonnaise (about half a cup) or sour cream;

• a mixture of peppers;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Chopped meat cut and discourage.

Marinate pork in salt, pepper, mayonnaise.

After 10 minutes, turn on the device to the baking program. Oil the bottom of the multicooker (using a special brush or a piece of paper towel).

Put the meat, cook under the lid closed for half an hour.

While the meat is being cooked, enjoy vegetables and cheese.

Grate the cleaned carrots.

Tomatoes cut into rings.

Potato cut into transparent plates.

Cheese piece rub finely.

Shred onion at will in any way.

When the signal sounds, open the lid and turn the pork pieces upside down.

Spread some carrots on top of each piece, then onions, a few potato slices, a tomato circle.

The last layer on each piece of meat - cheesy.

Another 40 minutes to cook in baking mode.

French meat in a slow cooker with mushrooms

Spicy version of meat in French in a slow cooker involves the use of mushrooms. Both fragrant wood, and safe shop will approach. If there is no fresh champignon, you can take canned. The recipe indicated chicken fillet. If desired, it can be replaced by another meat.


• six hundred grams of chicken breast fillet;

• a pound of fresh champignons;

• two bulb onions;

• 150-180 grams of hard cheese;

• two tomatoes;

• four potatoes;

• mayonnaise or sour cream;

• fresh greens to your taste;

• salt;

• oil for frying mushrooms (1-2 tablespoons).

Cooking Method:

Cut the meat from the stone, wash it and cut it into thin slices.

Each piece is slightly discouraged.

Salt the meat, sprinkle with pepper and your favorite spices.

Wash champignons, cut into plates.

On a frying mode, fry the mushrooms in heated oil (after switching on, you need to wait 3-4 minutes for the oil to heat up).

Mushrooms put out of the bowl on a separate plate.

Cut tomatoes and onion rings.

Cheese slice rub.

Potatoes are very finely chopped.

Put fillet on the bottom of the multicooker (do not wash the bowl after roasting the mushrooms).

Anoint the fillet with mayonnaise.

Layer out: fried mushrooms, onion rings, potato slices, tomatoes.

Pour all the cheese crumb. Cook on baking or baking mode for 50 minutes.

When serving, decorate the dish with fresh chopped greens.

French meat in a slow cooker with minced meat

A juicy and very delicate dish will turn out if you replace the broken meat pieces with minced meat. You can take one type of meat or mix several types of minced meat, for example, chicken and pork mince. Another option is to mince a small piece of pork fat and mix it for juiciness and dry chicken meat.


• a pound of ground beef;

• two bulbs;

• five potatoes;

• two tomatoes;

• four spoons of sour cream;

• tablespoon flour;

• three hundred grams of semi-hard cheese;

• some vegetable oil;

• a mixture of peppers, salt.

Cooking Method:

Peel and grate the bulbs (can be pureed with a blender).

In the minced meat add onion puree, salt, sprinkle with pepper.

Cut potatoes into thin slices.

Tomatoes cut into rings.

To drip in the multicooker oil.

Spread the stuffing.

Lay the potatoes on top.

Sour cream mixed with flour and salt.

Lubricate the potato slices with sour-flour mixture.

Spread tomato rings on top.

Cheese grate.

Cover the tomatoes with cheese crumb.

Cook under the closed lid on the baking program for 40-50 minutes depending on the type of minced meat.

French meat in a slow cooker with bechamel sauce

A real French recipe for a popular dish is to use bechamel sauce as a fill. It is easy to cook with the help of a multicooker. The dish will turn out just delicious, especially if you keep the recipe to the end and use fresh veal.


• a pound of tender veal;

• three medium sized bulbs;

• six potatoes;

• three hundred grams of cheese;

• fifty grams of butter;

• two tablespoons of white flour;

• two glasses of milk;

• salt and pepper to your taste (allowed spices for meat);

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg.

Cooking Method: Meat to prepare in the usual way, repel, marinate in salt, pepper, spices and set aside.

To prepare bechamel sauce, turn on the device for frying or baking.

Throw butter in the bowl, melt it.

Pour the flour and, stirring, fry it for 1-2 minutes.

Gradually pour in the milk, intensively stirring flour zazharku and breaking lumps.

When the milk gets hot, the sauce will begin to thicken. The slow cooker needs to be turned off, but continue to stir bechamel for another 1-2 minutes.

Add nutmeg and salt to the sauce, mix.

Pour the prepared sauce into a separate container and wash the bowl.

Prepare vegetables.

Lubricate the bottom with oil.

Put the sliced ​​veal.

On top of the meat spread out onion rings, potatoes.

Salt the potato layer.

Pour over all bechamel sauce.

Cook in baking mode for an hour.

Meat in French in a multicooker “Budget option”

You can make tasty, tender French meat from inexpensive chicken and low-cost processed cheese. To make the recipe even more dietary, you can replace the mayonnaise with sour cream.


• large chicken fillet weighing up to 800 grams;

• six potato tubers;

• two bulbs;

• two garlic cloves;

• one hundred grams of Kostroma cheese;

• two hundred grams of processed cheese;

• 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;

• a mixture of peppers and salt;

• two spoons of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Pickled meat pieces in oil, salt and pepper, set aside for half an hour.

Prepare the vegetables as described above.

Grate both types of cheese.

Mix mayonnaise with grated garlic and cream cheese crumb.

Put onion on the bottom of the multicooker, then pickled chicken fillet and potato slices.

Put the cheese and mayonnaise dressing.

Cover with hard cheese crumbs.

Cook in baking mode for 50 minutes, then serve.

French meat in a slow cooker - tricks and tips

  • For cooking meat in French in a slow cooker, you can take any piece of meat. However, in order to make the dish juicy, it is necessary to select a piece without veins and films so that you do not have to clean it for a long time.
  • If the meat is soft, it is rather difficult to cut it thinly. You can solve this problem by sending a piece in the freezer for a while. Slightly frozen meat is cut perfectly: thinly, quickly and effortlessly.
  • Often in the meat recipe in French in a slow cooker or oven, mayonnaise is found. If you are opposed to this product in principle or are afraid to subject the mayonnaise to heat, simply replace it with sour cream, yogurt or bechamel sauce. By the way, it is the sauce that is used in the classic version as a duet with parmesan cheese.
  • If, before cooking, marinated onions, the taste of meat will be divine. To prepare the marinade, mix in a tablespoon of vinegar 9% and water, add half a spoonful of sugar and the same amount of salt. Pickled onion marinated for 10 minutes is used according to the recipe.
  • To enhance the taste of the dish and add a few pleasant notes to the main recipe, you can marinate not only onions, but also pieces of meat. A very tasty and extremely simple marinade is a dessert wine mixed with salt, pepper and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
  • If you want to make the meat more juicy, you can make a layer of tomato slices, even if they are not indicated in the main recipe. Tomatoes can completely replace the potatoes to make the dish less calorie.
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