Chicken Kiev cutlets are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken Kiev.

Chicken Kiev cutlets are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken Kiev.

Chicken Kiev cutlets - general principles and methods of cooking

Empress Elizabeth was very greedy for everything French. She sent young people to France to learn culinary skills. It was they who brought us the “de Voli” recipe from there, they say, it was invented by imperial chef Nicolas Appert. The brought new product reminds us of our Kiev-style chicken patties, with the only difference that our cooks stuffed rolled chicken steak with butter. A small piece of butter makes a dryish chicken breast juicy and tasty, giving it a delicate creamy aroma.

The French war of 1812 instilled in our citizens a persistent hostility to the whole of French, even the meatball was renamed Mikhailovsky. Chicken bone, imitating the leg, also appeared for the first time in Kiev. Initially, cooks hammered butter into a broken chicken filet with a culinary hammer. Now they just wrap it up inside the cutlets, breading and frying several times. Culinary business card of Ukraine is known far beyond its borders. There are versions of what the name she received, because our compatriots abroad are constantly ordering it in restaurants.

Chicken Kiev-style food preparation

First of all, we need the foundation - a real chicken breast. Someone likes to buy it already in finished form, but zealous hostesses stock up with a whole chicken at once, then divide it into pieces for different dishes. Cutting the fillets from the breast must be very careful. We make a deep cut along the breast bone, along with the wing we cut the fillet, it is better to cut off the unnecessary part of the wing, we will not need it.

We leave only the bone, which should be stripped of meat and skin. The bone is better to cut off from the meat. Although the most skillful cooks in the original recipe do not cut it off. Now cut the top of the fillet, remove the white veins from it, strip out the films and fat. Fillets can only be beat off with a hammer. The process of forming meatballs must be approached very responsibly. In addition to meat and butter, we will need more crackers and flour, as well as a raw chicken egg. Chicken Kiev Chicken - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken Kiev with cheese

To make the filling, mix the soft oil with the ingredients and hold it in the cold for a bit to make it fit again. And the rest of Chicken Kiev has almost the same recipe, the difference - this is our filling. Do not believe that cooking this dish is difficult - try it. It is necessary to tinker, but the result will surely meet your expectations.

Ingredients: butter (good quality, 20 grams), fresh chicken breast (150 grams), dill, white pepper, salt, chicken egg, crackers, flour, cheese (edam or other solid variety, 20 grams) .

Method of preparation

Prepare the fillet, clean it from the skins and veins. Beat off with a hammer to a thickness of 0.5 cm. Salt and pepper. Mix soft butter with dill, grated cheese and mash. We form an oval sausage and string it on the chicken bone. We place it in the middle of the prepared fillet, wrap it very tightly so that the filling does not have the slightest chance to flow out during cooking. We make a cutlet and send it to the freezer for a few minutes while we make the breading.

Beat the egg. We prepare the billet in flour, then in the egg, the next movement - in the crackers, then again in the egg and again in the breadcrumbs. You should get a dense rusk layer, which during preparation will provide a ruddy crisp. Fry in vegetable oil so that it covers the surface at least to the middle. Chicken meat is cooked very quickly, it will redden, not even a minute will pass. You can bring to readiness in the oven or microwave - it will take no more than 10 minutes.

Recipe 2: Chicken Kiev cutlets

Garlic has never interfered with any meat, especially in chicken cutlet. Add it to the filling, and the most ardent of his lovers can smear the fillet and the outside. The breathtaking smell when cooking causes such an appetite that it is sometimes difficult to wait for the end of cooking.

Ingredients: chicken fillet, butter, pepper, bread crumbs from white bread, egg, flour, garlic (2 cloves), parsley, dill, basil, vegetable oil. Classic cooking method

We beat the fillet, wrapping the stuffing in it. To make the filling, soften the vegetable oil to room temperature and mix it with chopped greens, crushed with garlic. Smear the fillet with salt and pepper, put the inside of the filling with the bone inserted inside. Prepare a lézon (a mixture of beaten egg with pepper and flour) and crackers. We form a cutlet, pan it with the following sequence: flour, lézon, crackers, lézon, crackers again. If the cutlet is not tightly folded, and the liquid flows out, close the hole with a piece of meat. Fry in deep fat, then put in the oven for a while.

Recipe 3: Chicken Kiev with mushroom filling

This cutlet is best served directly from the oven. Garnish - fried fries or mashed potatoes. A little vegetable or canned salad also does not hurt.

Ingredients: chicken fillet (1 pc), parsley, butter, vegetable oil, pepper, mushrooms (mushrooms, 200 grams), breadcrumbs, flour, eggs.

Method of preparation.

Since we use mushrooms as a filling, first finely chop them and fry them in butter. Cool them so that they do not melt the butter, and mix with finely chopped parsley. While we are cooking the meat, we will leave the mixture for the filling in the freezer so that it is well cooled and retains its shape.

Finished chicken fillet without films and tendons beat off with a hammer without clearly defined spikes, salt and pepper. To make it uniform in size and condition, it is better to cover it at this time with a cling film.

We spread the oil-mushroom mixture on the inside of the fillet and wrap it tightly so that the melted butter does not flow. Breading is almost always the same pattern: flour, egg, crackers, egg again, crackers. Fry in a lot of fat. The amount of filling should depend on the size of the chicken fillet. It is best to dip it in oil using a skimmer. Fried cutlet should “walk” a little more in the oven or in the microwave. Approximately 10-15 minutes.

Recipe 4: Potato Chicken Kiev

If the chicken is sick of you in any way, try to deceive everyone in the original way. Your family will not be indignant, as the potato patty is a very tasty, independent dish, and with such a filling and breading.

Ingredients: Potatoes (800 grams of peeled), butter (150 grams), potato starch (2 spoons), crackers, flour, vegetable oil, salt, mushrooms, egg.

Method of preparation

Boil the potatoes, mince and fill with butter. Mix thoroughly with 1 raw egg and add 2.5 tablespoons of potato starch. Form cakes and put 1 full spoonful of thick milk sauce with mushrooms on each. Pinch the edges of the lozenges and give the chop to a chop shape. Roll in flour. Then in whipped eggs, in breadcrumbs. Again in eggs and breadcrumbs and immediately fry in a large amount of butter. Ruddy crust will tell us that potato Kiev chicken is ready.

Mushroom sauce: Passeur flour in butter and dilute with boiled milk. Boil a mixture of sour cream and a little boil together with boiled champignons.

Chicken Kiev cutlets - tips from experienced chefs

- To ensure that the butter is distributed throughout the patty at the end of cooking, turn off the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes.

“But the way that experienced chefs use to keep the stuffing inside the cutlet is wrapped in a very thin piece of chicken and then in the body of the whole chop.

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