Chicken in French (step by step) - the refinement of French cuisine. French Chicken: Step by Step Cooking

Chicken in French (step by step) - the refinement of French cuisine. French Chicken: Step by Step Cooking

French cuisine is distinguished by its elegance and sophistication. Chicken in French - nourishing, tasty and affordable dish. It looks very presentable. In this case, even an inexperienced hostess can cook it.

Chicken in French (step by step) - the basic principles of cooking

Chicken - tender meat, in which there is practically no fat. Therefore, it is considered dietary, and is recommended to use those who adhere to a diet or principles of healthy eating.

To cook chicken in French step by step, you must first select a chicken breast or high quality fillet. Meat should have a delicate pink color. When you press a finger dent quickly disappears. This suggests that the chicken has not been frozen. It is advisable to use only fresh or chilled meat. Only in this case the dish will turn out tasty, juicy and fragrant.

Cheese can use any. Hard, soft creamy and even quality melted. However, it is worth remembering that hard cheese will melt much longer.

Tomatoes use any varieties. The main thing that the fruits were fleshy and juicy.

Mayonnaise can be bold or light, depending on the result you want to get. With a fat sauce, the dish is nourishing, and the light one is suitable for those who count calories. If you want to use a natural product, prepare the sauce yourself from chicken yolks and refined butter.

For a change, you can add mushrooms, prunes and vegetables to the dish.

Chicken breast or fillet washed. With a sharp knife cut off the film and excess fat. If the breast is on the bone, it is also removed. The meat is dried with paper napkins. Each piece is cut in half lengthwise. Chunk beat off with a hammer. This should be done very carefully so that the chop does not break. In the process of beating the table will remain clean if the meat is wrapped with cling film. Repulsed meat from both sides is seasoned with salt and spices.

Ceramic mold or baking sheet smeared with vegetable oil and spread chicken chops in a single layer.

On the meat spread peeled and sliced ​​vegetables or fried mushrooms. On top of all smeared with mayonnaise and covered with a layer of grated or sliced ​​cheese.

Chicken put in the oven for half an hour, preheating it to 180C.

French chicken is served with a side dish of boiled vegetables or cereals. As an aperitif to the dish serves semi-dry or dry wine.

Recipe 1. French chicken: step-by-step cooking


two chicken breasts;

100 ml of pure distilled water;

four onions;

ground black pepper;

100 g of hard cheese;


30 ml of apple cider vinegar;

200 g of mayonnaise;

30 ml of table vinegar 6%.

Method of preparation

1. Start cooking with the preparation of onions. Using a sharp knife, peel the thin bulbs and rinse them under running water. Dip a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture. Now place the onion on a cutting board and chop it into half rings or rings no more than five millimeters thick. Put the sliced ​​onions in a deep bowl. Pour distilled water, apple and table vinegar into the shredded onions, lightly salt it. Lightly rub the onions with a clean hand. Leave to marinate for half an hour. This procedure will make onions softer, more fragrant and remove bitterness.

2. Turn on the oven. Set the temperature to 180 degrees. Lubricate the ceramic mold or baking sheet with vegetable oil.

3. Now proceed to preparing the chicken. Separate the chicken breast from the bone, cut off the excess fat, films and cartilage with a sharp knife. Rinse the meat with cold water and dry it with a paper kitchen towel. Cut each breast into four slices of equal thickness. Put a slice of chicken on a chopping board and slightly beat it with a hammer. To keep the kitchen clean, cover the meat with a plastic wrap before beating. Do not repel for a long time. Remember, we are not cooking chops, but baked meat. Rub each slice of meat with a mixture of salt and pepper from both sides. Put the prepared chicken on a baking sheet in a single layer.

4. Remove the packaging from the hard cheese. Cut a paraffin crust with a sharp knife and grind the product on a grater with medium or large holes. Put the cheese chips on a plate.

5. Mayonnaise can use fat or light. But it is better to make it yourself from refined oil, egg yolks, spices and mustard. So you get a quality natural product. 6. Squeeze the pickled onion and spread evenly over the chicken meat. Smear all the mayonnaise, spreading it with a tablespoon over the entire surface. Top everything sprinkle with cheese chips so that the cheese evenly covered the entire dish.

7. Check that the oven has warmed up to the required temperature. Then send the form with the chicken to the middle level. Bake the chicken for forty minutes, until the cheese is melted and covered with a golden crust. After the allotted time, remove the meat pan from the oven. Using a kitchen spatula, spread the chicken into plates at the rate of one slice per serving. Serve hot chicken with a side dish of grits, steamed or boiled vegetables, and salad.

Recipe 2. French Chicken: Step by Step Cooking with Mushrooms with Sauce


pinch of salt;

garlic clove;

50 g butter;

large onion;

180 ml of wine;

large fresh meaty tomato;

20 ml of lemon juice;

two chicken breasts;

30 grams of wheat flour;

120 g of mushrooms;

270 ml of broth;

30 ml of pure filtered water.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the root part with a sharp knife from the bulb and remove the thin peel. Wash the onion under running water and dip it with a paper napkin. Put the onion head on a chopping board, cut it in half and chop into half rings with a thickness of no more than five millimeters. Put the shredded onions in a small bowl. Combine filtered water with lemon juice, lightly salt and pour onion with the mixture. Leave everything to marinate for half an hour.

2. Rinse the chicken breast. Peel off cartilage, excess fat and films. Cut the breasts in half lengthwise. Dip with a paper napkin. Put a slice of chicken on a chopping board. Cover the meat with cling film and slightly beat off with a hammer. Fight without effort so that the chicken does not turn out too thin. Thus repel all the slices of chicken. Then rub each chop with a mixture of pepper and salt.

3. Pour wheat flour into a shallow dish. Place a wide cast iron skillet on the stove. Put a piece of butter in it and turn on medium heat. Slices of chicken roll in flour and put in a pan with melted butter. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Put the fried chicken on a plate. 4. Wash mushrooms. If you use champignons, just wipe them with a damp sponge, as these mushrooms quickly absorb moisture. Using a sharp knife, remove the thin skin from the caps. Cut the legs. Prepared mushrooms cut into small cubes.

5. Peel a clove of garlic from a thin peel, having cut off a tip. Chop the garlic with the finest grater or garlic crusher.

6. Put the frying pan where the meat was fried, put it on the stove again and turn on the fire to an average level. Put the mushrooms in it and fry, stirring regularly, until all the moisture is evaporated. When the mushrooms are covered with a ruddy crust, add chopped garlic.

7. Tomato wash. Wash it with boiling water and remove the thin skin. Tomato pulp cut into small pieces. Put the sliced ​​tomato in a pan with mushrooms. Send the bow here. Pour all the broth and wine. Stir. Twist the fire and simmer the sauce until thick.

8. Place the mushroom sauce in a deep mold. Put the chicken in it. Top with the same sauce. Place the form with the chicken in the oven at a medium level. It must first be heated to 180 degrees. Cook the chicken in French step by step for half an hour. Serve the chicken with a side dish of vegetables, cereals or spaghetti. Put a side dish on the plate. Next, put a slice of chicken and pour all the mushroom sauce. You can serve dry or semi-dry wine to the dish.

French Chicken Step by Step - Tips and Tricks

Do not use frozen chicken for cooking, otherwise the dish will be tough.

Stack the meat tightly together to make the dish juicy.

Marinate the onions, it will give the taste of spicy dishes.

To make the dish less calorie-rich, replace the cheese with cheese.

Use mayonnaise homemade, so you will be confident in its quality.

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