Festive chicken dishes. Favorite recipes of our family

Festive chicken dishes. Favorite recipes of our family

New Year holidays have passed, but there are many others ahead. Therefore, I want to share recipes for festive chicken dishes that we cooked for the first time, but they have become our favorites.

In general, my son came with his bride for the New Year holidays, they study to be technologists of public catering and for common development, and for the interest they attend various courses of national cuisines. This time we had a French one. I especially liked one dish and we cooked it almost every day.

Warm chicken liver salad with oranges

In general, of course, he has a French name, but it is difficult to remember.


Chicken liver 1 kg;

Orange juice (you can squeeze out of orange) - 0.5 liters;

Oranges 2 pieces;

Lemon 0, 5 pieces;

Walnuts 0, 5 glasses;

Soy sauce - 2 tbsp. spoons;

Clove, black pepper, Provencal herbs to taste;

Vegetable oil for frying;

Butter about 50 grams;

Salad leaves to decorate the dish ..


Liver clean of film and cut into 4 parts. Make a marinade of soy sauce and half an orange, pour them liver for half an hour. Then fry in a pan, not for long, so that it does not become tough, 5 minutes from all sides is enough. Now we make the sauce, drown the butter in the frying pan, add the spices, chopped walnuts, lemon juice and orange juice, fry a little, stirring slightly. Now put lettuce leaves on a dish, on them a pile of liver, sprinkle with sauce on top and decorate with orange slices. There was no fresh salad in our village “supermarkets”, so we used greens from the windowsill.

The second recipe, maybe someone tried it, but we just made “of what was”. We just decided to stuff the chicken with something original, which we did in the end.

Festive chicken dishes. Favorite recipes of our family

Chicken stuffed with rice and prunes


Chicken 1 pc;

Rice 0, 5 glasses;

Prunes 200 gr;

Garlic 1 medium head;

Honey and mustard, 2 tbsp. spoons;

Salt, ground pepper from peas to taste.


Boil rice until half ready. Prune (seedless) pour hot water and let stand for half an hour, then rinse. Skip all this through a meat grinder, adding garlic.

Chicken first rub with salt and pepper. Then fill it with rice and prunes and fix with toothpicks or sew. Make a sauce of honey and mustard and coat it on all sides. Place in the sleeve and send in the oven for 40-50 minutes. The chicken turns out tanned, with a crust, but the main thing is how delicious the filling is!

Our New Year's table turned out well. The first New Year, when my son stood at the stove instead of me. And I, in the meantime, peeped at him interesting "counters". Now I will never buy ground black pepper, but I will pound it from the peas myself, so it turns out tastier and more fragrant. In the production, when the pepper is ground, it makes a paste, then, when it is dried, all the essential oils evaporate, which give the pepper its smell and sharp taste.

And for dessert, I suggest watching a video from a concert at our club. My daughter is the first time on the “big stage”.

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