Muffins are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook muffins.

Muffins are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to cook muffins.

Cupcakes - general principles and methods of cooking

For many sweet teeth, muffins are a favorite dish for tea. Poured with sweet sauce, they are a great dessert for all occasions. A cake confectionery with various additives is considered a cake in our kitchen. It can be dried fruits, berries, nuts, pieces of fresh fruit, candied fruit, marmalade. From English, the word cakes is translated as a cake. The very first recipes of muffins came to us from Ancient Rome, they included barley puree and a mixture of pomegranate, raisins and nuts. The real popularity came to them not so long ago - with the spread of sugar on the European continent, which retains a high concentration of fruits. In our country, traditionally, cupcakes or their closest relatives - bake cakes for religious holidays - Easter or Christmas. They are popular at weddings and other parties.

For their preparation is taken, as a rule, yeast or biscuit dough, kneaded on a large number of eggs and butter. It looks oily and viscous, with a high caloric content, which, however, can be reduced by replacing a part of the oil with yogurt or kefir. A baking powder is required if too many additives can “weight” the dough. To soak dried fruits, use alcohol or juice, so baking turns out more fragrant and light. You can also enhance the flavor of the cake with nougat, chocolate, cocoa, condensed milk, honey, coconut oil, juices, spices.

There are several groups of muffins depending on the type of dough: yeast, chemical baking powder, without the use of yeast and baking powder. The manufacturing process includes food preparation, kneading, baking, cooling, and decorating (surface finishing). They can have a round or rectangular shape, large sizes, or small portioned cupcakes are baked. A real big cupcake is baked with a hole in the center, resulting in a product in the shape of a large ring.

Cupcakes - food preparation

In order for the dough to be well structured, it is necessary to pay attention to the air phase, which ensures baking porosity. This can be achieved in different ways. As a rule, recipes include a large amount of high-quality fat (usually butter) and eggs with sugar. To saturate the dough with oxygen to a greater extent, flour should be sifted.

With yeast method:

First, the dough is prepared, then the dough is kneaded on it. The yeast is dissolved in a small amount of warm (not hot) milk or water. To make the sponge rise faster, you can add some sugar to it. The readiness of the dough can be determined by settling and reducing bubbles on the surface. Next, knead the dough creamy consistency. First, all the ingredients are added except flour, mix well, then pour the flour. Intensive fermentation test begins after 30-40 minutes, you need to press it two or three times. This dough is the thickest of all possible options.

Preparation of dough on chemical disintegrators:

The first way: the serial connection of products. The softened butter and sugar are beaten for a few minutes, then eggs and fillers (raisins, nuts, candied fruits, etc.) and chemical baking powder are added to the mixture. Flour is added at the end of the batch to obtain a mass that resembles thick sour cream.

The second method: eggs and sugar are knocked apart from the butter and flour with starch. Then everything is mixed with other products.

Dough for muffins without chemical leavening agents and yeast:

In this case, the porosity of the dough is ensured by egg whites separately knocked into a thick foam, mixed with the remaining ingredients in the last stage. This dough is a thicker dough than when using baking powder, but also more magnificent in its structure.

Cupcakes - the best recipes:

Cheesecake Recipe

Saturday tea party will be held more comfortably with lush lemon muffins, easy to prepare, not requiring a large amount of products. They are good even without fillers. Listen to your mood, if you suddenly want to give them a nutty or poppy flavor. This recipe is designed for 8 cupcakes about 150 grams. Ingredients:

Butter (100 gr.), Cottage cheese (200 gr.), Sugar (150 gr., Or 3/4 cup), eggs (3 pieces), (3/4 cup of 240 ml.); zest of 1 lemon or orange, bag of baking powder, a pinch of salt, flour (240 grams, approximately one and a half glasses).

Method of preparation

Curd wipe through a sieve to get rid of hard grains. Mix the softened butter with a sugar mixer until completely dissolved. Add a pinch of salt, eggs one by one, mashed cottage cheese (it is better to take soft species). With lemon or orange, remove the zest and add to the mixture, add flour mixed with baking powder. The dough for the cake should not be kneaded for a long time, irregularities and roughness do not harm the appearance and taste of pastries. We put them in molds (no more than 2/3 of the height of the molds so that the cupcakes do not “run away”). Bake in a preheated oven, setting the temperature to 190-200 g. Finished products to cool for 5-10 minutes - so they are easily separated from the molds. For decoration, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar or pour with melted chocolate.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate baking, perhaps the most beloved of all. Is no exception and a cupcake. We will bake it in a special form with a pin in the middle, giving the finished product a ring-shaped shape. This recipe is suitable for both a large cake in the form of a ring, and for a dozen small cupcakes in special molds. Good advice: in order that the cupcake does not swell in the middle during baking, you need to wrap the form with a wet towel for some time.

Ingredients: butter (250 g), sugar (1-1.5 cups), eggs (4 pcs.), Milk (1/2 cups), cocoa (4 tablespoons), a pinch of salt , vanillin, baking powder, flour (about 2 cups).

Chocolate glaze: milk (2 tablespoons), starch (half a teaspoon), powdered sugar (2 teaspoons).

Method of preparation


Mix melted butter, vanillin, milk, sugar, cocoa, warm until dissolved. Mixing, put a little dough for cooking glaze. Cool the mixture and add the beaten eggs with salt. Add flour and baking powder. The dough is obtained as thick sour cream. Pour it into the form and put it in the oven for baking at 180-200 degrees. You can check the readiness of the dough using wooden skids. Be sure to cool the finished cupcake a little so that it doesn’t pester when taking it out of shape. Glaze

Bring a few spoons of the left mixture to a boil, pour in milk and add powdered sugar. Add starch, boil again, but do not boil. Cupcake pour hot icing and leave to cool.

Recipe for raisin cake

Raisin cake - the most classic, the most common. Perhaps because the raisins are necessarily used in cakes, which are inherently very reminiscent of cupcakes. Folk traditions, as a rule, reflect folk preferences. So, the recipe for a cake with raisins, designed for the preparation of products with a diameter of 25 cm. Yes, it is a little harder than a regular cupcake, because you need to whip the whites separately. You see for yourself what the result is worth it.

Ingredients: raisins (100 gr.), Rum (2 tablespoons), butter at room temperature (220 grams), powdered sugar (150 gr.), A pinch of salt, vanilla sugar, granulated sugar ( 100 gr), lemon peel half, yolks (5 pcs.), Proteins (5 pcs.), Milk or cream (125 gr.), Baking powder.

Method of preparation

In order to make the dough more fragrant, soak the raisins overnight in water with the addition of rum. Before cooking, dry and roll in flour so that it remains whole. Starch and flour sift for greater oxygen saturation. Mix the butter with powdered sugar, add vanilla sugar, starch, lemon zest and remnants of rum, beat with a mixer.

Add the yolks one at a time in the whipping process. Divide the flour into two halves, whisk part with milk or cream, mix with the first mass and raisins. Then whisk the whites separately, gradually adding sugar. Carefully add to the dough, mix and lay out in the form, greased and sprinkled with flour. Bake for an hour at 170 degrees. To prevent the tip from darkening quickly, cover it with foil. Cool the finished product slightly and turn it over into a dish. Such a cupcake, by definition, can not be tasteless!

Recipe for kefir cake

High and ruddy cake with berries - frozen or dried, is surprisingly good. On a good basis, it can be considered low-calorie, kefir and vegetable oil instead of butter and cream will significantly reduce the number of calories. Yes, and you can beat it with a whisk, the presence of a mixer, in principle, is not required. Fill it with what your heart desires - poppy seeds, fruits, nuts, and call your girlfriends to "lose weight" for tea.

Ingredients: kefir (1 cup), sugar (3/4 cup), vegetable oil (half a cup), flour, (2 incomplete glasses), baking powder (half a packet), salt, vanilla sugar or vanilla, jam ( apricot, pumpkin or any other).

Method of preparation

Beat eggs and sugar, add vanilla, kefir. Stir well. Pour in vegetable oil and achieve mass uniformity. Fall asleep flour, knead the dough. Before laying out in molds let him stand. At the last moment, mix gently with jam with circular movements with a stick or a thin knife. We bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes, cool and lay out the cupcakes on the dish. The basis is the main thing. Instead of jam, you can drown in a dough for a piece of chocolate, or mix the dough itself with grated chocolate.

Banana Cake Recipe

Fragrant, soft muffins with a strong banana flavor like both adults and children. If overripe bananas linger in the fridge - this recipe is for you! They are not very presentable as a dessert, but for a banana cake, they are just perfect. In the holiday version, you can pour chocolate over the cake, only be sure to white - in order not to kill, but to complement the taste of bananas.

Ingredients: ripe bananas (3 pcs.), Eggs (2 pcs.), Sugar (1 cup), butter or margarine (100 gr.), Vanillin or vanilla sugar, baking powder, flour (one and a half cups. ), nuts (100 gr.). Method of preparation

Beat eggs with sugar, add margarine or butter and grind into a lush mixture. Quench the soda with vinegar and pour into the mass. Peel bananas and grind to obtain a creamy mass, add to the mixture and pour in the flour. It should make the dough like pancakes, add chopped nuts. If you use silicone bakeware, it is not necessary to lubricate them. The usual form of grease. Leave the edges of the mold free to allow the dough to rise freely. Oven in the oven at 180 degrees. It turns out a spongy and slightly moist cake. Cooled, it becomes much more delicious. Ideally, if you leave it to insist until the morning, although, of course, it is very difficult to keep at home, so as not to try this “snack” at once.

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