Homemade lettuce "Apples in the snow"

Homemade lettuce

I came up with a salad here, which is excellent for those who are on a diet, and for proper nutrition, and just for a change in the family dinner.

For its preparation, I thinly cut the cabbage - about a quarter of the average head of cabbage. If the head is small, then you can use it entirely. I salted the chopped vegetable and added a little sugar - about a teaspoon. There also added half a tablespoon of vinegar. You can use lemon juice instead.

To cabbage, I added half a jar of canned green peas and berries, picked from several clusters of red currants. Also, the salad went to a mixture of chopped greens - parsley, dill and green onions. For refueling, I took refined vegetable oil, but you can use flax or olive to taste.

Bright red berries of red currant and green peas look great on a white background of cabbage.

Bon Appetit everyone.

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