Potatoes with meat in a cauldron - a new taste of the usual dishes. How to cook potatoes with meat in a cauldron: recipes step by step

Potatoes with meat in a cauldron - a new taste of the usual dishes. How to cook potatoes with meat in a cauldron: recipes step by step

A dish like potatoes with meat is a great option for a hearty dinner or lunch.

The combination of these two ingredients in many families is a regular guest on the tables.

But if it is an ordinary dish cooked in a cauldron, then it will be distinguished by an even more unusual aroma and juiciness.

Boiled or fried in such a way meat with potatoes has nothing to compare with, which is pleasant to all men.

The dish can be prepared using not only these two products, but also adding various vegetables, seasonings and spices. Below are the most interesting step-by-step recipes for cooking potatoes and meat in a cauldron.

Potatoes with meat in a cauldron - general principles of cooking

• Use whole pieces of meat for cooking.

• Slice large potatoes.

• For stewing, old potatoes are better suited.

• To cook the dish faster, cover the cauldron with a lid.

• If you want the dish to be with broth, then pour a little more water into it.

Potatoes with meat in a cauldron - a classic recipe


• 1.1 kg of pork pulp;

• pepper;

• 1.1 kg of potatoes;

• 260 ml of vegetable oil;

• two bows;

• herbs;

• salt;

• garlic head.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse, dry, and cut the meat into portions.

2. Grate the meat with pepper and herbs. Then put the pieces in a container, cover them with cling film and remove marinate for half an hour.

3. Peel the potatoes. If the roots are too large, then cut them in half.

4. Remove the peel from the onion and cut it into rings.

5. Garlic also free from husk and finely chop.

6. If you are cooking over a fire, then tell a cauldron, ignite it and pour in vegetable oil.

7. Heat the oil and place the potatoes and onion in the cauldron. Fry for seven minutes, and then remove the vegetables with a skimmer. 8. Instead of vegetables, dip the meat in the cauldron and fry it for 10 minutes.

9. Remove part of the oil from the cauldron and place half of the meat with onions, after the potatoes, and the rest of the onions with meat on top.

10. Sprinkle everything with garlic, salt and pour a glass of hot water into the cauldron.

11. Cover and cook the dish for an hour.

12. Serve the potatoes with meat, laid out in a plate with green onions and bread.

Pork and beef meat with potatoes in a cauldron


• 900 g of pork and beef;

• salt and pepper;

• three onions;

• vegetable oil;

• Lavrushka;

• 1.9 kg of potatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash pork and beef thoroughly, remove all excess and dry.

2. Cut the meat into pieces with a diameter of three centimeters.

3. At the bottom of the cauldron pour vegetable oil, heat it and put the meat.

4. Close the cauldron with a lid and let the meat roast in its own juice for a quarter of an hour.

5. Then add salt, lavrushka and pepper to pork and beef.

6. Cut the peeled onion into rings and place it on top of the meat.

7. Cover and sweat the meat with onions for 10 minutes.

8. Cut the peeled potatoes into medium-sized cubes and place it on top of the onion, salt it.

9. Fill the cauldron with water up to half the ingredients and boil.

10. Then reduce the heat and simmer the dish for another 40 minutes.

11. After cooking, remove the cauldron from the heat and let the dish cool for 20 minutes.

12. Serve the meat with potatoes along with garlic sauce and croutons.

Potatoes with meat in a cauldron in Uzbek


• 490 g of meat;

• three tomatoes;

• salt;

• three cloves of garlic;

• three bell peppers;

• sunflower oil;

• paprika;

• greenery;

• coriander;

• two carrots and onions;

• four potatoes;

• dill;

• cilantro.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse and dry the meat into cubes.

2. Rinse the tomatoes and cut into slices.

3. Rinse and dry the greens. Cut arbitrarily. 4. Remove peppers from the peppers. Rinse the vegetables and cut into strips.

5. In carrots, use a peeler to peel and cut them into rings.

6. Peel the onions and cut at random.

7. Peel and finely chop the garlic cloves.

8. Peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes. Put the vegetable in a bowl and cover with water for a while.

9. In a cauldron, heat the sunflower oil and dip the meat in it. Cook over high heat.

10. After five minutes, sprinkle the meat with coriander and zira. Stew salted meat in spices to brownish color.

11. As soon as the meat is half cooked, place the onion on top of it, then spread the carrots evenly, salt it.

12. The next layer are tomatoes, herbs and garlic. Again, lightly salt the dish.

13. After put the pepper and the last layer - potatoes.

14. Salt the dish and sprinkle with paprika. Add a glass of water.

15. Close the cauldron with a lid, wrap the top with foil.

16. Reduce heat and cook for two hours.

17. As soon as the potato is soft, remove the cauldron from the heat. Insist the dish for another 15 minutes.

18. Serve the potatoes with meat, cooked in a cauldron with onions, soaked in vinegar.

Potatoes with meat and bacon fried in a cauldron


• 250 g of beef;

• 140 g smoked bacon;

• bow;

• butter;

• salt;

• 160 smoked sausages;

• a bunch of parsley;

• pepper;

• 11 potatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the beef, cut into pieces and wrap in foil. Bake the meat in the oven until tender.

2. Wash the potatoes with a rosary and boil in the uniform.

3. Cool the prepared potatoes, peel and dice.

4. Cut the meat into strips.

5. Peel off the bacon and cut into cubes.

6. Chop sausages randomly.

7. Peel and dice the onions.

8. Heat butter in a cauldron and put onion and bacon there. Fry everything to ruddy color. 9. Then add sausages and meat to the cauldron. Roast 5 minutes.

10. After that, place the potatoes, salt, chopped parsley and pepper in the cauldron. Roast 10 minutes.

11. Serve the finished dish with boiled eggs and greens.

Potato shurpa with meat in a cauldron


• 1.3 kg of beef on the bone;

• two bell peppers;

• salt;

• two tomatoes;

• 380 g onions;

• one hot chili pepper;

• 150 g fat tail;

• coriander;

• basil;

• two carrots

• green onions;

• 6 potato tubers;

• parsley;

• zira.

Cooking Method:

1. Meat chop on the bone. Then rinse the pieces and send to the cauldron. Fill them with water and put on a strong fire. As soon as the broth boils, remove the froth and make a smaller fire. Add salt.

2. Peel the bulbs and cut all but one into half rings. Add the whole onion in the cauldron to the meat. Boil the onions for half an hour, then throw them away.

3. After another half an hour add finely chopped fat tail to the meat.

4. Peel and chop the carrots. Add the vegetable to the shurpu.

5. Put cumin, whole hot pepper and coriander there. Cook the soup for another hour.

6. Peel sweet pepper and rinse, cut it into half rings. Peel the potatoes and cut them into large pieces.

7. Cut the washed tomatoes into slices.

8. After an hour of cooking soup, put the tomatoes in the cauldron first, after the potatoes and peppers. Boil potatoes until tender.

9. At the end of cooking, season the soup with herbs and salt.

10. Serve the shurpa hot with rye bread and green onions.

Meat with potatoes in a tomato in a cauldron


• veal;

• five potatoes;

• parsley;

• salt;

• five tomatoes;

• vegetable oil;

• onion;

• two spoons of tomato paste.

Cooking Method:

1. Put washed veal in a cauldron, add water and boil until all liquid is evaporated.

2. Add butter to veal, add salt and pepper. Roast meat for 15 minutes. 3. Then add peeled and diced onion and continue frying for another 20 minutes.

4. Add tomato paste to the cauldron and continue frying the meat for another five minutes.

5. Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. Throw the vegetable into the cauldron and continue frying the dish for another 15 minutes.

6. At the very end, add to the cauldron the tomatoes washed and cut into slices.

7. Sprinkle the prepared dish with chopped parsley.

8. Serve the meat with potatoes along with tortillas and a favorite drink.

Potato with lamb meat in a “Jiz” cauldron


• 1.6 kg of mutton;

• turmeric;

• 600 grams of tomatoes;

• salt;

• 420 g of bell pepper;

• zira;

• 1.6 kg of potatoes;

• pepper;

• 250 grams of fat tail.

Cooking Method:

1. Melt kazan fat in a cauldron. Then dip into it the washed mutton, cut into large pieces.

2. Fry the meat until golden brown, then remove it.

3. Then lower the peeled and divided into four pieces into the cauldron. Fry them lightly and remove.

4. Then peel the peppers and rinse the tomatoes. Cut the vegetables coarsely and fry in the same oil. Take out the vegetables.

5. Add meat to the cauldron and salt. Put the next layer of potatoes, salt again. Lay the remaining vegetables in the final layer.

6. Season the dish with jura and turmeric.

7. Fill the ingredients with water, close the lid of the cauldron and simmer the dish for one hour until ready.

8. Serve “Jiz” hot, sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Stewed potatoes with meat in a cauldron


• 370 g of meat;

• pepper;

• 180 g pumpkin;

• bow;

• six potato tubers;

• carrot;

• sunflower oil;

• salt;

• a tomato;

• spices.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the meat, dry it, then cut into slices across the fibers.

2. Heat the sunflower oil in the cauldron and send pieces of meat there. Fry them until half cooked.

3. Peel and randomly chop the carrots. 4. Chop the peeled onions.

5. Pepper cut into strips. Pre-clean his core.

6. Rinse the tomato and chop into slices.

7. Initially add carrots to the meat in the cauldron. Cook five minutes.

8. After add the onions. Keep frying for another four minutes.

9. Next, put Bulgarian pepper in the cauldron, and after five minutes add the tomato. Simmer everything together for 10 minutes.

10. To the cauldron in the cauldron, send the peeled and chopped potatoes. Pepper and salt dish. Add spices and herbs, fry for 5 minutes.

11. After fill with boiling water cauldron cover it with a lid. Simmer until fully cooked for 35 minutes.

12. Serve the stewed potatoes with meat, pre-decorated the dish with ketchup and tomato slices.

Potato with meat in a cauldron - tricks and useful tips

• If you want the meat to be juicy, then add it separately in portions before adding to the cauldron.

• If you fry the meat separately, add it to the cauldron only to the already half-cooked potatoes.

• Five minutes before cooking, add sour cream to the dish, it will replace any sauce.

• Garlic will be the most fragrant seasoning for the dish. Add it at the end of cooking.

• Use different types of meat for cooking.

• Sprinkle greens liberally before serving.

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