Cake "Enchantress" - a fascinating taste! Recipes of the famous cake "The Enchantress" in accordance with GOST, with cocoa, bananas, marshmallow and chocolate


The Enchantress is a terrific cake. However, the name speaks for itself. Dessert with a charming taste will decorate the holiday table and lift your mood on a typical day. You can prepare it according to different recipes, they are all simple and affordable.

Cake “Enchantress” - general principles of cooking

This cake is always made from sponge cake. Other cakes do not fit. It is best to saturate the base, although no syrups according to GOST are added. In the classic version uses a simple custard with vanilla flavor. But this is not the rule. You can modify the layer at its discretion. Often, fruit or berries are laid between the cake layers.

The enchantress is always covered with chocolate icing. It can be made from dessert tile or cooked from cocoa powder. After decorating the cake, the dessert is allowed to soak and infuse in the refrigerator.

Cake “Enchantress” according to GOST

Gostovsky recipe cake “Enchantress”, which does not tolerate deviations from the rules or any changes in the ingredients. But, as mentioned above, the cakes are better to soak, it will be tastier. Cake - ordinary egg sponge cake.


• wheat flour / 1 cup;

• 10 g ripper;

• four eggs (1 category);

• 1 tbsp. sand.


• whole milk 0.2 liters;

• 50 grams of oil;

• 2.5 Art. l white wheat flour;

• 0.5 Art. Sahara;

• 1 g vanilla;

• large egg.


• 2 tbsp. l cocoa powder;

• 3 spoons of milk;

• 50 g of oil;

• 7 tablespoons of granulated sugar.


1. Separate the squirrels, put them in a clean bowl and refrigerate for a while. To the yolks add half the sugar and beat. Wash the mixer, whip proteins to fluffy together with the second part of granulated sugar.

2. Combine the whites with the yolks, sift the flour, pour in the baking powder. Stir all ingredients gently with a spatula.

3. Shift test form.

4. Sponge cake is baked at 180 until ready. Cool it down.

5. Egg cream should be whipped with sugar, so that all the bunches are broken. Add flour with milk and a little vanilla. Cook en stove. 6. Remove the thickened cream from the heat, leave for ten minutes, then add the softened butter to it, stir until melted. Cream cool well.

7. Cut the sponge cake in half to make two shortcakes. Put a thick layer of cream between them. He has to go completely.

8. Combine cocoa with sugar and milk, grind first, then heat until smooth.

9. Cover the “Enchantress” prepared glaze, soak in the cold for 10 hours.

Cake “Enchantress” with butter

The recipe for the “Enchantress” sponge cake made from stunning cakes with butter. Unlike the classic version, this dessert is much softer.


• 180 g of sugar sand;

• 10 g baking ripper;

• 140 g of flour;

• 140 g butter 70% fat;

• three eggs.


• 160 g of oil;

• egg;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 95 g of granulated sugar;

• 250 ml of milk.

Chocolate icing:

• 3 spoons of butter and cocoa;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar;

• 70 ml of milk.

For impregnation: 120 ml of water, 4 spoons of sugar, 1 spoon of brandy.


1. Remove all the oil in advance so that it becomes very soft. Separate the part for the dough, beat for 4 minutes at the highest speed of the mixer and add sugar.

2. As soon as the sand is dissolved, we introduce one egg each and throw a pinch of salt, smash a couple more minutes.

3. Next, pour the flour, pour one bag of ripper and all together stir. Baking cake in the form of up to 23 cm.

4. Mix the ingredients of the cream, except creamy softened butter. Cook the milk mixture over low heat until it acquires the consistency of condensed milk. Cooling down.

5. Beat the remaining butter and in small portions enter the brewed milk.

6. To prepare the impregnation, you need to combine the ingredients and mix thoroughly. You can use instead of brandy rum, any. Essence at its discretion.

7. Cut the cake in three plates. We pour one syrup, we grease with cream. We also act with the second cake.

8. The top is just soaked. Put the cake while in the fridge.

9. Getting down to making the glaze. Just mix everything and melt on a small fire. 10. We take out the cake, spread it on all sides, re-send it in the fridge.

Cake “Enchantress” banana flavor with chocolate

Variant of very tender and juicy cake “Enchantress”. For layer are used bananas. It may take a little more or a little less, it all depends on the size of the fruit and the thickness of the cut.


• four eggs;

• on a bag of ripper and vanilla.

• a glass of flour and sugar sugar.


• 250 g of milk;

• half a bar of chocolate;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 1 yolk.

For the filling you will need 3 bananas, for the glaze 120 g of chocolate and 50 ml of cream.

To soak 120 ml of sweet tea or just water with sugar.


1. Split the cooled eggs into a dry bowl, beat for five minutes. After that, without ceasing to wield a mixer, partly add sugar. At the end pour the mixture of vanilla with ripper and flour.

2. Stir the dough, bake an ordinary biscuit cake. It is important to give him a few hours to cool well.

3. Prepare the chocolate custard. Mix the flour and sugar, add the yolk, and then add the milk. Brew the mixture on the fire. At the end, add chopped or grated chopped crumbled chocolate, stir and cool. Cream without oil.

4. Cut bananas into plates at the rate of laying two layers.

5. Cut the baked cake in three pieces.

6. We put one plate of biscuit on a dish, soak it in syrup or sweetened tea, lubricate it with cream (use half of it), put pieces of bananas. Repeat all this with the second layer.

7. Cover the bananas with the last cake. We saturate.

8. Melt the chocolate with cream, you get a kind of ganache. Coat the Enchantress with a thin layer.

Milk cake “Enchantress” in white glaze

Cooking sponge cake for this cake according to any of the previous recipes. You can make butter cake. For the glaze you need good white chocolate.


• Pack of oil;

• 300 g thick condensed milk;

• 120 g white chocolate;

• 50 g butter for glaze.


• 130 ml of milk;

• 60 g of sugar;

• 1 g vanilla.


1. Boil milk with sugar, add vanilla, cool it soaking so that the cream does not drip. 2. Beat the pack of oil, which must be removed from the refrigerator beforehand and softened. Enter the condensed milk in small pieces, beat until homogeneous. A pinch of vanilla can also be added to the cream.

3. Plastered biscuit cake in three pieces.

4. The first layer is slightly sprinkled with milk. Then lay out half the cream, leveled.

5. Cover with the following cake, sprinkle and lubricate.

6. We soak the top of the cake well, as it will not be covered with cream.

7. Break white chocolate into small pieces, put in a dry bowl. Add softened butter and put the drown in a water bath.

8. Cover the “Enchantress” with milk glaze.

“Witch” cake with marshmallow

For this variant of the popular cake, you can also use any biscuit cake from the recipes above. Cream cream, for a layer also vanilla marshmallow is used, you need it a little.


• 350 g of cream;

• 130 g of powder;

• 200 g of marshmallow;

• some vanilla.


• 120 g of chocolate;

• 60 g butter.


• 130 ml of water;

• 4-6 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Combine the ingredients of the impregnation, boil and cool.

2. Whip the cream in a lush foam. To make it work, choose a product with a fat content of 33% or one with a “beating” mark on its package.

3. As soon as the cream turns into a strong and thick foam, add a spoon of powdered sugar, pour in some vanilla.

4. Marshmallow cut into small cubes. If it sticks strongly to the knife, it is necessary to periodically wet the blade with hot water.

5. Putting the cake. Cut the sponge cake into three identical plates. Saturate, cover with cream and lay marshmallow pieces. Similarly, you can vary the dessert with marmalade.

6. Chop chocolate, add butter, put together in a water bath. We warm, cover the delicious “Enchantress” with icing.

Cocoa Cake

A variant of the chocolate cake “sorceress”, which consists of shortcakes and cocoa cream, is also covered with icing. It will take almost 100 g of powder.


• four eggs; • 120 g of flour;

• 25 g of cocoa;

• a glass of sugar.

Chocolate custard cream:

• 250 g of milk;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 25 g of cocoa;

• 1 yolk;

• 120 g of oil.

Frosting: 40 g cocoa, 40 g sugar, 70 ml milk, 25 g butter. For impregnation a cup of coffee.


1. Prepare the usual biscuit dough, but only with cocoa. Mix it in flour. Eggs until fluffy, beat with sand. Combine, pour into the form. Bake cake to 23 cm in diameter. Leave to cool for a few hours, you can bake in advance.

2. Combine flour and sugar, put cocoa right away, then we drop egg yolk and dilute with milk. Cook the chocolate cream. Remove from the heat, put the softened butter into the hot mass, stir quickly. Cooling down.

3. Cut chocolate cakes, make three identical layers.

4. Soak coffee with cold water, coat with two layers of cold cream.

5. Cover the last part. Soak the top only soak, do not need to lubricate.

6. Cook the icing on a small fire, cover the top and sides with chocolate.

Cake “Enchantress” - useful tips and tricks

• Top cake should be soaked with syrup better, since there will be no cream on it, and the cake can be dry.

• Biscuits are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days if they are not lubricated. It is enough to pack the cooled cake in cling film or in a bag. In the freezer base will easily lie for several months.

• Impregnation can change the taste of even the most primitive cake. Add vanilla or a little brandy to it, take tea or steamed coffee as a basis.

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