Sponge cake with strawberries, ice cream, sorbet and summer mood. Biscuit dessert with strawberries - when it's hot outside!

Sponge cake with strawberries, ice cream, sorbet and summer mood. Biscuit dessert with strawberries - when it's hot outside!

In the summer you do not want to stand at the stove, turn on the oven and eat too fatty and high-calorie food. But few people refuse strawberries, as well as ice cream. How to get out of a situation where everyone wants tasty and sweet, and only one kind of oven or stove is associated with the vent of a shaking volcano? We solve the problem quickly and efficiently: this is the very case when you can use the services of the food industry and trading network to “kill two birds with one stone”, enjoy the cool strawberry dessert, and not sweat at the stove.

Biscuit with strawberries - the basic technological principles

Biscuit - a universal cake mix for creating desserts, and goes well with many additions to it. Here you can use any berries and fruits, chocolate, cottage cheese, cream cheese, protein creams, ice cream, nuts, jelly or marmalade.

If you still want to make a sponge cake by yourself, then in the summertime it is better to use the cold method of its preparation. Just be sure to check the freshness of the eggs. The pomp of the sponge cake depends on it. Preparing the cake is easy: one average egg requires 25 g of sugar and the same amount of flour. If you prefer chocolate sponge cake, combine the flour with cocoa, in equal parts, but at the same time maintaining the overall proportion. For a cream biscuit, add butter to the dough, 10 g for each egg. In the cold cooking method, proteins and yolks are separated and whipped separately: the proteins are pre-cooled, and the yolks are ground with sugar and then combined with flour and protein mass. To make a creamy biscuit, whipped butter is added to the yolks.

The dough should be immediately put in the oven, be sure to preheat it beforehand. Sponge cake is baked for about 20-25 minutes. It is impossible to open the oven until the semi-finished product increases by 3 times and the characteristic crust appears on the surface, and it is advisable not to put any heavy pans on the stove when baking the biscuit to protect the sweet dessert from mechanical effects. There are other ways of making biscuit cake mix, but they require more time. Perhaps, for the dessert of biscuit with strawberries in the summer, you need to be guided by only one main principle: go to the supermarket, choose those foods that you want to eat. Of course, meat and fish with a biscuit should not be combined, but everything else will look very appetizing in the composition on the theme “Summer and a sponge cake with strawberries”.

Let's check it out.

1. Biscuit with strawberries - ice cream cake “Summer”

Set of ingredients:

Pastry cream, cooled 33% 0.45 l

Condensed milk 8.5% 200 g

Strawberry, large 0.5 kg

Juice, natural strawberry 300 ml

Gelatin 60 g

Sponge Cake 2

Chocolate syrup (for decoration) 50 g


Cooking jelly. In the juice we dissolve the gelatin, for this purpose we heat one glass (200 ml) of the juice and dissolve it. Mix with the rest of the juice. In the form lay out 500 g of fresh strawberries, and pour juice. Leave in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

An hour before the strawberry jelly with the berries supposedly hardens, we begin to beat the chilled cream. Since the recipe says that you need a lot of cream, and they are whipped qualitatively only in a small volume, up to 300 ml, then beat them in parts, dividing the total mass in half. Then, after combining the whipped cream, gradually introduce condensed milk into them, continuing to beat, for another fifteen minutes. Ready strawberry jelly with berries cut into cubes. The jelly pieces are gently mixed with half of the whipped cream. The second part of the whipped cream with condensed milk is left to cover the surface of the cake. We spread the first biscuit cake in the form, spread the creamy-jelly mass, spread the second biscuit cake on top, which we lubricate on top of some whipped cream with condensed milk. Now we send to the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Cut the remaining strawberries in half and decorate the surface of the frozen cake. Pour a thin stream of chocolate syrup. Put another 20-30 minutes in the freezer.

2. Biscuit with strawberries and semolina

Who refuses cereal in the morning? Children. But they will never give up the beautiful and tasty decoy, which is almost not noticeable in the dish.


Biscuit prefabricated 1 pc.

Milk 1.0 liters

Oil 50 g

Semolina 120g

Salt and sugar to taste

Sour cream, natural

Strawberries - more?


Cook thick semolina porridge. When cool, add strawberries (whole berries). Gently mix the porridge and shift into a detachable form, the same as the size of the biscuit cake mix. Let the porridge stand in the fridge so that it will freeze well and take a round shape. Bake it in the oven until golden brown. Cool, remove from the form and shift to a biscuit. Garnish with fresh berries and whipped sour cream.

3. Biscuit with strawberries - cake “Sorbe”

This dessert is very simple to prepare, but having prepared it for a romantic dinner or a friendly party, you can safely rely on the title of “maestro of high cuisine”. Secret: no one else has such a recipe!


Chocolate biscuit cakes 2 pcs.

Strawberry 600g

Champagne 400 ml

Chocolate drops 300 g

Whipped cream in a bottle

Grapes without seeds (berries)

Egg white 50 g (2 pcs.)

Sugar 100 g

Tea rose petals for decor


Sort out strawberries, wash and mash. Add sugar if necessary. Pour in champagne, mix the mass. Pour into the cake mold, it is desirable that the form was detachable. Put the sorbet in the freezer until it is completely frozen. Then cut quickly in half, using fishing line.

Chocolate biscuit also divided into two layers. Place on them strawberry sorbet with champagne, then combine the cakes. Put the assembled cake in the freezer while you prepare the decoration for it. It is advisable that frozen fruits with champagne are well frozen, because you will have to pour warm chocolate icing on the surface of the cake. Melt chocolate "coins" in a water bath. For a beautiful shine in the melted chocolate, you can add 40-50 ml of rum. Whisk the mixture to a high gloss. Remove the cake from the mold, transfer to the stand, which is placed on the tray. Pour the icing into the center of the cake, letting it flow. Make a delicate border around the cake, squeezing the cream. Wash the petals of roses and grapes lightly dry and cover with whipped protein. Spread the petals and berries on the work surface so that they do not touch each other. Dry it. If you hurry, then you can “blow” on them with a hairdryer. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times. The last time, wet the surface of the jewelry sprinkle with large crystals of sugar. Transfer the grapes and petals to the cake. Before serving, keep the cake in the freezer.

4. Sponge cake with strawberries and lemon Kurd


Lemons 3 pcs.

Eggs 5 pcs.

Sugar 500 g

Cream biscuit (semi-finished product)

Chocolate 50 g

Almond flakes for decoration

Sugar syrup 200 g

Cognac 100 ml

Agar 20g

Strawberry 400 g

75 g oil

Corn Starch 50g


Sponge cake divided into 3 shortcakes. Combine sugar syrup with brandy and soak the cakes. Soak the agar in cold water. Separate the whites from the yolks, and beat them with half the sugar until resistant peaks. Add the protein cream agar, sliced ​​strawberries (you can put whole berries). Select a detachable shape for the cake so that its diameter is slightly larger than the diameter of the cake. Start collecting the cake: put the first cake on the bottom, cover it with a protein-strawberry soufflé. Put the second cake on top and pour the second part of the cream. Cover the cake with the third cake and pour the remaining cream. Smooth the surface. Make sure that the cream evenly filled the side space, between the cake and the side of the mold. Put the cake in the fridge.

Yolks, lemon zest, butter, sugar (250 g) gather in a saucepan. Whisk with a whisk and boil slowly until thick. Dissolve starch in a small amount of water, mix well and pour it into a boiling Kurd in a thin stream. Boil a little more cream until thick, remove it from the stove and strain it through a sieve. Remove the cake from the mold, transfer to the stand. Still warm Kurd pour on the cake. Hold the cake in the fridge for half an hour. Decorate with melted chocolate by drawing a grid with a thin chocolate thread using a pastry syringe. Put some strawberries on top.

5. Chiffon sponge cake with strawberries and butter cream

Dough Ingredients:

Kefir 180 ml

Sugar 230 g

Flour 360 g

Sesame oil (or any oil with a neutral taste) 125 ml

Baking Powder 20 g

Soda 15 g

Eggs 4 pcs.

Salt 10 g

Cream 300 g

Powder 150 g

Butter 100 g

Chocolate 100 g

Strawberry Jam 400g


The oven will have to be turned on to make this cake, but it is prepared very quickly and easily, and the cakes are always very lush. Simply heat the cabinet to 180 ° C and in a large bowl combine all the ingredients for the dough. Mix well to dissolve the sugar, and there are no lumps of flour. Pour the dough into a pan and bake until tender. Cut the cooled semi-finished product with 3-4 threads of hard thread. Lavishly grease each one with strawberry jam. Whipped cream with powder. Melt chocolate with butter, whisk until smooth. Combine cream with chocolate, continuing to whip the cream for another 2-3 minutes at medium speed.

Combine cakes, missed them with cream. Let the cake stand for a couple of hours in the cold.

6. Biscuit with strawberries and curd cream


Cream biscuit (26 cm) 1 pc.

Rustic cottage cheese 400 g

Milk 100 ml

Oil 120 g

Vanillin 6g

Powdered sugar 250 g

Strawberry 500g

Orange jelly 1 pack

Dessert Wine 250 ml


Cut the semi-finished product in half. Saturate the cakes with dessert wine. Powder, milk, softened butter, cottage cheese and vanillin thoroughly whisk to a creamy consistency.

Assemble the cake in detachable form: brush the bottom cake with cream, put the second cake, also covering it with the remaining cream. Spread fresh berries on the surface. Dilute with water or juice jelly, according to the instructions on the pack. Ready jelly pour the surface of the cake and put the dessert in the fridge. When it hardens, remove from the mold and put it on the dish.

Biscuit with strawberries - tips

Albumin - dry egg white is well suited for cooking egg soufflé. Egg soufflé in this case is very lush.

To protein always beaten very quickly and easily, watch the dishes: it must be dry, lean. It is advisable to use a metal container, after cooling it in the freezer.

Biscuit can be made from melange, as is done in the mass production of semi-finished products. Only beating the egg mixture will take longer, compared to the way that the whites and yolks are whipped separately.

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