New Year's Cake: simple recipes for homemade sweets. New Year's cake - a simple recipe can be delicious and festive!

New Year's Cake: simple recipes for homemade sweets. New Year's cake - a simple recipe can be delicious and festive!

On New Year's Eve there is too much trouble in the kitchen, but there is no way without the most beautiful cake! Of course, special chic is home baking, but where can you get strength and time for it?

Do not worry. In the world of cooking a lot of simple and quick recipes: "There will be a holiday on our street!"

Housewives who do not have enough experience in the confectionery art, fear that may not work and the festive mood will be spoiled, always present. But as they say: “The eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing!”

New Year's cake: simple recipes - basic technological principles

What is important for New Year's cake? Easy to prepare and assimilate, as well as - festive decoration. With an abundance of delicious dishes on the main table, meringue cakes, jelly, cottage cheese - just right! They are not so nourishing and high-calorie as, say, an oil biscuit. Ease of execution can be provided by a recipe without baking or in the style of an "anthill", "broken glass" - any recipe that does not require much time and emotional expenses, such as to act for sure.

Of course, if there is no experience in decorating, then this issue will have to work harder. But certain tricks will help to cope with this task: the confectionery departments sell colored dragees, marmalade, marshmallow, biscuits with icing and many beautiful and tasty elements of the future decor for the “high point” hostess of the holiday table. Choose what is needed. Take your time and pick up sweets so that they are combined with the cake and cream.

Some simple jewelry will have to make yourself. Let's not waste time - let's get started!

1. New Year's Cake: simple recipes. Light curd-fruit cake without baking


Cottage cheese 500 g

Oil (82.5%) 150 g

Milk 100 ml

Vanillin 5g

Powder 220 g

Gelatin 20 g

Strawberry fruit juice 300 ml

Strawberry 0.5 kg

Sugar Syrup 100 g

Egg white 3 pcs.

Agar 5 g

For decoration: colored marmalade

Cooking Technology:

Wipe fat cottage cheese through a sieve, add softened butter and whip into a fluffy mass, adding powder (120 g), and then gelatin dissolved in milk (10 g). Transfer to a detachable form and put in the fridge for freezing. The base for the cake is ready. Heat the juice to 90 ° C. Add agar and berries. Pour the jelly mass into another shape, the same diameter as the curd shape. Shift the fruit jelly onto the base when both masses are well cured.

Beat the cooled proteins to a stable foam, adding the remaining powder and vanilla powder. Dissolve 10 g of gelatin in 100 ml of boiled water, strain and pour into the protein cream in a thin stream, continuing to beat the mixture. Immediately transfer the finished cream to the pastry bag and drop it onto the cake, making out the edges and sides of the cake. Garnish with thin slices of green marmalade on top. Soak the finished cake in the refrigerator again, until the protein cream is set to solidify. An hour later, the cake can be served.

2. New Year's cake: simple recipes. Cake "Fantasy", without baking


Meringues 500 g

Nuts (any) 200 g

Chocolate 150 g

250 g oil

For cream:

Milk 0.4 L

Cocoa 30g

Sugar 180 g

Vanilla 4 g

Cognac 75 ml

Yolks 3 pcs.

Eggs 2 pcs.

Flour 50 g

Cooking Technology:

Prepare a detachable form (o28 cm), lubricate it with oil. Lay out the bottom of the form with oiled parchment. Instead of airy cakes, in time saving mode, use ready-made meringues, which are sold in confectionery departments.

It remains to cook the cream and collect the cake.

Pour the milk into a stainless steel pot and put it on the stove. In a deep bowl, grind eggs and yolks. Combine the flour with cocoa and sugar, add to the preheated milk, bring to a boil, stirring continuously to avoid the formation of lumps. Combine the boiled mass with the eggs, pouring the milk mixture into a thin stream and whipping the eggs with the whisk. Put the custard once again on the stove and bring to a boil. After cooling to room temperature and beat in a mixer bowl with softened butter, add vanilla and brandy.

At the bottom of the form lay out a layer of meringues. Grease it with cream and sprinkle with crushed nuts. Again - a layer of meringue, cream, nuts. The last layer is cream. Fill out the form, put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours to cream well frozen. After transfer to the stand for the cake and proceed to the decoration. The sides can, if desired, close the meringues or sprinkle with crushed nuts, but first you need to lubricate them with cream.

To decorate the surface you will need a sheet of parchment and a flat dish. On the parchment, draw the leaves or other patterns that you would like to put on the surface of the cake, flip the sheet upside down, put it on the dish. Melt the chocolate, add 50 g of butter and 25 g of brandy, whisk with a whisk until you get a shiny, even consistency. Put the chocolate mass in the cornet or pastry syringe. Squeeze the contour out onto the prepared sheet. It all depends on the fantasy. Put a dish with chocolate patterns in the freezer for a few minutes. After gently remove them with a thin blade of a knife and transfer to the surface of the cake.

3. New Year's Cake: A Simple Recipe Without Baking - Biscuit Soufflé Cake “Sweet Couple”


Biscuit Cookies 400 g

Bananas 3 pcs.

Lemon juice 50 ml

Strawberry 200 g

Protein 3 pcs.

Rum 40 ml

Strawberry Syrup 150 ml

Gelatin 15 g

Oil 180 g

Cocoa 50 g

Sugar 300 g

Vanillin 6g

Milk 150 ml

Apricot jam 100 g

Cooking Technology:

As stated in the previous recipes, prepare the form. Use instead of any cake biscuit biscuits, bought in the store, or ready-made biscuit cake. Layer biscuit must be laid on the bottom of the form. Combine rum with a bag of vanilla and add fruit syrup (use strawberry juice and powdered sugar). Syrup soak biscuit layer.

Proceed to cooking soufflé: whip peeled bananas in mashed potatoes, adding lemon juice, 150 g sugar, 80 g butter.

Use the rest of the sugar for making chocolate coating:

Combine cocoa with sugar and add the mixture to the boiling milk. It is better to boil the glaze for a couple, so that the milk syrup thickens well and does not burn. Add the remaining oil, 2 g vanilla and 10 ml of brandy. Stir the chocolate icing constantly with a whisk until shine appears. Cool to room temperature, and in the meantime finish cooking the cream souffle. Dissolve gelatin and whip proteins. In a banana puree add whipped to a stable foam proteins with gelatin, strawberries. Put the cream in shape, on the biscuit layer. Clean in the cold for 1-1.5 hours. When the cream hardens, put a second layer of biscuit. Also saturate it with fruit syrup combined with brandy. Top with an apricot jam. Put the frozen cake on a stand, pour the surface and sides with chocolate and garnish with strawberries and whipped whites.

4. New Year's cake: simple recipes. Cake "Gems"


Multi-colored marmalade 150 g

Cream (33%) 250 ml

120 g powder

Crystalline vanillin

For short pastry:

Yolks 1 pc.

Oil 150 g

Egg 1 pc.

Sugar 70g

Flour 200 g

Essence (or vanillin)


Cooking Procedure:

Pound egg, yolk and sugar with white butter, add a mixture of sifted flour, salt and vanilla. Roll the dough into a bowl, clean for half an hour in the cold. Then roll out a round layer no more than one centimeter thick. Grease the form and sprinkle with flour. Put the dough into it with a rolling pin, so that its edges hang down over the side of the mold. Bake at 200 ° C until cooked. Let cool.

50 g of marmalade cut into pieces shaped to decorate the cake. The rest - cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape.

Cool the cream and beat with a mixer, gradually increasing momentum. Make sure that the mass does not start to stray into bunches. Add vanillin and powder. Carefully insert the marmalade pieces and put the cream in the sand basket. Decorate with carved figurines of marmalade.

5. New Year's cake: a simple recipe without baking - “Meteorite”


Dried fruits or candied fruits (in assortment) 300 g:


Dried apricots




Shortbread, 1 kg

Condensed Cocoa Cream 400 g

Oil (82.5%) 200 g

Rum 50 ml

Orange essence 5 ml

Vanilla 6g

Chocolate icing (see recipe number 3)

For decoration: colored sugar or dragee 100 g, sugar mastic figures.

Cooking Method:

Whip cream from condensed cream and butter. Crush cookies and mix with cream. Add the essence, rum and vanilla, dried fruit or candied fruit (optional). Vialite food film in a deep spherical bowl and place the prepared mass on it. Place the bowl in the fridge. When it hardens, turn it over in a dish, pour chocolate icing prepared as indicated in recipe # 3, or use plain chocolate for this, melt 2 tiles and combine it with 50 g of butter and 50 ml of brandy. Sprinkle the cake with sugar dragee and place the “stars” of the mastic.

6. New Year's cake: simple recipes - “Iceberg”


Strawberry 1 kg

Sugar 200 g

Sundae 600 g

Biscuit Cookies 700 g


Cut the cookies into cubes and lightly dry in the oven. After placing on a dish, pour juice of grated strawberries. To do this, combine half of the berries with sugar and beat with a blender.

Put 200 g of ice cream into the cooled form, on it - half of the mixture of strawberries and biscuit crackers, again - 200 g of ice cream and a layer of biscuit with strawberries. The top layer is made of ice cream. Forms with cake, clean the day in the freezer. Before serving, wrap it with a towel dipped in hot water and turn it over in a dish. Put the strawberries on top.

New Year's Cake: Simple Recipes - Tips and Tricks

Level the dough with a scraper dipped in water (cold).

To prevent the chocolate icing from flowing off the surface of the cake, brush the top with apricot jam, powder with powder, and then pour the icing into the center of the cake and level with a scraper dipped in alcohol (brandy or rum).

To make chocolate icing, powdered sugar and cocoa sift.

The ready cake before serving should stand in the refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours so that it becomes saturated with cream and tastes better.

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