Cake with sour cream: simple and proven recipes. What types of dough are used for cake with sour cream

Cake with sour cream: simple and proven recipes. What types of dough are used for cake with sour cream

Sour cream cream for cakes is not as popular as, for example, cream, protein or butter. It is believed that its liquid consistency will not allow to create a thick layer of cream.

They also say that it is impossible to decorate a cake with such cream. Wrong opinion!

The beauty of sour cream is that it perfectly combines with other products, almost all types of dough, and if you add agar-agar or gelatin, the cream will keep its shape perfectly.

Sour cream contains many vitamins and trace elements, protein and calcium, so necessary for our body. So - it is not only delicious, but also a useful kind of cream for the cake. Experienced cooks have identified several rules of cooking, adhering to which, you get a lush, tender and velvety cream.

First, before preparing the cream, the sour cream needs to be cooled. Secondly, whipping cream cream with a mixer should be gradually increasing the speed. Cake with sour cream can be prepared with sand, puff, biscuit or choux pastry. In addition, the cream is used for cakes without baking. By the way, those who adhere to a diet need to consider that sour cream goes well with fruit. This means that you can prepare light and low-calorie desserts using this product. We offer you several author's recipes of cakes with sour cream.

Recipe 1: Cake with sour cream “Queen of Spades”

Amazingly tasty and beautiful, and easy to cook. From a small amount of products you get a pretty big cake.

Ingredients Required:

For the test: 3 eggs; 5 g of soda; 40 g of honey a glass of granulated sugar; flour - 500 g

Cream: 500 ml sour cream; sugar - 150 g; condensed milk 200 g; a glass of prunes without pits. Preparation:

1. Separate the whites from the yolks and whip with sugar in a separate bowl. Add whipped yolks, honey and hydrated soda to the white mass. Sift the flour into the same bowl, and knead the dough to a thick cream.

2. Pour the dough into a greased form. Bake the cake for half an hour at 180 degrees. Ready cake get out of the oven and cool. Then cut it in half.

3. Whip sour cream, gradually introducing sugar until it becomes fluffy. This can be done with a mixer or whisk. Add condensed milk to whipped sour cream and continue to beat. The cream should turn out lush and glossy.

4. Cut pitted prunes into thin strips. Spread each crust with cream and sprinkle with prunes.

5. Make a crumb of cookies and sprinkle the edges of the cake with it.

6. Leave the cake to soak for several hours in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2: Sponge cake with sour cream

This is one of the variants of the classic sponge cake. For some reason, it is most like men. The combination of airy biscuit cakes and sour cream makes it incredibly delicate.

Ingredients Required:

For the test: 4 eggs; 500 g of flour; sugar 500 g; 250 g sour cream; cocoa powder - 10 g; 2 g of vanilla.

For cream: 600 ml sour cream; A glass of sugar; bag of vanilla.


1. Beat eggs with sugar to white foam. In the mixture gently add sour cream and flour, which previously add soda and vanilla. Soda should not be slaked. Knead rather thin batter.

2. Cover the bottom of the baking sheet with parchment, grease the paper and sides with butter. Pour in half the dough and bake for half an hour at 180 degrees.

3. Mix the remaining dough with cocoa. If you like the taste of chocolate, you can add more powder. Bake chocolate cake just like the first one. 4. Whip sour cream with sugar and vanilla.

5. Cool the cakes and cut them into two halves.

6. Now collect the cake. Spread cakes, alternating dark and light. Each must be carefully lubricated with cream. Lay the cut side up so that they are better soaked.

7. You can decorate the cake with berries, nuts, chocolate icing or grated chocolate.

Recipe 3: Cake with sour cream “Melting Miracle”

This recipe deserves special attention, women love just such a dessert. It turns out amazingly delicate cake with a light lemon flavor. In addition, it is very easy to prepare.


For sponge cake: 500 g flour; eggs - 2 pieces; 500 ml sour cream; 40 g of cocoa powder; 10 g of soda. For cream: 750 g sour cream 1 tbsp. Sahara; Half a lemon.


1. Beat eggs, gradually adding sugar. Add sour cream and hydrated soda to the egg mixture, continue to beat. Sift the flour into the dough and mix. Divide the dough into two halves. Add cocoa to one.

2. Cover the bottom of the pan with parchment and pour in the dough without cocoa. Heat the oven to 200 degrees and bake the biscuit for 25 minutes. Similarly, bake the cake with the addition of cocoa. Check the readiness of the cake with a wooden toothpick. Cool the cakes and cut along.

3. In sour cream, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add sugar and whip into a fluffy mass.

4. First lay out the light cakes, then dark. Each cake richly grease with sour cream.

5. To make the glaze, mix sugar, butter, cocoa and sour cream in a small saucepan. Keep the mixture on low heat until it has a uniform consistency. Frosting should not boil! 6. Cover the cake completely with icing.

Recipe 4: Cake with sour cream and fruit

I recommend it to the sweet tooth, who follow the figure. Fruits and berries can take any to your liking. Ingredients:

2 eggs; 1 tbsp. flour; 400 g of condensed milk; sour cream 0, 5 l; 150 grams of sugar; bag of vanillin and baking powder; 40 g coconut chips; 2 peaches; 100 g strawberries.

Preparation Method:

1. Beat eggs until fluffy foam appears. Slow down the mixer and add condensed milk. Mix flour with baking powder and vanilla. Pour in gradually and very carefully into the egg-milk mixture bulk ingredients and mix thoroughly.

2. Baking a baking sheet with parchment and pouring the dough into it. Bake the cake at 180 degrees for half an hour. When the cake has cooled, cut it lengthwise into three pieces.

3. For cream, take cold sour cream and whisk, gradually adding sugar. Separate most of the cream and add the peach cut into small cubes. In the rest of the cream add strawberries.

4. We start the assembly of the cake. On the first cake, lay out half the cream with slices of peach. The second smear cream with strawberries. On the third lay out the rest of the cream with a peach.

5. Sprinkle the cake with coconut chips and place in the fridge overnight so that it is soaked.

Recipe 5: Pancho cake with sour cream

Delicate cake with cherries, which is suitable for a celebration, and for family tea.


For the test: eggs - 6 pcs .; sugar - 500 g; 40 g of cocoa powder; 5 g of soda; 1 tbsp. l lemon juice.

For cream: 300 ml sour cream; 100 g of sugar and cherries.


1. Separate the whites from the yolks. In a separate bowl, beat them to the peaks, gradually adding sugar. Continuing to beat, add one yolks one by one. Pour the cocoa powder. Stir and sift flour into the dough. At the end add the hydrated soda. Mix everything carefully.

2. Pour the dough into a baking sheet, the bottom of which is covered with parchment. Bake for half an hour at 180 degrees. Check the readiness of the cake with a wooden stick. 3. To make a cream, beat the sour cream, gradually adding icing sugar.

4. Divide the cooled cake along into two parts. Cut the upper half into small pieces.

5. Put a whole cake on the dish and grease it with plenty of cream. Put a cherry on it. Dip each piece of biscuit in the cream and lay it on the cake crust, transferring them with the berries of the cherry. Top it with cream or chocolate icing.

6. To prepare the glaze, take half a bar of any chocolate and 2 tbsp. spoons of milk. Place the ingredients in a plate and heat in a water bath until smooth.

Cake with sour cream: tricks and tips from confectioners

For sour cream, use homemade sour cream. If you use the store, then it should be at least 20%. Before preparing the cream, place the sour cream in a sieve, covered with gauze, and leave overnight. Thus, the sour cream will leave excess liquid. If you are preparing a cream of homemade sour cream, make sure that it is not whipped into butter.

For the cream it is better to use powdered sugar, then whipping the cream will be much easier. You can make it yourself, grinding the sugar in a coffee grinder or using a blender. When whipping the cream, add the icing sugar gradually. The finished cream should not be a liquid consistency. You can add fruits, berries, cocoa, lemon juice or vanillin to the cream to get the desired flavor.

For color cream is allowed the introduction of food dyes. Having added gelatin to cream, it is possible to receive gentle souffle. It is quite a worthy competitor of the Bird's Milk cake. The longer the cake with sour cream is soaked, the more tender its taste will be.

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