Raspberry cake is a summer temptation for sweet teeth. Recipes for raspberry summer cakes: raspberries in dessert - life is good!

Raspberry cake is a summer temptation for sweet teeth. Recipes for raspberry summer cakes: raspberries in dessert - life is good!

Bright fruit and berry accents in any dessert are a great incentive for creative inspiration from beginners and sophisticated pastry chefs. Summer berry abundance allows you to enjoy all the tastes, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the collected fresh vitamins directly on the garden, or use them in the preparation of desserts.

Cake with raspberries, even in winter, looks sunny and warm, if you stock up on raspberry jam or frozen berries.

Berry cake recipes - a huge set. Let's take a closer look at several of them, and dwell on the main issues of the technology of making berry cake, in which there are some subtleties.

Recipe for raspberry summer cake - the basic technological principles

In the summer, I don’t particularly want to stand in a hot oven, and even the most delicious, exquisite dessert does not cause any appetite, if it is oversaturated with calories.

The best option to save yourself from the exhausting and hot work at the stove - cakes without baking.

When choosing such a method of cake preparation, you will have to deal with the gelling components: gelatin or agar-agar.

The best option in this case is agar-agar. First, algae are used for its production, which gives desserts a more pleasant taste, unlike gelatin, made from animal cartilage. Secondly, gelation when using agar begins with 50? C, and on a particularly hot day it is an important factor that will allow you to avoid melting of creams, glazes and other components of the dessert based on agar.

In addition, using fresh raspberries to decorate the cake, it must be remembered that the berry quickly makes juice, and so that it does not spread on the surface of the dessert, you should spread the berries with tender pulp just before serving.

1. Summer Garden Raspberry Cake


Raspberry 1 kg

Raspberry juice 200 ml

Sugar 650 g

Cream, fat 900 g

Flour 500 g

Gelatin (loose) 50 g

Honey 3 tbsp. l

Chocolate (white, dark) 2 tiles

Cocoa 80g

Baking powder for dough 2 sachets

Egg (1 category) 5 pcs.

Butter 365 g

Cooking Technology:

To make sponge dough, put eggs into a large convenient bowl, add butter and 200 g of sugar to them. Beat the ingredients until the mass increases and becomes a uniform consistency. Continuing to beat, add flour, cocoa and baking powder. Divide the dough into 3 parts. Each bake in a round form, with a diameter of 36 cm for 10 minutes at a temperature of 220? C. Finished cakes must be cooled.

While preparing the cake, proceed to the preparation of souffles. Combine 500 grams of raspberry, pre-rubbed through a sieve, with 400 grams of granulated sugar and beat with a blender until the sugar is completely dissolved. Dissolve 40 g of gelatin in a small amount of warm water, whip the cream in a separate bowl, and mix them with raspberry puree.

To make jelly, add 50 g of sugar to the raspberry juice and bring to the boil. After, when the temperature drops to 50? C, enter the dissolved gelatin and cool.

Proceed to the formation of the cake. In a detachable form lay out alternately layers of biscuit and soufflé. Distribute the souffle in such a way that its thickness is greater than the thickness of the biscuit. Putting the last top layer of souffle, pour the cake with prepared jelly and send in the fridge until it hardens.

When the jelly hardens, remove the form and proceed to the decoration. Glue the raspberries around the cake with melted chocolate, then put the jelly in a circle on top of it. To diversify the color scheme, you can replace the part of raspberry with blackberry. Make a mass of chocolate and honey for modeling and twist the baskets, then fill them with raspberries and set them on top of the cake. Several baskets can be flipped over so that spilled raspberries decorate the surface.

2. Recipe for raspberry summer cake “Berry basket”


Raspberry 800g

Hazelnut (you can use any to taste) 250 g

Butter 615 g

Condensed milk, whole 1 can

Boiled condensed milk 1 can

Sugar 600 g

Flour top grade 500 g

Vanilla extract 1 tsp.

Eggs, large 10 pcs.


Beat with a mixer in a large bowl of eggs with sugar until a white foam is formed. While stirring gently with a spoon, pour out the sifted flour and add the vanilla extract. Remember that whipping can disrupt the structure of the dough, and the biscuit does not rise. Therefore, after adding flour, gently mix it with a spatula.

Preheat oven to 180? C. Grease the detachable form (? 26 cm) with oil, gently distribute the dough on it, put bake for 20 minutes. To avoid dough sagging, do not open the oven during baking. You can check the readiness of the biscuit by puncturing it in the middle with a wooden stick: if the dough does not stick to it, the semi-finished product is ready.

Cool the sponge cake and remove it from the mold. To make this cake, you need to remove all the crumb from the cake, giving it the shape of an empty box, and make a crumbly mass from the crumb.

Crush the nuts in a mortar. Prepare the cream, beating 2 cans of condensed milk with butter, and start to collect the cake.

Before filling the void in the sponge cake, spread it all over with cream. Then divide the cream, raspberry, hazelnut and crumb into three parts and proceed to laying out. First put a portion of nuts on the bottom of the biscuit and brush it with cream. Put raspberries on top of the nuts and cover with cream again. As the third layer, use the crumb, which also needs to be plentifully smeared with cream on top. Repeat the sequence with the remaining prepared parts of the cake. At the very end, cover the entire surface of the cake with raspberries (it will be better if there is enough of it to make a small slide). Refrigerate until freezing.

3. Raspberry cake, summer - without baking


Raspberry 600g

Gelatin 40 g

Sugar 160 g

Butter 225 g

Cottage cheese, fat 0.6 kg

Sour cream 200 g (if the cheese is wet, less sour cream is required)

Cookies, oatmeal 600 g

Raspberry juice 150 ml




Break the biscuit into small pieces, add warm butter to it and beat with a blender. Loosen the parchment paper in a detachable form and lay out the mixture of cookies, carefully tamping it. Put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

While the cake freezes, proceed to the preparation of the layer of cottage cheese. Pre-soaked in raspberry juice, gelatin (25 g), put dissolve in a water bath, then cool. Mix cottage cheese, half raspberries, vanilla, sugar and sour cream in one bowl; Beat the mixture with a blender. Enter the dissolved gelatin into the cream, mix well.

Prepare raspberry jelly by melting 15 g of dissolved gelatin in a water bath, then pour the raspberry juice and water into it. The output should be 500 ml of liquid.

Proceed to the formation of the cake: put on the frozen cake half of the curd mass and spread a layer of raspberries on top of it. Then lay out the rest of the layer and send the cake to the freezer for 25 minutes. When the cake hardens, put another layer of raspberry on it and pour liquid from gelatin and raspberry juice. Put the cake in the cold until the jelly solidifies.

4. Raspberry cake “Summer day”


Raspberry 500g

Lemon peel 10 g

Juice of half a lemon

Chocolate, milk 50 g

Granulated sugar 530 g

Sour cream (25%) 600 g

Rum extract 1 tbsp. l

Flour, wheat 300 g

Flour, almond 300 g

Baking soda 1 tbsp. l

Eggs large 4 pcs.

Kefir 1% 650 ml


Beat up 250 g of sugar with eggs, then quench the soda with vinegar and add it along with kefir and rum extract, mix well. Add the sifted flour in portions, and mix the dough until a smooth semi-liquid consistency. Cover the baking dish with a diameter of 26 cm with parchment paper, grease with oil and pour in half the dough. Bake the cake in an oven preheated to 180? C. Depending on the characteristics of your plate, it will take 30-35 minutes. After that, bake the second half of the dough. While the cakes are baked and cooled, start cooking the cream. Beat sour cream and sugar until the latter is completely dissolved. At the same time, turn on the mixer to medium speed so that the serum does not start to separate. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add the zest, again, mix everything thoroughly.

When the cakes have cooled, cut with a long, thin knife, in a horizontal line, into two parts, and begin to collect the cake, spreading a layer of cream and a layer of strawberries on each cake. On the surface of the cake, gently spread out the raspberries and rub with grated chocolate.

5. Summer recipe for raspberry cake with Mascarpone


Butter (82%) 250 g

Eggs large 10 pcs.

Wheat flour top grade 500 g

Baking soda 0.5 tsp.

Powdered sugar 250 g

Salt 1/3 tsp.

Raspberry 400g

Bilberry 100 g

Sugar 250 g

Cream cheese (better than Mascarpone, but can be replaced) 750 g

Water 200 ml

Cooking Technology:

Rub the softened butter with powdered sugar until a uniform texture is obtained. Add one egg and one yolk, whisk well. Pour the flour, salt and soda. Knead the dough thoroughly (should be soft and slightly sticky), wrap it with cling film and leave in the refrigerator for 1.5 hours. Divide the frozen dough into 6 parts and roll them. Cut off the uneven edges by attaching a plate that coincides in diameter with the baking pan. Spread the cakes on parchment paper, and bake in a preheated oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180? C, until golden brown appears on the edges of the cake layers.

Separate the whites from the yolks using deep, volumetric bowls. For a while, place the whites in the fridge, and beat the yolks with 200 g of sugar until the mass becomes a light cream color. Add cream cheese to them and mix thoroughly. Beat whites with a small pinch of salt until a strong foam is formed, then gently mix them into the mass with cheese and yolks. It is impossible to mix such a mass with a mixer, as the proteins lose their fluffiness, therefore use a spoon; stir in a circular motion. To prepare the impregnation, combine in a saucepan 80 g of fresh raspberries, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a little vanilla extract and water, boil and let cool.

When all stages of preparation are completed, proceed to the final - combine and decorate the cake. Alternately spread on the cake layer of curd and raspberry, lightly greasing each cake with a silicone brush, raspberry soaking. From above decorate the cake, laying out a circle of raspberries and sprinkling with blueberries.

6. Raspberry summer cake with almonds and cream


Flour, almond 250 g

Eggs of the first category 3 pcs.

Baking Powder 15 g

Flour, top grade 3 tbsp. l

Potato starch 1 tbsp. l

Granulated sugar 200 g

Vanilla sugar 1 bag

Whole milk, condensed 1 can

Raspberry 300g

Cream, fatty 200 ml

Milk 400 ml

Butter 140 g

Banana, large 1 pc.

Chocolate 70 g

Whipped cream

Cooking Technology:

Beat the eggs and gradually pour them into a bowl of sifted almond flour and baking powder. Knead the eggs with flour, add condensed milk. Mix thoroughly until smooth. The finished dough should be slightly thin and resemble sour cream. Spread the dough in a thin layer in a parchment-lined form (? 20 cm), smoothing it well along the bottom. There should be about 7 cakes in total. Send each of them to a preheated oven for 8-10 minutes. Ready-made cakes should be cooled separately from each other, since stacking them hot can lead to gluing.

Dissolve half cup of milk and starch in a small saucepan, then add sugar, vanillin, flour, mix. Pour in the rest of the milk and set on a small fire. In order to avoid burning, the cream must be constantly stirred. When the mass becomes thicker, remove it from the heat and cool it. Whip the cream and add them to the cream along with the butter. After the cream is ready, add 200 g of raspberry to it.

Collect the cake by putting the cream on each cake. Decorate the cake by putting circles of banana in a circle, squeezing whipped cream on top of them. Spread raspberries on the surface and make patterns of melted chocolate.

Summer Raspberry Cake - tips and cooking tips

  • A large number of cakes and desserts are made up of baking powder, which allows you to make baking lush and airy, but what if the additives are not at hand at the right time?
  • The dough powder can often be replaced with extinguished soda, which is one of its components. Usually soda is quenched with vinegar or lemon juice. In cases where acidic components are present in the dough, it is added in powder form, as it reacts with them. One option is to add soda to the flour, and vinegar to the liquid ingredients of the dough, thus ensuring a better distribution of loosening ingredients throughout the dough.
  • A powder prepared by one's own efforts will be a great substitute for factory baking powder: take 12 teaspoons of starch, 3 spoons of citric acid and 5 teaspoons of baking soda; Mix the ingredients well in a clean, dry jar. To avoid excessive moisture, you can put a piece of pressed sugar in a jar.
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