A creamy soufflé is a royal delicacy! Proven recipes of cream soufflé for light desserts and cake

A creamy soufflé is a royal delicacy! Proven recipes of cream soufflé for light desserts and cake

A creamy soufflé is actually a soufflé. What we used to call it. Preparing it is a slow and rather complicated process, but the result, as with all other variations on the “soufflé” theme, is amazing. In its simplest form, you will get a great filling for a cake or candy, and if you really try hard, then the sweet tooth will be delighted with the combinations of soufflé with fruit.

Creamy Soufflé - General Cooking Principles

• Gentle cream soufflé is not only a cold dessert. Cakes are often formed with it, using the souffle as an additional layer. In the preparation of heat treatment is not used, so it is desirable to take products of the first freshness.

• Butter and cream itself are the main components of such a dish. Dairy products should not only be fresh, but also high in natural fats. To make the soufflé airy, dairy products require preliminary preparation. Approximately two hours before cooking, butter is laid out from the refrigerator in order to soften, and cream, if it is not required to be heated according to the recipe, is cooled down. If the recipe involves the use of egg whites, they, as well as cream, are placed for a while in the refrigerator.

• To thicken the creamy souffle, thickeners are added to it. This may be gelatin, agar-agar or a special thickener cream.

• Another important rule is clean, dry dishes. If there is moisture or other impurities on it, the souffle will simply not rise. For whipping cream, it is advisable to use chilled dishes.

• If the souffle is prepared as a dessert, it is poured into small molds or ice cream bowls, and then cooled in the refrigerator. Fresh fruits or berries are often added to such dishes, decorated with chocolate chips, finely chopped nuts or sprinkled with cocoa powder.

• Cake is molded in detachable forms using one, maximum two test cakes, mostly biscuit type. One is placed on the bottom of the form, after which a soufflé is laid out on it and put into the refrigerator. After about two hours, when the souffle layer hardens well, a second cake is placed on it. If the cake consists of one cake, the souffle layer is covered with melted chocolate or specially prepared icing. A vivid example of this is the well-known cake called “Bird's Milk”.

Gentle creamy souffle based on condensed milk and cream cheese


• whole condensed milk - 200 ml;

• half a cup of pasteurized milk;

• curd “Creamy” cheese - 140 g;

• pack of thickener for cream;

• 200 ml high fat, 33% cream;

• 15 gr. “Fast” gelatin;

• dark cocoa powder, no sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Gelatin pour cold cow's milk and set aside to swell.

2. Mix cream with condensed milk, put on the heating level. As soon as the mixture starts to boil, lower the heating level to a minimum and boil for another minute. Then remove from heat and immediately pour in gelatin swollen in milk. Stir vigorously until gelatin is completely dissolved, and allow to cool.

3. Put the cream cheese and thickener into the mass cooled to room temperature and start to beat with a mixer at the highest speed.

4. In about ten minutes, you will get an air cream. Place it in a lined with a plastic film and place it in a “warm” refrigerator chamber for two hours.

5. Stir the creamy souffle gently free from the mold and sprinkle the cocoa, over the powder through a sieve. Before serving, cut the dessert into small pieces.

How to make chocolate cream souffle with cocoa


• four eggs (yolks);

• 300 ml of fat, ideally homemade, cream;

• 75 gr. Sahara;

• a spoon of dark cocoa, without sugar;

• 150 ml low-fat milk;

• instant gelatin - 12 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Combine cocoa with granulated sugar, add raw eggs and mash thoroughly.

2. Pour the milk into a bowl and put it to warm up in a water bath. As soon as it starts to warm up, gradually add the yolks with sugar, pounded with sugar, and, stirring, bring the mixture to a thickening, cool it.

3. Fill the gelatin flakes with a small amount of water and leave. As soon as it swells well, after about 20 minutes, enter it into the slightly cooled milk mixture.

4. Pour the whipped cream in a separate container into the cooled mass and whisk well with a mixer or a whisk.

5. Put the prepared cream in forms and put in a fridge to cool. When the souffle hardens well, remove it from the mold and sprinkle with finely grated chocolate on top.

Recipe for a simple dessert from a creamy souffle with strawberries


• a teaspoon of “instant” gelatin;

• 100 ml of drinking water:

• powdered sugar - a full tablespoon;

• 200 ml of liquid cream with 30% fat content;

• 150 gr. fresh strawberries or frozen.

Cooking Method:

1. For 30 minutes fill the gelatin with cold drinking water. Then warm it slightly using a microwave oven or water bath, but do not boil, otherwise the soufflé will not harden. Cool it down.

2. To steady soft peaks, whip cream with powdered sugar. Beat with a mixer at maximum speed. Carefully follow the process, with heavy cream during prolonged beating can turn into butter.

3. Put a couple of spoons of cooked creamy mass in a separate bowl, pour in a thin stream of cooled gelatin, stir.

4. Mix the cream mixed with gelatin with the main mass of whipping cream and lightly whisk.

5. At the bottom of the ice-cream pan put about two spoons of creamy mass, level. Top carefully lay sliced ​​strawberries and again put the cream. Alternate the layers until all the cream is gone.

6. Decorate the surface of the dessert with strawberries and place in the cold for half an hour. When serving, dessert, you can optionally sprinkle with fine chocolate chips or cocoa.

Classic - creamy souffle in natural oil


• 250 ml of whole high-quality condensed milk;

• full glass of white sugar;

• 200-gram pack of natural, 82% oil;

• four eggs (proteins);

• a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla crystals;

• medium size lemon;

• 15 gr. bag of “fast” gelatin.

Cooking Method:

1. The recipe requires soft butter, so beforehand, place it on a plate, freeing it from the packaging, and leave it warm.

2. Gelatin for forty minutes, pour 200 ml of cold water, preferably boiled. After it swells well, strain excess water, and mix gelatin with sugar and place in the same container for warming up in a water bath. While stirring, warm the gelatinous mixture until the sugar grains and thickener are completely dissolved, cool. Carefully ensure that the mass does not boil.

3. Whites, separated from the yolks, whisk with a whisk or using a mixer in a dense foam. 4. In a separate container, start whisking the butter. After about a minute, without stopping beating, add condensed milk into it. The result should be a smooth creamy mass.

5. Enter the protein foam into the cooled gelatin mixture and whisk again. Add butter cream, vanilla powder, pour in a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and repeat the beating. Do this carefully, if you are using a mixer or blender - turn on the minimum speed.

6. Spread the prepared souffle paste in forms made of silicone and place it in a refrigerator for complete solidification.

7. Free the prepared dessert from the forms, and decorate its surface with fresh berries or fruits.

Creamy souffle on agar-agar according to the company recipe - “Bird's milk”


• seven eggs (squirrels);

• 250 gr. sugar;

• two teaspoons of agar-agar;

• 170 gr. cream "Peasant" butter;

• crystalline “lemon” - 1/2 tsp;

• 250 g, a standard can of condensed, natural milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Separate the yolks and proteins and place both products for half an hour in the refrigerator.

2. Fill exactly 100 ml of room temperature water to agar-agar, letting it swell for a quarter of an hour.

3. Pour sugar into the swollen mass (240 gr.), Mix and place the container on the steam bath. While stirring, warm the mixture until the components are completely dissolved, then remove from heat.

4. Seven chilled proteins, at high speeds of the mixer, whip to a foam. Without stopping the process, pour in the hot agar-agar itself, as thin as possible. Beat until you get a thick foam.

5. Reduce the revolutions of the device, add “lemon”, gradually add pre-softened butter and, also slowly, pour in condensed milk. It is possible to prepare an oil cream from both components in advance and inject it into the protein mass.

6. After that, the creamy soufflé can be spread on the biscuit cake. For curing will take at least three hours.

Light creamy soufflé with yogurt for sponge cake


• 400 ml of drinking vanilla yoghurt (can be fruit);

• half a liter of 30% cream;

• two spoons of fine granulated sugar; • gelatin - 25 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the gelatin with cold drinking water in a 1: 1 ratio by weight, set aside. After about half an hour, when it swells well, place it without changing capacity in a water bath and, slowly stirring, warm it up. Gelatin should completely disperse.

2. Intensively whipping yogurt, slowly, pouring a thin stream, enter into it the cooled thickener.

3. At medium mixer speed, begin to whip the cream. Bringing to the pomp, add granulated sugar and continue beating until the crystals dissolve. Do not overdo it, the fatty product can turn into butter.

4. In a lush creamy mass, pour the yogurt mixed with gelatin, and whip the creamy souffle until smooth. At this stage it is better to do a whisk.

Creamy souffle - cooking tricks and useful tips

• To whip the cream better and faster, take the cooled container. Take care of this in advance, put the dishes for ten minutes in the freezer.

• When using butter, put it out of the package in advance and keep it warm to soften.

• You can make “Bird's Milk” candies from a creamy soufflé. Put the soufflé base in a rectangular shape, a layer from one and a half to 2 centimeters and place it in a refrigerator for two hours. Then cut the layer into rectangles of the desired size, lay them on the grid and pour the melted chocolate. After the chocolate layer hardens well, turn it over and apply the melted chocolate to the back of the candy with a brush.

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