Chocolate pancake cake - a treat from the pan! Recipes simple and festive chocolate pancake cakes with different creams

Chocolate pancake cake - a treat from the pan! Recipes simple and festive chocolate pancake cakes with different creams

Pancake cake is not only tasty, but also very convenient. For the preparation of this dessert does not need an oven. Baking pancakes cope any hostess. It remains only to choose the right dough and suitable cream for it. For business?

Chocolate Pancake Cake - General Cooking Principles

Cocoa is usually added to make chocolate pancakes. But sometimes they use ordinary white pancakes, which are coated with chocolate cream. It all depends on the selected recipe. Layers are baked in the usual way in a skillet. Before applying the cream, it is important to cool all the pancakes so that the filling does not flow out. You can make the workpiece in advance and even freeze.

Creams for pancakes are suitable for almost everything: vanilla, chocolate, fruit. They are made from condensed milk, butter, chocolate paste, sour cream, various additives are used for taste and aroma. To give a simple cake a festive look, you can decorate it with cream, berries, fruit, or just pour chocolate icing on it.

Chocolate Pancake Cake with Custard

An unusual dough is made for this chocolate pancake cake. Cakes are obtained by light, air due to the separate whipping of egg whites.


• 150 g of flour;

• 220 ml (glass) of milk;

• 3 l. Sahara;

• 20 g of oil;

• 15 g cocoa;

• pinch ripper;

• three eggs.

Chocolate cream:

• 300 ml of milk;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar;

• 3 tablespoons flour;

• 90 g chocolate;

• egg.


1. Knead dough on yolks, remove whites to the side. We throw sugar to the yolks, don't forget to salt it, add vanilla to taste, beat it. We enter milk, then flour with cocoa and we throw the ripper. Add melted butter.

2. Squirrels need to beat up fluffy foam. Mix in chocolate dough and immediately begin to fry.

3. Heat the pan, grease, bake pancakes. About 8 pieces, with a diameter of 17-19 cm will turn out. The quantity depends on the size of a frying pan. It is not necessary to stack baked pancakes on each other, or grease with butter, otherwise they may stick together. 4. Cooking cream. Whip the flour with egg and sugar, diluted with milk. Put on the stove, cook. As soon as the mass thickens, we throw the chocolate cut into small cubes, remove from heat, stir until the tile is completely dissolved. Cooling down.

5. We smear pancakes with cooked cream, we withstand a couple of hours in the cold so that the cake is soaked, a little stronger.

Chocolate Pancake Cake with Nutella and Cream

The recipe for a gorgeous pancake cake with chocolate cream cream and the popular Nutella paste. Instead, you can use any other sweet mass.


• two spoons of cocoa;

• a glass of flour;

• 500 ml of milk;

• three eggs;

• 150 ml of cream;

• three spoons of sugar;

• two spoons of butter;

• salt, ripper;

• 150 grams of nutella.


1. Making the dough. Eggs combine with half the milk, sugar, salt. Beat until smooth, add cocoa mixed with baking powder (one pinch) and flour.

2. As soon as the mass reaches homogeneity, dilute the dough with the remaining milk, pour in vegetable oil.

3. We bake thin pancakes on a usual frying pan. If the dough sticks, every time we coat the bottom with a drop of butter.

4. While chocolate pancakes cool, make a cream. Whip cream to foam, Nutella separately stir to paste became homogeneous. Combine with whipped cream. To taste we throw a little vanilla.

5. The cooled pancakes thinly lubricate the cream. We decorate the top of the cake with chocolate pancakes at its discretion.

Chocolate Pancake Cake with Curd Cream

The peculiarity of this chocolate pancake cake is not only a pleasant taste, but also a satiety. Thanks to curd cream dessert is filled with protein and it becomes even more useful.


• three glasses of flour;

• four eggs;

• a pound of cottage cheese;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• salt and soda;

• two spoons of cocoa;

• liter of milk;

• 150 g butter;

• vegetable oil;

• 150 g of powdered sugar for the cream;

• 100 g chocolate.


1. Beat eggs with sugar, add salt, add milk, flour and soda sifted with cocoa. Well beat the dough with a mixer so that it does not form lumps. Let stand for a quarter of an hour, then add two spoons of butter. 2. Heat a frying pan, bake ordinary pancakes from the whole amount of chocolate dough.

3. Making the cream. To do this, whip the cottage cheese with powdered sugar, add 100 grams of softened butter. Beat together until smooth. If desired, the cream can also be made chocolate. To do this, add a couple of spoons of cocoa or a little chocolate paste like “Nutella”.

4. Lubricate the pancakes alternately, try to apply the curd cream with an even layer. Top of the cake do not need to grease.

5. Crumble chocolate, pour into a bowl, add chopped butter, which remains (50 grams). Melt the mixture in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, periodically take out, stir. If there is no microwave, you can put in a water bath.

6. Lubricate the pancake cake with melted chocolate on top, then smear the sides with residues. If desired, sprinkle with nuts or coconut flakes, but this should be done immediately, while the glaze is sticky.

Banana Chocolate Pancake Cake

Pancakes for this cake are prepared the most simple without cocoa from dough on boiling water. A special feature of the dessert is a cream of cream and a banana filling. Chocolate use high-quality high-cocoa.


• five eggs;

• 50 ml of oil;

• vanilla;

• a glass of milk;

• a glass of flour;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• 500 g of cream 30%;

• five bananas;

• 200 g chocolate;

• five tablespoons of sugar;

• salt.


1. We start cooking pancake cake with cream. Heat the cream to a hot state, add broken chocolate, stir until dissolved, fill with vanilla. Cool, remove in the cold, so that the mass thickens.

2. For the test, you need not boiling water, just heat the water to 70-80 degrees. Whip the sugar with the eggs, salt, pour a glass of milk and pour the flour. Add baking powder immediately and carefully stir the dough. It will turn out thick. Now we take hot water and dilute the dough, quickly stir with a whisk. The quantity is controlled by itself; the thinner the mixture is, the thinner the pancakes are.

3. Pour the vegetable oil, stir the dough again. 4. Bake ordinary pancakes in a pan. Cooling down.

5. We clean bananas and cut them into very thin circles.

6. Alternately we coat the pancakes with butter and shift bananas through one. We put in a flat pile to make the cake neat.

7. Top pancakes also need to grease. To make a cake look, you can decorate it with something, but not bananas. On the air, the pieces will darken and become not very attractive. We leave the dessert for two hours so that the pancakes are soaked with chocolate cream.

Chocolate Pancake Cake with Mascarpone

This chocolate pancake cake can safely become a festive dish. Mascarpone cream fits perfectly into the dessert, ennobles its taste, makes delicacy unusual. Dough on kefir.


• glass of water;

• 500 gr. kefir;

• 2 tbsp. flour;

• 5 g ripper;

• three eggs;

• spoon of sugar;

• a pair of tablespoons of oil;

• a pair of cocoa spoons;

• salt.


• 250 g mascarpone;

• 250 ml of cream;

• 150 g of powder;

• 120 grams of chocolate.


1. We get pancake dough. Mix eggs with sugar, add salt, pour kefir, pour all dry ingredients and beat until homogeneous.

2. In a ready-made dough pour a glass of boiling water, quickly stir.

3. It remains only to add a couple of spoons of butter and you can bake chocolate pancakes, leave them until they cool completely.

4. Fatty cream whip until light skins and in small portions enter the powder. Connect with mascarpone. You can take another similar cheese with a creamy taste.

5. Keep chocolate in the fridge, then rub it. If the tile is soft and melted, then nothing will work, all the chips will stick together. Grated chocolate is also best kept in a cool place.

6. Lubricate the pancake cream, sprinkle with chocolate. Repeat layers.

7. Top of the cake is also covered with a mass of mascarpone, sprinkle with grated chocolate. You can apply a pattern of chips.

Chocolate Pancake Cake with Condensed Milk

The cream is prepared from ordinary condensed milk, it is desirable that it was thick and natural, then the dessert will have a very pleasant creamy taste. The dough is made with milk and water. Ingredients

• glass of water;

• two glasses of milk;

• three eggs;

• two Art. flour;

• 3 l. Sahara;

• salt;

• 2 spoons of cocoa.


• bank of condensed milk;

• 200 g of oil;

• 3 spoons of cocoa;

• 200 g sour cream.


1. The dough is prepared in the usual way. Combine dry ingredients. Separately mix everything except water and add the flour mixture. Beat until smooth, dilute the dough with a glass of water. At the end pour in the oil, stir, leave the pancake mass for ten minutes.

2. During this time, you can cook the cream. We take butter softened, beat with a mixer, put sour cream in a spoon, then condensed milk. At the end we fall asleep cocoa. Or use chocolate condensed milk, also get a great cream. We remove it in the refrigerator.

3. Bake the pancakes, cool.

4. Lubricate with condensed milk cream. We send pancake cake soak.

Chocolate Pancake Cake - Tips and Tricks

• Even in sweet pancake dough you need to add salt. Otherwise, the cake will be tasteless.

• If there is no sieve for sifting cocoa, it can be mixed with sugar and added to the dough together. All lumps dissolve.

• For greasing pans, it is best to use an oiled cloth, in this case the fat dosage will be minimal. In the old days they used a piece of fresh unsalted bacon, pinned on a fork.

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