Delicious and simple desserts: prepare quick sweets at home! The easiest recipes for desserts made from cookies, chopsticks, fruit, sour cream and gingerbread

Delicious and simple desserts: prepare quick sweets at home! The easiest recipes for desserts made from cookies, chopsticks, fruit, sour cream and gingerbread

Sweets are fun. A good dessert will be the right end of the dinner or an excellent treat. At home, you can cook a lot of interesting and tasty.

Here are easy recipes of desserts from a variety of products.

Delicious and simple desserts - the general principles of cooking

Baked desserts take the most time to cook. But there are lightweight recipes using a microwave, multicooker. If you need to cook something in a hurry, then use corn sticks, gingerbread or cookies. Fruits, berries, cottage cheese and other dairy products usually predominate in healthy delicacies. Products are laid in layers or stirred, one of them is molded, rolled up, it all depends on the recipe. Complete cooking decoration.

What can be used for decoration:

• chocolate or coke chips;

• cocoa powder, cinnamon;

• nuts, dried fruits;

• small candy, dragee;

• mint leaves.

If the dessert is cold, then you will need only dishes, a knife, a board, sometimes a mixer and a strainer for cooking. For quick baking, besides products, you need forms, mats. It is convenient to use silicone, to which nothing sticks, does not stick.

Easy Recipe for Brownie Dessert in a Microwave

Delicious and simple desserts do not always require the use of the oven. This version of the brownie is great in the microwave, the cooking process does not take more than fifteen minutes along with baking.


• 150 g butter;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 1 packet of vanilla;

• 50 g of cocoa;

• 150 grams of flour;

• 2 eggs;

• 0.5 bag ripper.


1. Open a pack of butter, measure the desired amount, cut into slices and melt in the microwave. But you do not need to overdo it and heat it up very much, only slightly, so that you don’t cool for a long time. Remove the oil, let it cool down. 2. Combine flour, ripper, pour dark cocoa powder to them and sift through a sieve.

3. Combine eggs and fine granulated sugar. Beat with a mixer for two minutes, in the process to introduce the prepared oil.

4. Add the flour mixture with cocoa powder, pour in the vanilla, stir and transfer the dough into a silicone mold.

5. Set for 5 minutes, cook at the highest power.

6. Take out the brownies from the microwave. You can immediately, while the pastry is hot, sprinkle with grated chocolate. He swells, then hardens in the form of glaze. Or simply covered with a layer of powdered sugar.

Delicious and simple “Potato” dessert in 5 minutes

Many people know the “Potato” cake, but not everyone knows that there are very easy recipes for this dessert. It will take a few minutes to prepare. Cookies, you can choose absolutely any, even fit the biscuit trim. It is only important to regulate the amount of condensed milk.


• 0.4 kg of cookies;

• 100 g plums. oils;

• 3 tbsp. l cocoa;

• 1 can of condensed milk.


1. It is best to use softened butter for the cake. But if there is no such thing, then put a piece in the microwave, set the mode for defrosting food, run a few minutes until soft.

2. While the butter is spinning in the microwave, pour the cookies on a large board or on a tabletop. Rolling with a rolling pin to get crumbs. If there are small pieces, then do not worry. It is possible to grind the combine, the meat grinder.

3. Add to cocoa biscuits, stir. Enter the oil and rub with your hands.

4. Open the can of condensed milk, pour and stir. It is better to do all this with your hands to feel the consistency.

5. As soon as the cookie reminds plasticine, condensed milk is sufficient.

6. We moisten hands with cold water and sculpt cakes. They can be given not only the shape of potatoes, but any other.

7. We spread on a board or on a dish, send for 10 minutes in the freezer. If there is a lot of free time, we just keep it in the fridge on the shelf.

Easy recipe for dessert from corn sticks

You can make different tasty and simple desserts from corn sticks, this is just one of the options. It is often called a lazy anthill. It is better to choose small sticks, it will be more tasty. Ingredients

• 400 g toffee;

• big pack of chopsticks;

• 100 g chocolate;

• 100 g of oil.


1. For the preparation of pouring is best to use a pot with a thick bottom. If it is not there, then we collect the water bath, that is, we install a small saucepan on the second container with water, but larger.

2. Crumble chocolate, cut the butter and send it all to melt.

3. Butterscotch is better to use medium hardness like “Kis-kis”. Remove the labels and immediately add them to the butter with chocolate, let them drown. Stir with a spatula until the lumps are completely melted.

4. Pour the chopsticks into a comfortable bowl.

5. Pour melted mass with toffee, gently stir and lay a slide on a plate. Give freeze.

6. It is possible to roll balls from such sticks, to arrange them in small forms, including from silicone.

Delicious and simple dessert with sour cream and bananas

The easiest recipes for desserts are often from fruits, bananas are used here. Additionally, you need a marshmallow. We take the simplest without filling and glaze, better vanilla flavor. You can substitute bananas with other soft fruits, such as peaches, ripe pears, apricots. Or we use berries without stones, but not too ripe and crumpled.


• 2 bananas;

• 200 g of marshmallow;

• 350 g sour cream;

• 2 tbsp. l sah. powder

For decoration, you can use cocoa powder or chocolate, coconut chips. Tasty with chopped nuts.


1. Cut the marshmallows into small cubes.

2. Peel the bananas, cut into slices and mix with marshmallow, place the dessert in a deep bowl.

3. Combine sour cream with powdered sugar. Beat for a couple of minutes, add bananas with marshmallow, and mix gently.

4. It is possible to arrange in portions.

5. Top decorate with nuts or chocolate.

Easy recipe for dessert from cottage cheese and berries

Berries for this delicacy can be used absolutely any. If cherry or cherry is taken, then you need to remove all the bones.


• 200 g of berries;

• 220 g of cottage cheese;

• 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar; • vanilla to taste.


1. Divide the berries roughly in half. Pure one part of the blender to obtain a homogeneous slurry, add half of powdered sugar, you get a kind of jam.

2. Cottage cheese combined with powdered sugar, stir. If the product is dry or with lumps, then pre-enter a little sour cream, cream, ryazhenka.

3. Add to the curd mass fresh berries that remain. Gently stir.

4. Put half the cottage cheese in the bowl, then half the prepared jam and then the cottage cheese. Pour the remains of jam on top. Optionally, you can put a few whole berries or mint leaf for decoration.

Delicious and simple apple dessert with cinnamon

Baked apples are not only tasty and simple desserts, but also useful delicacies. A microwave will be used for cooking, but you can cook it in the traditional way in a preheated oven.


• 3 apples;

• 1 tbsp. l honey;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon;

• 1 tbsp. l nuts.


1. Rinse the apples. Cut from the side of the branch in each stub, but do not pierce to the very end. It should be a hole. You can do the other way. Apples cut in half, choose the middle, you get a small bowl.

2. Connect honey with cinnamon. If it is frozen, then heated.

3. Add chopped nuts and divide the whole mass into three apples.

4. We shift on a flat plate, put in a microwave. Cooking 2-4 minutes, depending on the variety. Maximum power. Willingness is determined by softness.

5. Either we place the apples in an oven heated to 200 degrees. We also bake until soft.

Delicious and simple gingerbread dessert

A very easy dessert recipe for those who love cakes. Here is a delicacy made from gingerbread. You can choose any taste, but it is better without filling.


• 500 g of gingerbread;

• 2 bananas (optional);

• 600 g sour cream;

• 3 tbsp. l powder;

• vanilla, nuts to taste;

• 70 g chocolate;

• 30 g plums. oils.


1. Beat sour cream with powdered sugar, add vanillin to the resulting cream. Since the gingerbread is sweet, there is no need to steal sugar. 2. Peel bananas, cut into slices. Chop some nuts. You can make a cake without it, just from the gingerbread it also turns out delicious.

3. Cut the gingerbread in half lengthwise to get a plate. If they are high, then you can cut into three parts, thin cakes soak faster.

4. Put a little cream in a silicone mold or in a usual (but covered with film) bowl, smooth it out.

5. Lay out a layer of gingerbread, smear with cream, put bananas, nuts and also lightly grease. Laying a new layer of gingerbread and so on.

6. If the cream remains, then pour out the top, stretch it with a spoon to fill all the voids.

7. Put the gingerbread dessert for a couple of hours in the fridge. There it will be saturated, hardened, the layers will get stronger.

8. We take out, we overturn on a plate. If the film was used, then remove.

9. Melt chocolate and butter. Pour the cake on top with cooked icing. Let stand a little more until the upper layer hardens.

Tasty and simple desserts - tips and tricks

• Most homemade desserts do not like long-term storage. It is better to cook them immediately before use. This is especially true of recipes with sour cream, cream, cottage cheese and fresh berries and fruits.

• Sour cream should not be whipped with sugar for a long time, especially a product with high fat content. There may be grains, that is, oil.

• Any dessert will taste better if it smells good. Adding vanilla, cinnamon, essences, liqueurs is welcome.

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