Delicious vegetable patties: a selection of the best recipes. Cooking vegetable cutlets in a pan, in the oven, steamed

Delicious vegetable patties: a selection of the best recipes. Cooking vegetable cutlets in a pan, in the oven, steamed

Vegetable cutlets for many seem to be something unusual and not quite appropriate in everyday food.

However, it is quite a decent dish.

Proceeding at least from the fact that vegetable cutlets are great for baby and diet food.

They will help solve the problem of what to cook during the post or how to diversify the vegetarian table.

And for an ordinary breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetable cutlets are great, becoming an alternative or addition to the usual dishes of meat, fish, cereals. Moreover, a great variety of various tasty and healthy vegetable cutlets was invented.

Basic principles of cooking vegetable cutlets

1. Cutlets can be cooked from various vegetables. The most beloved and common - potato, cabbage. Vegetable cutlets are also prepared from carrots, beets, onions, beans and peas, eggplants and zucchini, pumpkins and other gifts of nature.

2. The most saturated in taste characteristics - patties fried in butter. However, they are prepared in the oven, and for a couple, these options will be more dietary.

3. The principle of cooking - vegetables are chopped, mixed with salt, spices, raw eggs. For fixing added flour, semolina or breadcrumbs. Next, roast or bake.

4. Vegetables can be used both raw and pre-cooked - this applies to eggplants, cabbage, and beets.

5. Vegetable patties can be cooked either on the basis of one ingredient, or by mixing different products.

Potato vegetable patties, or what to do with the remaining mashed potatoes?

These patties are made from mashed potatoes. A good way out, if this dish was abundant and it was left from the dinner or festive table. To use ready-made mashed potatoes for chops, it is necessary to warm it up with a small amount of milk and knead well. You can also make mashed potatoes for meatballs, on a fresh basis, they will be more lush and fluffy. Ingredients

4 large potatoes


Half a cup of milk


3 tablespoons flour


Greens to taste

Oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Boil the potatoes in salted water, make mashed potatoes with the addition of milk.

To cutlets were more durable and did not break up when frying, add an egg.

Pour chalk chopped greens.

Onion can be put raw, finely chopped, or fry in butter.

Pour two spoons of flour and knead the potato mass. Try to make a cutlet. If too soft, add a little flour.

Fry the patties in the pan with the butter, pre-roll them in flour.

Such burgers are best eaten hot. Sour cream will do for them, but the best seasoning is mushroom sauce.

Vegetable cutlets from cabbage with semolina: tenderness in golden crust

Cabbage patties have a pleasant rather bright taste, a delicate texture, and can be remarkably consumed both in cold and in hot form.


500 g fresh white cabbage

3 tablespoons of semolina

3 tablespoons of milk

1-2 eggs


Black pepper, cumin

Oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Cabbage thin shred. It is better if it is young white cabbage or Chinese cabbage.

Put in pan with butter and put stew over low heat.

When the cabbage is limp, salt and pour the milk.

Young tender cabbage is enough to put out for about ten minutes, if tougher - longer.

Moisture should not completely evaporate.

Turn off the stove and pour semolina, mix well.

Cool to warm condition, drive eggs, add spices.

Form cutlets and roll in semolina, fry in butter.

Carrot and beet cutlets: simple vegetable joys

Cutlets made from carrots and even more so beets do not seem to be quite understandable dish. On the one hand, this is not a dessert, on the other - initially sweet vegetables. In fact, carrots and beets make delicious burgers that can be used as a separate dish, as well as a side dish for meat or fish. Ingredients

500 g of beet or carrot or both vegetables in any proportion

1 onion

2 tablespoons of semolina or flour

2 cloves of garlic

A teaspoon of lemon juice is optional


Black pepper

Oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Cook beets, carrots whole and grate or chop in another way.

Add chopped onion and garlic, black ground pepper.

Salt, sprinkle with lemon juice so that the cutlets are not too bland. However, one can do without it.

Pour semolina or flour, let stand.

Blind round flat cutlets and fry in hot oil, first roll in semolina or flour.

Vegetable cutlets “national”

This recipe contains several different vegetables. Together they give a pleasant taste to a slightly crispy vegetable dish with different shades. If you wish, you can enter any other vegetables or replace one another. The recipe is basic and leaves room for creativity.


200 g zucchini - preferably young with a delicate skin

200 g of eggplants

2 large potatoes

2 eggs

1 onion or green onion feathers


Black pepper


Vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

First you need to prepare the vegetables. Eggplants require the most time. They need to bake in the oven with the skin. Then peel and chop - mash with a fork or chop in a blender.

Boil the potatoes until ready, drain the water, leaving a couple of spoons. Crush or use blender assistant.

Grate the zucchini. If you choose small, it will be more homogeneous mass. If you rub on a large, you will feel pieces of vegetables. You can also grind in a blender.

Finely chop the onion. You can fry a little with a little oil. If you need a more dietary option, then put raw. If the onion is green, just chop finely.

Mix all the vegetables, salt and pepper. Break eggs there too. Breadcrumbs bring the mixture to a state of soft stuffing. Sculpt burgers of arbitrary shape, and then roll in breadcrumbs, fry in a pan with hot oil.

Cutlets from different vegetables: a delicious mix in the oven

Vegetable patties can be cooked not in a pan, but in the oven. This will make them more dietary. Cutlets in muffin cups or the like will be especially attractive to children. And useful components will make them a dish from the category of proper nutrition.


Half of the average zucchini

Large potato

2 carrots

1 onion

1 piece of bell pepper

1 garlic clove

50 g durum cheese

2-3 tablespoons flour

2 eggs

Dill and black pepper to taste

Method of preparation

Grate potatoes, carrots, and zucchini on a fine grater. Salt, put in a sieve or colander, so that the glass is excess moisture.

Finely chop the onion and bell pepper, crush the garlic.

Cheese grate also on a fine grater.

Mix all ingredients.

Spread the mass in molds and send in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

Allow to cool slightly and pull out of the molds.

You can use a large baking sheet, then you just need to spread the mass evenly and bake, cut it after cooling.

Such vegetable patties and muffins are quietly frozen and stored in the freezer. You can prepare them for future use and get them as needed.

Vegetable, nourishing, protein: a recipe for pea cutlets

Legumes are also vegetables. From them you can make delicious burgers. Their advantage is satiety, as well as high protein content. Therefore, this dish can successfully replace meat in the diet of adults and children. For cutlets use soy, lentils, beans, peas. We will tell about pea cutlets.


300 g dry peas

50 g of dry decoy

2 medium onions


Black pepper

Frying oil

Flour or breadcrumbs.

Method of preparation

Wash peas, cook until ready without soaking.

To speed up the process, gradually add cold water. At the end of cooking, salt.

Five minutes before the end, gently pour the semolina, stirring constantly, as when cooking semolina.

Fry chopped onion in butter, add to porridge.

When the mass is warm, add a little flour or crackers, knead well.

Roll in flour or bread crumbs, fry on both sides in butter.

You can put this mass in a greased baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10 minutes instead of roasting.

Steamed vegetable patties

Vegetable cutlets are steamed. It's quick and easy. This dish is suitable for people with digestive problems, when oil and other methods of heat treatment are excluded. Suitable steamed vegetable patties for feeding small children. Prunes will give a spicy flavor, however, if desired, this product can be excluded.


1 carrot

1 medium beet

1 onion

1 large or 2 medium potatoes

A few berries of prunes

2 tablespoons of semolina


Greens at will.

Method of preparation

Baked potatoes in the oven or boil in the uniform. Peel, crush.

Soak prunes in hot water, dry and chop.

Grate carrots and beets on a fine grater.

Onion cut into small cubes.

Mix the ingredients, pour semolina, salt, add chopped greens, leave for 15 minutes to swell semolina.

Form the patties and put on a steamer greased with butter. Cook for 20-30 minutes.

Secrets and tricks of cooking vegetable cutlets

Initially, the unusual, vegetable patties after cooking often become a constant dish in the family. A real lifesaver in terms of economy, which is important for many. Delicious and healthy, easy-to-cook vegetable cutlets will be subject to certain tricks.

  • To prevent vegetable cutlets from falling apart during frying, an egg is added to them. However, this is not enough. It is important to mix the stuffing very well. And cutlets form with wet hands, well squeezing the pieces of stuffing.
  • If you need a ruddy crust, be sure to roll the patties in semolina or breadcrumbs.
  • In order for the cutlets not to be saturated with excess butter when frying, it should be well warmed up. However, not beyond measure, otherwise the semolina or flour will burn. To determine the state of the oil there is a simple way. In hot oil you need to throw a tiny pinch of flour. If it sinks, the oil has not warmed up yet. If it smokes - overheating. If the flour hiss and as if foamed, it's time to send the chops to the pan.
  • The less time vegetable patties are made, the more vitamins they contain. In addition, carrots, cabbage, beets are edible raw, so it is better not to fry, than to overdo it in the pan and kill all the beneficial substances of the original vegetables.
  • It is better to make small vegetable patties - it is more convenient to turn them over in a pan, and the probability of breaking will be less.
  • Sour cream sauce and greens are a great addition to any vegetable cutlets. You can use various other sauces, seasonings.
  • Almost all vegetable patties can be eaten both hot and cold. They do not contain fat, so when cooling they do not have unpleasant greasiness.

Bon appetit!

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