Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.

Biscuit cake - general principles and methods of cooking

The main advantage of biscuit cakes is that they do not need to be baked. In addition, for their preparation usually need simple products that are always at hand. This cake can be cooked with the child, then both of you will enjoy not only a tasty dish, but also fun communication. Another delight of biscuit cake is that it is very difficult to spoil it. No need to worry that it will not rise or burn. And at the same time, these cakes are distinguished by their excellent taste and appearance.

Cakes from cookies can be made in different variations, experimenting with creams and fillings, and even a cake made according to the same recipe, but from another cookie, can have a completely different taste. For this, such cakes are also popular with cooks, both experienced and taking their first steps in “tasty” art.

Biscuit Cakes - Food Preparation

As the name implies, the main component of this cake is cookies. If we are preparing a cake, putting the whole cookie in layers, then it should be dipped in milk or sweet coffee (according to the recipe). If the cake is prepared from chopped cookies, then it is easiest to pass through a meat grinder.

If the filling of the cake is prepared from the curd, then it is better not to squeeze it extra. Then the filling will be more delicate, and the excess liquid from it will absorb the cookies.

Cookie Cakes - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Banana Cookie Cake

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.


Very tasty cake! The combination of sour cream and bananas makes it taste delicate, and its preparation takes so little time that you can make it every day and serve it as a dessert or for breakfast for kids.


1 kg of non-salty crackers;

4 large bananas;

1 l of sour cream;

0.5 kg of sugar;

100 gr. chocolate

Cooking method:

1. Whip sour cream with sugar. Bananas cut into thin circles. 2. Put crackers on the dish, top them with sour cream and place a banana circle on each cookie. Then - again a layer of cracker, sour cream, banana. When laying layers, one should observe the chess order, that is, put a banana on the cracker, a cracker on the banana, and so on. The last layer should be from crackers, covered with sour cream.

3. Having decorated our cake with grated chocolate and crushed cracker, leave it for several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

Recipe 2: Biscuit Cake on Custard

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.


This cooking cake is a bit more complicated than the previous one. However, when you try it, you will not regret choosing this recipe, because the delicate custard and nuts make it taste just unmatched.


300 gr. cookies;

300 gr. oils;

300 gr. Sahara;

1 egg;

300 gr. milk;

1 tsp. potato flour;

2 glasses of peeled nuts;

to taste vanilla.

Cooking method:

1. Dilute the flour in half a glass of warm milk and pour this mixture into a saucepan with a glass of milk brought to a boil. Cook until thick, stirring, then cool.

2. Pound the butter with sugar and eggs, mix everything with the cooled flour mass and vanilla.

3. Grind cookies in a meat grinder, chop nuts, and pour everything into the resulting cream and mix well.

4. We lay out the form with oiled paper and lay out the resulting mass in it, level it with a knife and put it in the refrigerator for several hours. Then, removing the cake from the mold and removing the paper from it, decorate it with halves of nuts and chopped cookies.

Recipe 3: Cake without baking with fruit

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.


This cake is very popular in the summer, as it is light, delicate and very beautiful. Moreover, the fruit for its preparation can be chosen according to your taste.


700 gr. tender cracker;

0.5 l. sour cream 25%;

25 gr. gelatin;

200 gr. Sahara;

3 bananas;

3 oranges;

3 Kiwis;

2 large apples;

according to taste and possibilities - berries.

Cooking method:

1. Fill gelatin with water and prepare it according to the instructions on the package. Fruit clean and cut into small pieces, do not forget to leave to decorate for 1 fruit. Wash berries and dry them with paper towels. 2. Mix sour cream with sugar, fruit and dissolved gelatin, mix well.

3. Dip each biscuit into the resulting mass and spread on the dish in the form of a cake, pour the remaining mass of sour cream with fruit on top.

4. Cut the left fruit into thin slices and cover the surface of the cake with the berries, which then leave for a few hours in a cool place to soak.

Recipe 4: Cookie Cake with Curd Cream

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.


This cake - salvation for those mothers whose kids do not like cottage cheese, which is so necessary for their growing body. They will eat it and even ask for supplements, because it always turns out very tasty, thanks to a delicate combination of cottage cheese and banana.


400 gr. cottage cheese;

200 gr. condensed milk;

1 tsp. cocoa (with a slide);

2/3 cup of milk;

30 pieces cookies;

1 banana;


candied fruits and pine nuts (for decoration).

Cooking method:

1. Mix in a bowl until homogeneous half of the curd with half of condensed milk and vanilla.

2. In another bowl, mix the second half of the curd with the remaining condensed milk and cocoa, mix thoroughly.

3. Pour the milk into a flat plate. Dipping cookies in milk, spread it on a dish, spread it on top with cottage cheese and vanilla mass, smooth it. Then, dipping the next batch of biscuits in milk, spread it on top and coat with curd-chocolate mass. From above we lay out the banana cut on circles, we smear all curd and chocolate weight. Then we repeat all the layers so that the final layer is a biscuit covered with curd and vanilla mass.

4. Having decorated our cake with multi-colored candied fruit and pine nuts, we put its fridge so that it will soak for several hours.

Recipe 5: Coffee Flavor Cake

Cookie cakes are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to make a cake from cookies.

Coffee lovers will definitely appreciate this cake. It will charge you with energy for the whole day, and it is not at all difficult to cook it.


4 eggs;

200 gr. Sahara;

200 gr. butter;

0.5 kg of cookies;

1 glass of strong coffee; 2 tbsp. l cocoa powder;

10 gr. vanilla sugar;

100 gr. chocolate

Cooking method:

1. After mixing the eggs with sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar, we warm everything up in a water bath until thick. After cooling, the resulting mixture and, adding to it the softened butter, whisk until a homogeneous mass.

2. After smearing the butter form, we put layers of biscuit in it, pre-dipping it in the prepared coffee. We coat each layer with the obtained cream. When all layers are laid, put the cake in the fridge so that it is soaked for several hours.

3. Taking the cake out of the fridge, carefully turn over the shape and decorate our product with grated chocolate.

Biscuit cakes - useful tips from experienced chefs

Soaking biscuits in milk before laying in layers, do not overdo it, letting the cookies soak them! Otherwise you will not be able to lay it beautifully on the dish. The optimal time for keeping cookies in milk can be considered no more than 20 seconds. For placing soaked biscuits on a dish is best to use a thin spatula.

When making a biscuit cake, it is better to cover the dish with a piece of thin oiled parchment paper, so that later the cake could be easier to cut into portions.

It is better to set the dish on which the biscuit is pre-soaked in milk, slightly sloping, so that excess milk is removed.

Do not neglect the advice to give the finished cake to infuse in the refrigerator. This is necessary so that the cookies are well soaked with cream and the taste of the product becomes more saturated.

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