A cake without baking cookies and condensed milk - in minutes! How to make a cake from cookies and condensed milk without baking

A cake without baking cookies and condensed milk - in minutes! How to make a cake from cookies and condensed milk without baking

Cakes of biscuits and condensed milk that do not require baking are a great option for tasty treats for both the festive and everyday tables. All the ingredients are available, but it takes very little time and effort to prepare, and the cake is very tasty and juicy.

Cake without baking cookies and condensed milk

Cookies for making a cake will suit any, with the exception of perhaps a puff, sweet. The main thing is that it was crumbly. The shape of the biscuits should be chosen based on what kind of cake you will be cooking: if in the shape of a real cake, it is better to purchase square or rectangular cookies, if in the form of a hill, ruins, then any will do, they will still have to be chopped. You can also use all kinds of crackers: in the form of fish, animals, etc.

Also mandatory component is condensed milk, which can be, as usual, or boiled, with the addition of coffee or cocoa. Even in the cake add butter, nuts, honey, vanilla, sour cream, cream and other ingredients as desired.

Typically, such a cake does not require a thickener, condensed milk perfectly keeps its shape, being a binder.

Collect cakes from cookies in different variations, imitating cakes or pouring prepared mass into various forms, or laying out in the form of a hill. Before serving, the product should be kept in the refrigerator. Well, if the cake was cooked half a day before the upcoming event.

So, all you need to get a large amount of delicious pleasure is to buy cookies, condensed milk, see what else is in the refrigerator, and 20-30 minutes of free time. Let's start?

1. Cake without baking cookies and condensed milk: a simple recipe


• 350 grams of shortbread;

• 150 grams of thawed butter;

• bank (320 grams) condensed milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the oil from the freezer in advance, leaving it on the table at room temperature until softened. If there is no time, just warm up in the microwave for 2 minutes. 2. Mix the butter with condensed milk, knead the mass with a fork, then beat with a mixer until smooth.

3. We turn cookies into a crumb in any convenient way: manually breaking or rolling a rolling pin.

4. Put the crushed biscuits in butter mass, mix.

5. We form a cake of any shape from the “dough”, put it in the fridge for an hour.

6. The finished cake can be decorated with any ingredients available at home, thus giving the dessert a finished look: icing, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, coconut chips, small candies or candied fruits.

2. Cake without baking cookies and condensed milk with nuts


• a pound of biscuits;

• a glass of peanuts;

• a pack of butter;

• 150 ml high fat cream;

• 300 grams of boiled condensed milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Cookies grind a large crumb. You can use a blender, of course, but thanks to large pieces the cake will be both tastier and more beautiful.

2. Put the peanuts in a dry frying pan. Stir fry. Cool, clean from the husk.

3. Mix in a deep bowl roasted nuts and chopped cookies.

4. Separately mix the softened butter with condensed milk.

5. Pour into the condensed mass of cream, whip the cream until smooth.

6. Pour cream to the cookies, mix thoroughly, so that all the ingredients are thoroughly soaked.

7. Cover the salad bowl or any other container with a film, transfer the resulting mass to it. Leveling.

8. We remove the cake for the night in the fridge.

9. In the morning, remove the finished product and gently turn it over on a tray or flat plate, remove the film.

10. Decorate the surface of the finished cake to your liking.

3. Cake without baking cookies and condensed milk “Anthill”


• 450 grams of cookies (preferably sand);

• 280 grams of condensed milk;

• 2 tbsp. l milk;

• 50 grams of poppy;

• 50 grams of walnut kernels;

• 45 grams of butter;

• a handful of dark raisins;

• 60 grams of honey; • lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Break open biscuits with a crumb.

2. Pour the poppy in a small bowl, pour 100 ml of hot water, leave for an hour to swell. After the water is drained, and the swollen poppy is ground in a blender.

3. Mix poppy puree with milk and honey. Pour the mixture into the pan, bring to a boil, then boil over low heat for 6-7 minutes.

4. Pre-soaked and dried raisins spread in the poppy mass, mix.

5. Here we also put chopped lemon zest and finely broken walnuts. Thoroughly mix everything and set aside to complete cooling.

6. While the mass is getting cold, spread the condensed milk into another container, add the soft butter, cut into pieces. Beat the mass with a blender until it becomes homogeneous, without a single grain or lump.

7. Add the juice of half a lemon to the cream, beat the mass again.

8. Mix previously prepared cookies with condensed cream and a mixture of milk, nuts, zest, honey, raisins and poppy seeds.

9. Putting the resulting mass on a flat plate with a spoon.

10. Cool the cake in the fridge, decorate it.

4. Cake without baking cookies “Fish” and condensed milk


• 500 grams of fish cookies;

• 140 g butter;

• a glass of walnuts;

• 400 g of condensed milk (boiled);

• two bananas.

Cooking Method:

1. Soften the butter, cut into chunks, spread in a bowl.

2. Add boiled condensed milk and thoroughly whisk the mass so that the consistency of the cream is gentle and uniform.

3. Spread the nuts in a dry frying pan, fry until the characteristic smell. Cool, break into small pieces, but not into powder.

4. Put the nuts in the prepared cream, mix.

5. Add the diced bananas, mix again.

6. Lastly, pour into the mass of fish (preferably, they are not salty). Gently mix everything with a spoon, trying not to break the cookies. 7. Shift the mass with a slush on the dish, remove for two or three hours in the fridge.

8. Decorate the finished cake with powdered or grated chocolate.

5. Coffee cake without baking cookies and condensed milk


• 4 eggs;

• 550 grams of cookies;

• 270 grams of condensed milk;

• 210 grams of butter;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 60 grams of cocoa powder;

• 1 tsp. vanilla;

• 100 grams of dark chocolate;

• powdered sugar;

• 200 ml brewed strong coffee.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix eggs with cocoa and sugar, vanilla, put the mass on the steam bath, bring the cream to a thickening, while constantly stirring, so that it does not burn.

2. Cool the cream and mix it with soft butter and boiled condensed milk. Beat the mass in a blender until smooth.

3. We lubricate the prepared cake mold with butter and begin to construct a cake.

4. Dip each cookie in coffee, lay out the first row.

5. Lubricate the layer of prepared cream.

6. Again, cookies, dipped in coffee, and after the cream.

7. Make another row and put the cake in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

8. Chocolate melt, cool. Fill them with a cake.

9. Top of the product sprinkled with powdered sugar.

6. Banana cake without baking cookies and condensed milk


• four large ripe bananas;

• 600 grams of sour cream;

• 400 grams of condensed milk;

• kilogram of cracker (without salt);

• a pound of sugar;

• 100 grams of milk chocolate.

Cooking Method:

1. Sour cream whipped with sugar to the pomp. Add condensed milk and whisk again.

2. Peel bananas and cut into thin rounds.

3. We lay out the crackers on the tray, adjusting the area of ​​the cake at will.

4. Lubricate the crackers with cream-thickened cream, spread banana mugs on top of each cracker.

5. Put the cookies, cream, bananas again until the ingredients run out, and the condensed milk must be the last layer.

6. Decorate the finished cake with chocolate and grated on a fine grater, remove for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.

Cake without baking cookies and condensed milk - tips and tricks

• Any biscuits are suitable for making a cake, but the cake made from shortbread and crackers is especially tasty and interesting.

• To prevent the finished cake from crumbled, cover it with oiled baking paper before placing it in a cold place.

• You can slightly change any of the presented recipes by adding new flavors to the cake: put raisins, candied fruits, nuts, pieces of fruit into the “dough”.

• If the recipe requires pre-dipping the biscuits in milk, coffee, then watch the time, do not overreact the base of the cake in the liquid, otherwise the cookies will soften and it will not be possible to put it properly.

• After making the cake, make sure the cake is in the fridge for at least one hour, so the cookies are well soaked in condensed milk cream and other ingredients and the cake will be especially tasty and juicy.

• From the available ingredients you can make not only a big and tasty cake, but also portion cakes. In addition, you can make a variety of figures from a slightly settled mass and dip them, for example, in the icing, making a kind of dessert.

• The appearance of the finished cake may seem to someone not very presentable, but the situation is easy to fix by decorating products with all sorts of sprinkles, fruits, berries, frosting, nuts, etc.

• If you didn’t have anything to decorate the cake at hand, just crush the remaining biscuits into small pieces and sprinkle them on the top and sides of the cake.

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