How to cook condensed milk at home: the best ways, tips and tricks. Recipes using homemade boiled condensed milk

How to cook condensed milk at home: the best ways, tips and tricks. Recipes using homemade boiled condensed milk

Condensed milk is a delicious delicacy, an appetizing dessert that has been known to many since childhood, which is an essential ingredient in the preparation of many confectionery and dishes.

With condensed milk you can fill pancakes, pancakes, buns and donuts, create sweet dishes such as cakes, rolls, cakes, or just taste this sweetness, which is a great addition to tea or coffee, using it as a cream base.

Of course, you can buy milk in the store, which would seem to be made much easier than thinking about how to cook condensed milk at home on your own. But this is not so easy - it does not mean tasty!

Why cook condensed milk at home

You can identify several reasons why it is best to cook condensed milk at home:

• For the manufacture of condensed milk on a large scale in industrial production it is possible to use various thickeners, aromatic and flavor additives, components that are contraindicated for small children, and just people who care about their health.

• In addition, homes for the production of condensed milk products are selected, the freshest and highest quality, with the possible addition of additional ingredients, for example - chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and other components.

• So that condensed milk cooked at home is not only a delicious dessert, but also a very nutritious and healthy food.

Arguments in favor of the production of condensed milk at home abound, it remains only to learn correctly, according to the selected recipes tasty and quickly cook and cook it.

How to cook condensed milk at home: general principles

It is rather easy to prepare condensed milk at home, an appetite-causing delicacy is in no way comparable to a store product.

The components necessary for making condensed milk at home are natural, this is milk, granulated sugar, butter. Since condensed milk sold in the store is an expensive product, and it is not always very good taste and quality to make it at home is very advisable. General principles of cooking condensed delicacy:

• Cooking time for condensed milk does not take much time from 10 to 20 minutes. Depending on the purpose of making condensed milk, time is also built. For example, condensed milk for a cream on a cake needs to be cooked a little longer, in order to obtain greater product density, and further convenience for lubricating the cake layers of a future confectionery product.

• It is better to take a high saucepan for making condensed milk - this must be done to facilitate the process of mixing the components and preventing their splashing.

• Also, when cooking condensed milk, it is better not to add sugar, but powder made from it.

• If during the preparation of this delicacy, the grains of added sugar in the existing consistency were not completely dissolved, then the mass can be brought to homogeneous state with the help of a blender.

• When cooked condensed milk subsides, it must be removed in the refrigerator - to acquire the desired consistency.

How to boil condensed milk at home in a slow cooker

Homemade condensed milk, cooked in a slow cooker, can be of different consistency and have a variety of shades from bright white, cream-colored to caramel. Probably, the color of condensed milk depends on the time of its preparation or the ingredients that make up the delicacy.


• Milk (whole, full) - 200 ml.

• Powdered milk (whole) - 200 gr.

• Granulated sugar - 200 gr.

Cooking Method:

It is necessary to pour sugar, milk powder into the bowl of the multicooker. Next you need both components to mix thoroughly. Then it is necessary to add milk to the available ingredients and mix everything again using a whisk or a blender, until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Next, you need to install the bowl in the slow cooker and, without closing it with a lid, turn on the “Soup” mode on it.

During and after boiling the mixture, it must be constantly stirred in order to avoid burning.

After boiling condensed milk, the slow cooker needs to be reset to baking mode. The preparation time of condensed milk directly depends on the consistency of milk that is needed in terms of thickness. The longer the condensed milk is boiled, the thicker it becomes. On average, you need to cook condensed milk no more and not less than 15 minutes. It is important not to forget to mix the treat to avoid further damage to the product.

After you need to cool the condensed milk, pour into a glass blender and beat well.

Condensed milk turns out very tasty, tender and rather high-calorie, which means nutritious.

How to cook condensed milk at home and recipes using it

There are a lot of ways and recipes for cooking condensed milk at home, and it does not take much time from those who like cooking and sweets.

Recipe 1. How to boil condensed milk at home - the “Classic” cooking method


• Milk - 300 ml.

• Sugar powder - 300 gr.

• Butter - 30 gr.

Cooking Method:

In the pan you need to pour the milk and add to it powdered sugar and butter. Further, all the components using a blender must be mixed and set the pan with the available ingredients on the fire.

Constantly interfering with the resulting mass, we continue its cooking for another 10-15 minutes until a slightly weeping consistency. The resulting condensed milk should be cooled and served at the table for tea drinking.

Recipe 2. How to boil condensed milk at home - “Long-term storage product”

Condensed milk prepared in this way may be stored for a long time and not deteriorate.


• Milk (fresh) - 1.5 liters.

• Granulated sugar 0.5 kg.

• Soda - 1/3 tsp.

Cooking Method:

In a deep bowl you need to pour in the milk, add sugar and add the required amount of soda.

Then all the components must be thoroughly mixed and put on a slow fire for further cooking.

In the process of cooking the existing mass must constantly stir. Condensed milk will first be white, well, and then when it darkens and acquires a brown tint, you will need to remove the bowl of delicacy from the heat and let the prepared product subtly.

After condensed milk you need to pour into jars and roll up.

Important! Soda in this case will make the available mass uniform and suitable for rolling.

You can make a lot of the most incredible and tasty dishes from homemade condensed milk, here are just a few of them:

Cake cream from home-made condensed milk


• Butter (butter) - 180 gr.

• Condensed milk - 180 gr.

• Nuts (walnuts) - a glass.

• Cocoa - 30 gr.

• Vanillin.

Cooking Method:

In the softened butter, you need to pour condensed milk and using a blender, beat well, until a homogeneous and airy mass is obtained. Then add cocoa to the existing ingredients, and again beat the whole together until smooth.

Then to the resulting cream you need to add chopped nuts and mix all the components together again.

Prepare the finished cupcake with condensed milk cream, put the product in the fridge for a while, and then start drinking tea with a home-cooked masterpiece.

Cake made in a mug with homemade condensed milk


• Condensed milk - 200 ml.

• Egg - 1 pc.

• Flour - 120 gr.

• Sugar - 100 gr.

• Butter (creamy + vegetable).

• Milk.

• Cocoa - 30 gr.

Cooking Method:

It is necessary to put sifted flour, cocoa, granulated sugar, egg in a large mug - whip all the components until a homogeneous mass.

Then pour milk into the mug, add both types of butter and once again mix all the ingredients thoroughly and beat.

Then the mug must be removed microwave oven and at high power for a few minutes to bake a miniature cake.

Ready cake should be poured over homemade condensed milk and serve.

Having created condensed milk at home, you can not only save money, but also protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful components that make up this product sold on the shelves of stores and supermarkets.

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