Waffle cake with condensed milk is a quick treat for sweet teeth. Recipes waffle cake with condensed milk and other fillers

Waffle cake with condensed milk is a quick treat for sweet teeth. Recipes waffle cake with condensed milk and other fillers

Waffle cake with condensed milk is the simplest dessert that can be prepared quickly. To do this you need the most simple products. But despite this, the cake turns out very tasty.

Waffle cake with condensed milk - the basic principles of cooking

This dessert is made from wafer sheets, which are sandwiched with various fillings. Cake can also be made from homemade waffles.

It will take a few minutes to prepare the dish, but it takes two to three hours for it to soak properly.

Cream cake will suit anyone. It can be creamy, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. But the best thing for this is filling with condensed milk. It adds various dried fruits, nuts, berries or fruits.

To make the filling not sugary-sweet, you can add sweet and sour jam or lemon juice.

Condensed milk use ordinary and boiled. It is used as an independent filler, or mixed with cream, soft cottage cheese and sour cream.

If you do not have much time to soak, this process can be accelerated by placing the finished cake, for five minutes in the oven, heated to 130C. But if you used protein or oil cream, you should not do this.

Cake is decorated with chocolate icing, coconut chips, jam, chopped nuts, berries or pieces of fruit.

Recipe 1. Classic wafer cake with condensed milk


eight sheets of waffles;

half a pack of butter;

boiled condensed milk - bank;

100 g of hazelnut;

two vanilla puff waffles.

Method of preparation

1. Leave the oil at room temperature so that it becomes soft. Combine butter with condensed milk and whisk until a smooth smooth mass is obtained.

2. Break the vanilla waffles into pieces, lay out on a plate and rub in a large crumb. Hazelnut grind. Combine wafer crumbs with hazelnuts and mix. 3. We grease the wafer cakes with the obtained cream. Top of the cake and sides abundantly lubricate and sprinkle with a mixture of wafer crumbs and hazelnuts. Leave the cake soak for four hours.

Recipe 2. A simple waffle cake with condensed milk and frosting


seven wafer cakes;

50 g of cocoa powder;

sour cream - half a cup;

can of boiled condensed milk;

sugar - half a cup;

300 g butter;


Method of preparation

1. Condense the condensed milk with soft oil and beat, adding vanillin. It should make a smooth smooth mass.

2. Put the wafer cake on the table surface. Lubricate its surface with cream and cover with the following cake layer. Lightly press down. In this sequence, collect the cake to the end.

3. In a skillet, combine a couple of tablespoons of soft butter with sour cream, cocoa powder and sugar. We mix and send to slow fire. Cook, stirring constantly, until the mass starts to boil. Remove from heat and cool slightly.

4. Pour icing on the cake and leave it to soak for several hours in the fridge.

Recipe 3. Waffle cake with condensed milk and prunes



100 g of sugar;

four eggs;

flour - 350 g;


a pack of butter;

a glass of skimmed milk;

Baking powder - bag.


can of boiled condensed milk;

honey - stl;

150 ml of drinking water;

100 g of prunes;

a glass of sour cream.


three puff waffles.

Method of preparation

1. In a deep bowl, combine the sour cream with eggs and butter. All beat until homogeneous. Gradually add flour and vanilla. At the end add baking powder. Beat until a smooth, smooth dough is obtained, the consistency of homemade sour cream.

2. Grease the waffle iron with oil and warm it on the hob. Pour a little dough into it and bake three batches of waffles. Cool it down.

3. Prune out and rinse. Slice the dried fruit into strips. Put in an iron bowl, add honey, slightly boil and smash in a blender in mashed potatoes. 4. Combine condensed milk with fat sour cream and prune puree. Whisk everything until smooth.

5. Lush waffles grease cream and lay out a stack. Grease the surface of the cake with cream.

6. Grind waffles with filling into crumb, and sprinkle the cake with them. Decorate with prunes. Put the cake in the fridge for four hours so that it is soaked.

Recipe 4. Waffle cake with condensed milk and jam


eight wafer cakes;

strawberry jam - a glass;

boiled condensed milk - can;

a pack of butter;


Method of preparation

1. Remove the oil from the refrigerator and leave it to become soft. Put it in a bowl, add boiled condensed milk, vanillin and whip.

2. Distribute the cream evenly over the entire surface of the cake, cover with the second, and lightly press it with your hand. We grease it with strawberry jam. In this sequence, we collect the entire cake, alternating the fillings.

3. Cake can be decorated with strawberries. Put the dessert in the fridge for impregnation. After a few hours, slice the cake and serve with drinks.

Recipe 5. Honey waffle cake with condensed milk and cottage cheese



350 g of flour;

eggs - three pcs .;


half a cup of sugar;

baking powder bag;

a glass of skimmed milk;

butter - pack.


cream liqueur - 20 ml;

boiled condensed milk - can;

30 grams of walnuts;

cottage cheese - 200 g;

50 g yellow raisins;

honey - 50 g


three honey cakes;

50 g butter;

large raisins;

100 g of boiled condensed milk;

walnut halves.

Method of preparation

1. Combine the milk with sour cream, eggs, sugar, and beat until frothy. Gradually sift flour and vanilla into the mixture. Knead the thick dough, which will drain from the spoon. At the end add baking powder.

2. We bake cakes in a waffle iron. Cool them.

3. Take a small piece of butter and beat well, adding a portion of condensed milk to it. 4. Cottage cheese combine with the remaining butter and condensed milk. Add flavor, honey and cream liqueur. Whip the cream until smooth. In the finished cream, add yellow raisins, pre-raspariv, and finely chopped nuts.

5. Straighten wafer cakes with cottage cheese and caramel cream and collect the cake. We coat it with condensed milk with butter and sprinkle with gingerbread crumbs. We decorate large raisins and walnut halves. Send dessert to the fridge for five hours.

Recipe 6. Waffle cake with condensed milk and bananas


eight wafer cakes;

30 grams of sugar;

can of condensed boiled milk;

30 g of cocoa powder;

a quarter pack of butter;

three bananas.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the peel from the bananas and cut them into equal-sized circles.

2. Grease the wafer sheets with boiled condensed milk and lay out banana mugs. We cover with the second sheet and continue in this order to collect the cake.

3. A piece of soft butter combine with sugar and cocoa. We put on a small fire and boil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Cover the surface of the cake with warm glaze and send it to the fridge for a few hours.

Recipe 7. Waffle cake with condensed milk, fruits and berries


two packs of wafer cakes;

350 g butter;

can of boiled condensed milk;

120 g of walnuts;

a bank of ordinary condensed milk

a bag of vanilla sugar;

200 g fresh or frozen blackcurrant;


two ripe bananas.

Method of preparation

1. Take half a pack of soft butter, add to it two types of condensed milk and vanilla sugar. Mixer beat everything in a homogeneous mass.

2. Remove the peel from the banana. Cut the fruit into thin circles. Orange cleaned from the skin and white film. We disassemble it into slices. Finely chop the walnuts.

3. Put the wafer sheet on the dish, lubricate it with condensed milk cream. We cover with the second sheet, it also we grease with cream and we spread banana circles. The next layer is done with oranges. Then make a layer with nuts. The next layer with black currants. We collect the cake in such a sequence. 4. Top and sides of the cake grease cream and decorate with nuts and berries of black currant. Soak the cake for several hours. Cut and serve with hot or cold drinks.

Recipe 8. Waffle cake with condensed milk and cream


150 g 30% cream;

50 g chocolate;

100 g of condensed milk;

wafer cake packaging;

50 g of powdered sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Cream pour into the bowl of the mixer, add powdered sugar and beat in dense foam. Pour condensed milk into whipped cream and beat for some time.

2. Put the wafer cake on a dish and grease it with butter cream and condensed milk. Cover with the second cake. It also lubricates. In this sequence, collect the cake.

3. Put the cake in the fridge for at least three hours. Then we decorate with grated chocolate and serve it to the table, cut it in portions.

Waffle cake with condensed milk - tips and tricks

The cream for the cake should not be too liquid, so that the cakes are not soaked, but it is soaked.

If you use butter cream, leave the cake to soak at room temperature.

Homemade cake waffle cake requires more time to soak.

You can decorate a waffle cake with martsepan, icing, grated chocolate, etc.

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