Three-layer cake "Fairy Tale" with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts - an incredible combination of taste and benefit. The best options for cake "Fairy Tale" three-layer

Three-layer cake

Such a dessert is not only a delicious dessert, but also very healthy. In nuts, nutrients are preserved throughout the year, raisins are a source of vitamin B, and poppy seeds contain carbohydrates.

Three-layer cake "Fairy Tale" with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts - the basic principles of cooking

Cakes for cake are made of their biscuit dough, which is divided into three parts and poppy, raisin and nuts are added to each. This dough is prepared on the basis of egg mass. To do this, proteins are separated from the yolks. Proteins are whipped with a mixer in a dense foam. The longer they beat, the more bubbles are formed in it, due to which the dough turns out to be airy. Then pour in the sugar and add the yolks one by one, without stopping to shake. The last thing to add is flour, always sifting it before it. Gently mix with a spatula, in the same direction as they whipped. Do not add too much flour, otherwise it will clog the dough and the biscuit will not turn out tender.

The dough is divided into three equal parts. Add poppy to one, bake the second with raisins and put nuts in the third. Cakes are baked and cooled on a lattice.

If you are afraid that the dough will settle, while the first cakes will be baked, you can prepare the dough separately for each.

Fillers, before adding to the dough, prepare. Nuts are roasted in a dry frying pan and crushed, raisins and poppy steamed and dried. Then the fillers are mixed with flour and only then injected into the dough.

The cream can be any. It all depends on your preferences and fantasy. Especially delicious cake is obtained with cream, custard or sour cream.

Recipe 1. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts with sour cream


On one cake

baking powder;

flour - 100 g;

one egg;

fine sugar - 100 g;

100 ml sour cream fat.


granulated sugar;

fat sour cream.


raisins - 0.5 tbsp .;

crushed walnuts - half a cup;

poppy - 0.5 tbsp.

Method of preparation 1. In a deep bowl, combine sour cream with egg and sugar. Mix well with a spoon.

2. Sift flour with baking powder. In small portions, add flour to the liquid ingredients and knead the dough without lumps.

3. Into the dough, add poppy seeds and mix. Transfer it into a mold, brushing it, and bake until golden brown at 200C.

4. For the other two cakes, cook the dough on the same principle, only in one add the pre-steamed and dried raisins, and the second chopped nuts.

5. Cool the finished cakes on the grid. Combine sugar with sour cream, and whisk with a mixer until fluffy.

6. Lay the cakes on one another, missed each cream. Leave the cake to soak for two hours. Then slice it and serve with coffee, compote or cocoa.

Recipe 2. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts without baking


four yolks;

50 g poppy;

raisins - 120 g;

two eggs;

square shortbread cookies - 900 g;

fig jam - half a cup;

200 g of sugar;

a pack of butter;

roasted cashews - 150 g;

homemade milk - 1.5 tbsp .;

flour - 75 g;

a bag of vanilla.

Method of preparation

1. Mix the sugar and flour.

2. Beat eggs until foam appears. Pour the milk in a thin stream without stopping to beat. Then gradually add the dry mixture and beat until there is not a lump left.

3. Boil the mixture over low heat, stirring continuously, until thick. Cream cool. Add butter and vanilla. Beat for five minutes, gradually increasing the speed.

4. Chop the nuts and add them with the poppy seeds to the cream. Mix.

5. Put the cookies in a single layer on the dish. Brush it with custard, stepping two centimeters from the edge. Post another layer of cookies. Brush it with fig jam mixed with raisins. Each following layer of cookies should be slightly smaller to make a pyramid-shaped cake.

6. Smear the sides of the cake with custard cream and put a geometric pattern in with fig jam. Hold the cake for 12 hours.

Recipe 3. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts with butter cream


three eggs;

can of boiled condensed milk;

175 grams of butter;

200 ml of heavy cream;

300 g of cane sugar;

one and a half century sour cream;

half a cup of hazelnut nuts;

one and a half century flour;

poppy and raisins - half of Art.

Method of preparation

1. Mack soaked in warm sugar syrup. Then fry in a dry pan.

2. Wash the raisins and pour boiling water over it. Leave for a quarter of an hour. Merge the infusion, and dry the raisins on a napkin.

3. Cooking 1st cake. We take one egg and add to it half a glass of sour cream, flour and sugar. Put some baking soda and chopped nuts. Knead homogeneous dough without lumps.

4. For the second cake, take the same ingredients, but instead add nuts raisins.

5. We prepare the third cake according to the same principle, only add the poppy to the dough.

6. Bake each cake in a round shape. Pre-lubricating it. The oven temperature should be 200 degrees. Cook for 20 minutes.

7. Whip cream with a mixer until a stable foam and add softened butter and condensed milk. Beat until thick creamy mass.

8. Cakes are laid, richly greasing each cream, in this order: nutty cake, poppy seed and raisin. We decorate the cake with colored coconut chips or grated chocolate.

Recipe 4. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, nuts and raisins with custard


300 g of cane sugar;

300 ml sour cream;

100 g poppy;


flour - 300 g;

3 chicken eggs;

hydrated soda;

nuts and raisins - half a glass.


two eggs;

half a pack of butter;

homemade milk - 230 ml;

granulated sugar - 75 g;

2 tbsp. spoons of wheat flour.

Method of preparation

1. We take three small bowls and lay them in an egg, a pinch of salt and slaked soda, as well as one hundred grams of wheat flour, sour cream and sugar. Knead thick dough without lumps.

2. Pour poppy seeds into the first bowl, add chopped nuts to the second bowl, and steamed and dried raisins into the third bowl. Mix well and bake three cakes at 180 ° C. Half an hour for each cake. Ready cakes cool. 3. Two eggs shaken with sugar, flour and three spoons of milk. Pour a glass of milk into a saucepan, heat it over low heat and inject in a thin stream, stirring constantly, the egg mixture. Cook the cream until thick. At the end, put the butter and shake with a mixer to obtain an air cream.

4. Cakes are laid one on another. Lubricate the custard every cake.

Recipe 5. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts in a slow cooker


soda - 7 g;

1.5 Art. sugar sand;

100 g poppy;

3 eggs;

one and a half century wheat flour;

100 g raisins;

1.5 Art. sour cream 20%;

100 g of nuts any.


can of condensed milk;

a pack of butter;

2 tbsp. cocoa.

Method of preparation

1. Washed raisins pour boiling water. Steam for ten minutes. Then pour the infusion, and dry the raisins on a napkin. Poppy pour hot water and leave to swell. Chop the nuts.

2. For the first cake in a bowl, drive an egg. To him add half a glass of sugar and sour cream. Stir, put a little soda and gradually sprinkle half a cup of flour, knead the dough without lumps. Add steamed poppy to the dough and mix until smooth.

3. Lubricate the multicooker bowl with oil inside. Put the dough in it and cook in “baking” mode for 20 minutes. Then turn over using a steamer and bake for another three minutes in the same mode.

4. Knead the dough for the second cake, using the same ingredients in the same amount, only instead of poppy seeds add chopped nuts.

5. Knead dough for the third cake with raisins. Bake the remaining cakes in the same way as the first.

6. Soft butter, beat with condensed milk. At the end add cocoa.

7. Assemble the cake, greasing warm cakes with cream.

Recipe 6. Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts with butter cream


For one cake

granulated sugar - 200 g;

baking soda;

a glass of wheat flour;

one egg;

250 g sour cream.


raisins - 200 g;

50 g cinnamon;

walnuts - 200 g;

200 g poppy.


condensed milk - two banks;

300 g butter. Method of preparation

1. It is necessary to bake three cake layers. Egg whisk whisk with sugar. In sour cream add a little soda, thereby extinguishing it. Combine sour cream with egg mass. Pour the sifted flour gradually and knead until smooth. Continue whisking. For this recipe, make the dough for the remaining cakes.

2. Wash the raisins and soak for ten minutes in boiling water. Then drain the broth, and the raisins to clear of tails and dry on a paper napkin.

3. In the dough for the first cake add the dried raisins and mix.

4. Put cinnamon and chopped nuts in the second batch.

5. In the dough for the third cake pour poppy.

6. Cover the form with parchment, brush it, put the dough for one cake and bake for half an hour at 180 degrees. According to this principle, bake all three cakes.

7. Cream butter whip until smooth, pour a thin stream of condensed milk and continue to beat until a smooth, uniform consistency.

8. Cool the cakes. Cut off the tip with a sharp knife.

9. On each cake lay out the cream, flatten and collect them in a pile. Smear the sides and top of the cake with cream.

10. Trim dry and chop into crumb. Sprinkle the whole cake with the obtained crumb and decorate to your taste.

Three-layer cake “Fairy Tale” with poppy seeds, raisins and nuts - tips and tricks

To make the poppy soft, soak it in boiling water for half an hour.

It is advisable to knead the dough immediately before baking so that it does not have time to settle.

In the baking process, do not open the oven door, otherwise the biscuit will settle.

Eggs will be easier to beat, if they are pre-cool properly.

Nuts as a filler can use any: walnuts, peanuts, cashews, wood or almonds

So that the nuts do not get bitter, they are fried and cleaned with a thin film.

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