The wafer cake cake is simple and tasteful! Fast wafer cake cakes with various creams

The wafer cake cake is simple and tasteful! Fast wafer cake cakes with various creams

Delicate, crunchy waffle cakes - what better way to make a quick dessert. Almost any non-liquid cream is suitable for them, and the fatter - the better! We will not limit ourselves only to the classics in the form of boiled condensed milk, fruits and berries will be used, and we will choose the cream at our discretion.

Wafer Cake Cake - General Cooking Principles

• You can use both multicolored and light wafer cakes. Multi-colored blanks do not have a distinctive taste and only diversify the finished dessert. Before peeling such cakes, immediately after unpacking, pay special attention to their color and smell. Billets should be uniformly colored and, do not have the rancid smell of old oil. If any part of the wafer is broken, they can still be used by placing it in the middle.

• It is preferable to coat soft waffles with thick cream containing butter. Especially popular for the impregnation of such cakes are creams with condensed milk. The use of thick curd cream allows you to cook cakes with fresh berries. It sounds unusual, but you can cook and fast, universal favorite "Napoleon". Special impregnation and interlaying with galetny cookies creates a lamination effect.

• The peculiarity of such cakes in quick preparation and that they do not need additional time for soaking.

Wafer Cake Cake - “Quick Napoleon”

Waffle “Napoleon” is prepared in minutes, and it turns out no worse than the classic version. To prevent waffle blanks from being defrosted, and the structure of the dessert has a characteristic layering, the wafers are laid with unsalted crackers or galetny cookies. For promazyvaniya used boiled condensed milk and sour cream.


• prefabricated wafer - standard 8-sheet packaging;

• 300 gr. boiled whole condensed milk;

• finely chopped nuts - 150 gr .;

• 200 gr. sugar sand;

• a pound of galetny cookies or unsalted crackers;

• 0.5 liters of homemade sour cream;

• vanilla powder - bag.

Cooking Method:

1. First prepare the cream. First of all, beat the thick homemade sour cream with sugar until fluffy, at the end, mix in the vanilla powder. 2. Put on the dish one of the wafer cakes and grease it with boiled condensed milk. Carefully spread the biscuits on it, spread on the top with sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped nuts.

3. Put a second cake on a layer of sour cream mass. Smear it with condensed milk, then put the biscuit, which is smeared with smetannoy mass and sprinkle with nuts.

4. Gradually, in this way, lay out all the layers, last - lightly press it down, and then blot with condensed milk and process with cream. Also coat the sides of the dessert.

5. For decoration, use small crumb of biscuits and finely chopped nuts.

Delicate cottage cheese cake made from wafer shortcakes with prunes

Wafer layers are coated with cottage cheese cream. For the preparation of a lighter dessert, you can take low-fat dairy products. As a filler is used prunes, which can be replaced by candied fruits.


• factory wafer preparations - 1 package;

• 500 gr. fat elastic cottage cheese;

• half a cup of sugar;

• 300 gr. high fat, not less than 30%, sour cream;

• half a spoon of vanilla sugar;

• 200 gr. prune pulp;

• dark chocolate - 50 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Scald prunes with boiling water, then soak in cold water for about 10 minutes, drain in a colander and leave in it until it dries. After that, cut the prunes into a thin, short straw.

2. To make the cream mass not only homogeneous, but also airy, grind the curd on a sieve. Add sugar and sour cream to it, add vanilla and whisk everything with a mixer.

3. On each billet, apply a thin layer of cottage cheese cream and sprinkle it with crushed prunes.

4. Last cake and sides, also smear well with cream, sprinkle a layer of fine chocolate chips.

Recipe for a light wafer cake tart with fresh berries in Italian

Delicious fairly easy dessert of waffles with fresh berries, culinary sophistication of Italian cuisine. Fresh strawberries are drawn in an alcoholic syrup, and waffle cakes, so as not to soak, are smeared with thick curd cream, cooked in butter.


• low-fat cottage cheese - 400 gr .;

• three boiled egg yolks; • half a cup of granulated sugar;

• 150 gr. 72% sweet cream butter;

• one third teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• 400 gr. fresh berries, preferably strawberries or raspberries;

• a tablespoon of three-star brandy;

• packaging wafer blanks.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the strawberries, remove the tails and dry the berries from moisture. Leave the five largest for decoration, and cut the rest into plates, cover with three spoons of sugar and leave. When the juice is poured, pour in the alcohol, mix.

2. To the remaining sugar, add vanilla and carefully grind it with a soft butter. Add the grated curd with the boiled yolks of cottage cheese and mix until a thick, smooth mass is obtained.

3. Collect dessert. Spread a thick layer of cottage cheese on the waffle billet, on top of it lay out the strawberries that are present in the alcoholic syrup and cover it with another billet. So that the new cake does not soften from the berry juice, first apply a thin layer of cottage cheese cream on it and place it on the berries only on this side.

4. Decorate the surface of the cake that was formed and smeared with curd mass with plates of peeled strawberries and place the dessert in the cold for two hours.

Recipe for a simple and quick wafer cake cake with butter cream and condensed milk

To coat wafer blanks, an oil cream based on boiled condensed milk is used. Butter does not give soak cakes and at the same time, well permeates them. To better whipped cream and not stratified, pre-heat the products, putting them out of the refrigerator on the table.


• eight wafer blanks;

• 570 gr. caramelized condensed milk;

• three spoons of brandy;

• condensed, Gostovskoe milk - 3 tbsp. l .;

• A pack of quality oil.

For registration:

• 80 gr. crumbly biscuits;

• A small handful of roasted peanuts.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove all foods from the cold in advance. When brought to the same room temperature, they will not exfoliate when whisking, and the texture of the cream will be more tender.

2. Combine the condensed milk with butter in a deep bowl or bowl of the blender and whisk until smooth and smooth at medium speed. Then add alcohol, “simple” condensed milk and re-beat, but not for long. As soon as the newly added constituents completely disperse in mass, it is possible to stop beating. 3. Grease each waffle cake well with butter cream, then cover with the next layer. When using multi-colored blanks, it is better to alternate them.

4. Smear the sides of the cake and its top with cream.

5. Shortbread, crumbly cookies with nuts, smash into crumb with a blender. The resulting powder make the entire surface of the cake.

Wafer Cake Cake with Classic Custard

Crispy wafer cakes and delicate classic custard with vanilla. Taste reminiscent of ice cream. The cream is brewed in milk with the addition of eggs and flour. So that the blanks do not lose the crunchiness, the cream mass is cooled. If desired, you can put the butter, which will give more creamy taste.


• ready wafer plates - packing, 8 pieces;

• tablespoon flour;

• a spoonful of cornstarch;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• 250 ml of cow's milk;

• two eggs;

• 70 gr. Sahara.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour milk into a thick-walled saucepan, but not all, be sure to leave the third part. Add the vanilla powder and boil on medium heat.

2. Beat one whole egg and yolk from the second with added sugar. Mix the egg mixture with cornstarch and pour into it a third of cold milk, stir.

3. In boiling milk, constantly stirring it with a whisk, in a thin stream enter the egg mass. Continue to boil the cream, stirring regularly, until thickened.

4. Cool the prepared, hot mass to room temperature, covering its surface with a film. Then place in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

5. Before cooling, you can whip the cooled cream with a small amount of sweet cream oil, which you need to soften. This will allow the cream mass to linger on the cake and they will not be wet.

6. Spread the wafer cakes with the cooled cream, forming a cake.

7. Grind chocolate on a grater, and sprinkle the surface and sidewalls with a thin layer of cream onto the chips.

Fragrant wafer cake tart with delicate lemon cream

The texture of lemon cream turns out delicate thanks to butter. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and crushed zest give it a light sour and citrus aroma. Ingredients:

• wafer preparations - 1 package;

• 175 gr. sugar;

• two small lemons;

• six yolks;

• frozen cream - 200 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the butter to room temperature, whisk with sugar. To obtain a more homogeneous mass of sugar can be replaced with powder. Add the yolks and whisk again.

2. Scald the lemons with the boiling water, dry the fruits with a towel and scrape the zest with a small grater. Then cut the citrus in half, squeeze the juice and strain it.

3. Pour the freshly squeezed citrus juice into the cream base, add the lemon zest, stir and place the bowl in the water bath.

4. Continuously stirring, brew lemon cream for ten minutes. Remove thickened cream mass from the heat and cool on the table to room temperature.

5. Lubricate wafer preparations with cooled lemon cream, immediately forming a cake out of them.

6. For decoration, you can make an additional oil cream or cover the surface with a basic cream mass, which can only be lightly sprinkled with citrus peel chopped on a small grater.

Wafer Cake Cake - Technology Tips and Cooking Tips

• To prevent the cream mass from soaking delicate wafers, coat them only with well-cooled or oily creams. Do not add sour cream to the curd mass, it dilutes it.

• If you need to put fresh fruit or berries on the cream layer, be sure to coat the lower part of the next cake, which will come into contact with them, with a thin layer of cream.

• Store waffle cakes only in the refrigerator. The cream layer will harden better and the “crispness” will remain for a longer period.

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