Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home

Belgian waffles are soft or crunchy, with a golden-crispy crust, it is customary to serve as a dessert in many countries around the world. You can serve them with syrup, chocolate or cream sauce, liquid honey or condensed milk, garnished with chocolate chips, fresh berries and fruits. But not everyone knows how to cook Belgian waffles, the recipe for the waffle iron will help to cope with a difficult task.

As a rule, waffles have a crisp outside, and at the same time they remain soft and soft inside. Preparing them at home is a snap, especially if there is a kitchen assistant - electric waffle iron. The recipe for soft Belgian waffles expands the culinary possibilities of any hostess, since there are a lot of recipes for every taste.

Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home

All the necessary ingredients are simple and affordable, and are often found in every housewife, so all you have to do is choose a recipe and start cooking. Crispy Belgian waffles with a recipe for an electric waffle maker will be produced by everyone, if you exactly follow the dosage of the products and the sequence of kneading the dough.

Classic Belgian waffles in an electric waffle-iron:

A classic Belgian waffle recipe is easy to cook at home, for example, it takes about 20 minutes to feed your family a tasty and healthy breakfast.

For cooking you will need:

• 125 gr. butter 82, 5%;

• 2-3 chicken eggs;

• 235 ml. milk normal fat;

• 185 gr. wheat flour;

• 115 gr. fine sugar;

• 1/2 tsp salt;

• A bag of vanilla;

• 1 teaspoon baking powder; • Chocolate sauce and berries for decoration.

Cooking Belgian waffles:

Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home

Half an hour before cooking, get the eggs from the fridge, separate the yolks from the whites. Fine sugar is added to the yolks, and now the mixture must first be ground and then whipped or whipped with a mixer until a fluffy, lightened mass is obtained.

Add salt, vanilla and pour in the milk, continuing to beat the mass until smooth.

The dough recipe for Belgian waffles involves thoroughly sifting flour. Pour the baking powder and flour into the base, and knead the dough, as for making pancakes.

Squirrels need to be whipped separately into a fluffy foam and put them into ready-made dough, in neat and smooth movements, so as not to disturb the air structure.

Let the dough stand for a while and can be baked using an electric waffle machine for approximately 2-4 minutes on each side.

Ready-made waffles are necessarily cooled on a wire rack before serving, put into a plate, where they can be decorated with sauce and fruit.

Belgian waffles on kefir:

Want to pamper your family with a delicious dessert? Prepare Belgian waffles on kefir, the recipe of which is quite simple and does not require much time.

For cooking you will need:

• 100 ml. warm water;

• 7 gr. dry yeast;

• 550 ml. yesterday's kefir;

• 125 gr. butter;

• 485 ml. wheat flour;

• 1-2 Art. spoons of sugar;

• Generous pinch of salt;

• Vanillin or vanilla sugar - to taste.

Waffle making process:

Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home

Melt the butter. Add sugar and yeast to the water, mix well, but do not mix.

Kefir to warm to a warm state, add oil and salt, and mix with yeast emulsion. Gradually introduce wheat flour into the mass so that no lumps remain, carefully stirring the dry ingredients.

Wrap the container with the finished dough with cling film and leave it for at least 2-3 hours, after which you can start baking the waffles.

Baking will take about 6-7 minutes in general, it is recommended to sprinkle hot delicacy after cooking with powdered sugar.

How to make delicious dough for baking Belgian waffles?

Do you know the recipe for real Belgian waffles? After all, in fact, only the most simple and affordable products are used for cooking.

For cooking you will need:

• 100 gr. unsalted butter;

• 100 gr. fine granulated sugar;

• 150 ml. liquids (milk or kefir, etc.)

• 2-3 chicken eggs depending on the size;

• 230-250 gr. wheat flour;

• A pinch of salt;

• A baking powder bag.

Cooking dough for Belgian waffles

The first step is to remove the butter from the refrigerator and put it in a large, convenient mixing bowl for the dough. Let it stand at room temperature and become soft.

To the softened butter it is necessary to add salt and granulated sugar and mix everything thoroughly, trying to get a homogeneous mass.

Eggs are added to the butter and sugar, and whisk thoroughly with a little liquid.

Flour and baking powder is added to the base for making waffles, and rather liquid dough is kneaded, which should resemble a billet to make fritters or fluffy thick pancakes.

It is enough to let this dough stand for about 10-15 minutes so that the flour and baking powder become friends, and you can bake Belgian waffles with a soft or crunchy waffle recipe - at your discretion.

Crispy Belgian waffles in an electric waffle-iron:

When you want to cook something delicious, it is worth remembering the Belgian waffles, the recipe for which step-by-step does not cause trouble during cooking, even to a novice pastry chef.

For cooking you will need:

• 2 cups wheat flour;

• 2-3 Art. spoons of fine sugar;

• A bag of baking powder;

• 1 tsp baking soda;

• 1 pinch of salt;

• 2 glasses of kefir or plain yogurt;

• 3 tbsp. spoons of margarine or butter;

• 3 chicken eggs.

Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home


You will need a large bowl with high sides - you need to sift wheat flour (of the highest or first grade) into it. Add sugar, a little salt (literally a pinch) and a bag of baking powder to the flour.

Mix dry ingredients well and leave aside for a while.

Heat a little kefir or yogurt, add eggs to it and slightly beat the liquid basis of the dough.

Melt the butter, combine with kefir and add to the flour. After a little mixing it is necessary to add baking soda - there is no need to extinguish it, in an acidic kefir medium the reaction will occur naturally.

Now you can knead the dough thoroughly, it should not be too thick or liquid, but resemble the basis for making lush pancakes or fritters.

After kneading, the dough should be allowed to stand, then mix again and you can start baking crispy Belgian waffles, the recipe of which you will certainly like.

How to make soft Belgian waffles in an electric waffle iron?

To make Belgian waffles a recipe for a waffle mill is soft, airy and fluffy, you need a good thick and fat sour cream, and then the dessert will turn out exactly as you imagined it. For cooking you will need:

• Wheat flour - 345 gr .;

• Fat sour cream - 325 gr .;

• 3-4 chicken eggs;

• A bag of vanilla sugar;

• A little salt - at the tip of a knife or spoon;

• 245 gr. good margarine or butter;

• 55 gr. potato starch;

• 0, 5 tsp of baking soda;

• 1 cup of granulated sugar.

Belgian waffles - how to cook quickly and tasty at home

Cooking process:

The recipe for delicious Belgian waffles begins with the preparation of convenient dishes - it is recommended to choose a large bowl with high sides. Beat the eggs into it, stir them with the addition of sugar or powder, and then beat them into a strong and elastic foam.

To the egg mass, add sour cream and softened butter, continuing to beat.

Flour and starch, soda and salt and vanilla sugar are added to the resulting mass, after which you can knead the tender dough for making waffles.

After the electric waffle maker picks up the temperature and is fully heated, you can proceed to baking. After one of the sides of the dessert is baked, you can turn the waffle over and continue cooking.

Well, ready-made waffles can be decorated with any components, use sweet thick sauces and syrups.

Useful tips and my recommendations for making Belgian waffles:

To make the Belgian waffle waffle recipe exactly the way you would like, you need to follow the exact dosage of ingredients and knead the dough correctly, following the step-by-step recommendations. Indeed, depending on the original set of products, the taste of the treat also changes.

My tips for making dough and making waffles:

• The dough for making waffles should never be too thin, or vice versa - thick. It is desirable that it resembled 20-25% sour cream or dough for pancakes; • It is very useful for the dough to “relax” a little before the dessert is baked from it - all the ingredients will dissolve in a fairly liquid base, which means that the taste of baking will be balanced;

• Eggs for beating should be at room temperature, and whites should be whipped separately, and yolks should be ground with sugar;

• Do not get the waffles out of the appliance, if they have not yet browned - they can be raw inside. Approximate baking time at a temperature of 180C - 3-5 minutes on each side;

• The surface of the electric waffle iron must not be lubricated with vegetable or butter before the first use, this will prevent sticking and burning of the dough.

Serve hot Belgian waffles on a large plate of chocolate, sweet liquid sauces and, of course, seasonal berries and fruits. Experiment to your taste with the supply of dessert - and none of the guests will not remain indifferent, refusing to taste the magnificent sweet treat.

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