Dutch waffles - in the world of joy and sweetness! Cooking recipes and different layers for delicious Dutch waffles

Dutch waffles can be bought in the store, several Russian manufacturers regularly supply them to the counters, there are imported products. But much more interesting and tasty is homemade pastries. They are also so fragrant! Prepare according to the rules?

Dutch waffles - general cooking principles

Waffle dough for Dutch waffles is fundamentally different from other types of composition and texture. First, it is cool, but not tough. Reminds soft plasticine or dough for nuts with condensed milk: fat, oily, brilliant. Secondly, it is prepared with the addition of yeast, which is unusual for this kind of baking. They do not give strong pomp, but give softness and unusual structure. Recently, dry yeasts have been used, as they are the most affordable and convenient to use.

What else is added to the dough:

· Sugar;

· Eggs (not always);

· Milk, cream;

· butter;

· Flour.

After kneading, he is allowed to stand for a while. Then bake waffles. If there is no special device of small diameter, then the simplest home waffle maker will fit. Usually, there is a lot of fat in the dough, so you only need to lubricate it for the first time, sometimes they generally bake bread on a dry surface. Many modern appliances have a non-stick coating, which is also very convenient.

Baked waffles are smeared with honey syrup or caramel, sometimes sandwiched with condensed milk or other fillings. Below there are several interesting options for the most fragrant Dutch but homemade waffles.

Simple Dutch waffles with a honey layer

The recipe for the classic Dutch waffle dough. Layer make the most simple on the basis of natural honey. If you are allergic to bee products, then use any sugar syrups.


· 250 grams of butter (take cream);

· 500 grams of flour;

· 150 grams of sugar (cane);

· Salt (one pinch);

· 60 ml of milk;

· 1 tsp. dry yeast; · 250 g of honey;

· 2 tsp. brandy or rum for flavor.


1. Cooking yeast elastic dough. Dissolve dry yeast in warm milk, set aside, let them activate.

2. Melt the butter, mix immediately with sugar, so that the mass has cooled faster. Stir, add milk. We enter salt, we continue all this to dissolve.

3. Lay the flour. The recipe indicates the approximate amount. We look at the test. It should not be steep or liquid, the consistency is soft, with light pressure there will be holes. We give the mass to lie down for 45 minutes.

4. Dutch waffles are prepared in a specially designed waffle iron for them, but you can also take the simplest available device.

5. Put the dough on the heated surface, press it well, so that it is evenly distributed, bake to a ruddy color.

6. Cooking honey syrup. We heat it in a water bath, but not much, only so that the mass becomes a bit thinner. For the depth of taste, add a little cognac, although you can do without it. Give cool.

7. Lubricate waffles with a sweet mass. We glue together, and they are ready!

Dutch waffles with caramel

One of the classic options for the layer of Dutch waffles. The dough will be different, for a change prepare it with eggs.


· two eggs;

· 230 grams of oil;

· 0.3 Art. Sahara;

· 1 tsp. yeast;

· 1 pinch of salt;

· About three glasses of flour.

Honey caramel:

· 0.7 glasses of honey;

· 60 g of oil;

· A cup of brown sugar.


1. You can not melt the butter, but just soften it very well, for example, on a defrosting program in a microwave oven.

2. Add sugar to the yeast, one spoon is enough, pour in three more spoons of water, stir well.

3. Combine the yeast with whipped eggs in a separate bowl, then add oil and a pinch of salt to it. We interfere until all this turns into a homogeneous cream.

4. Fill with flour, make a soft dough. Put it in a bowl, cover with a linen napkin and leave to warm for about one hour. If time is tight, then you can withstand 30-40 minutes, but no less. 5. Bake waffles. Crop so that they are the same size.

6. Cooking honey caramel, well, or syrup, they all call it differently. We mix sugar with honey, warm it up on low heat for about seven minutes, then add butter. After its dissolution, remove from heat, cool slightly.

7. We coat and glue the wafers with honey filling.

Dutch cinnamon waffles

This is one of the most popular flavors. Cinnamon lovers will appreciate it. Spice is added to the dough and syrup. Of course, it is better to chop sticks on your own, then the aroma will turn out just magical.


· two eggs;

· 260 grams of oil;

· 1 tsp. cinnamon;

· 1 tsp. yeast;

· Flour (how much will leave);

· 250 grams of sugar.

Caramel syrup:

· 70 g of oil;

· 120 g of honey;

· 50 g of sugar;

· 1 tbsp. l cinnamon


1. Knead soft dough. Introduce sugar into the melted butter, dilute the yeast in two spoons of water, add, throw in a little salt, literally a pinch. All this stir, fill the dough with cinnamon and wheat flour. Let stand forty minutes.

2. We bake small waffles of the same size.

3. Cooking caramel: melt honey with sugar and immediately put cinnamon on it. If we are embarrassed by this amount, then we can take a little less or one teaspoon. Warming up, stirring over low heat, introduce the butter, remove from the stove.

4. It remains only to miss the mark, then glue the homemade Dutch waffles together.

Creamy caramel for Dutch waffles

Variant of delicious creamy caramel for waffles. She reminds cream. You can apply a thick layer that can be very happy.


· 200 g heavy cream;

· 80 g of sugar;

· 30 g of oil;

· Vanilla or cinnamon to taste.


1. Pour sugar into a frying pan, melt to a liquid state. Make sure that he does not burn, otherwise the layer will be bitter.

2. As soon as the mass becomes brown, lay a piece of butter, stir. Sometimes sugar is drowned immediately in oil, which is very convenient and prevents sudden burning of the syrup. 3. Add a thin stream of heavy cream, continue to stir and heat over low heat.

4. We take off in a minute.

5. To taste in caramel add any flavor. Cool slightly before use.

Dutch waffles with cream

A recipe for an unusual dough for low-fat Dutch waffles. Cream used 10-15%, this is enough for the test. The amount of flour is adjusted independently, achieving the desired thickness of the dough.


· 150 ml of cream;

· 130 g of oil;

· 120 g of sugar;

· 1.5 tsp. yeast;

· 0.3 tsp. salts;

· Flour, cinnamon.


1. The cream is heated to 35 degrees to create a pleasant environment for the yeast. Fall asleep, stir, leave for five minutes.

2. Melt the butter and cool.

3. First add sugar and salt to the cream, stir it and then add butter. Sometimes use margarine. What can also be done, but take the product at least 60% fat, and better than 70.

4. Fall asleep flour. For flavor, you can add vanilla, cinnamon. Any essences.

5. Bake small waffles in the usual way.

6. For spreading prepare caramel or honey syrup. You can take as a basis one of the recipes above.

Dutch waffles with chocolate layer

A variant of a very delicate chocolate cream, which is ideal for smearing waffles. You can take a dark or dairy tiles.


· 100 g chocolate;

· 60 g of cream;

· 50 g butter;

· Vanilla at will.


1. Break the chocolate into cubes, put it in a bowl and put in a water bath. If dairy tiles are used, the interlayer will be light.

2. Immediately you can add butter, cut it into several parts.

3. We heat products, we stir for the fastest dissolution of pieces.

4. Pour in the cream, warm it up together for a few minutes, but do not bring the mass to a boil.

5. To taste add vanillin to the interlayer. Remove from heat. Give a little cool. As soon as the mass begins to thicken, grease cooked waffles.

Dutch waffles with toffee caramel

Another version of caramel for Dutch waffles. We prepare them according to the recipes above, which one will like more.


· 0.2 kg toffee;

· 50 grams of oil;

· 60 ml of milk;

· 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar.


1. Instead of milk, you can take the cream. Pour them into the saucepan, add icing sugar, put the heat on the stove.

2. Add the butter.

3. Toffee take a solid type of kitty-kitty or golden key. Free from wrappers. Sometimes it is difficult to do, so it’s best to start cooking caramel.

4. Add the toffee to the saucepan. We continue to heat the caramel, stir.

5. As soon as the mass is dissolved, it will turn into a uniform cream, remove it from the fire.

6. This caramel hardens well, so we coat the waffles immediately. If necessary, reheat, returning the liquid consistency.

Dutch waffles - tips and tricks

· How to make perfectly round waffles? In the pastry for trimming use a special metal ring. At home, a suitable tin can fit. But you need to cut the waffles immediately, while they are still warm and do not crumble.

· Do not try to knead the dough right away, it is better to add flour in parts. If you overdo it, then the finished waffles will be hard.

· If the butter is still warm, then knead the weak and soft dough. It will stand a little, cool, become thicker.

· No time to cook syrup or cook caramel? Warm up the honey in the microwave for a few seconds, add cinnamon if desired, boldly lubricate the waffles and it will turn out delicious too.

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