Why do waffles turn out badly: is the waffle maker to blame?

Why do waffles turn out badly: is the waffle maker to blame?

The waffle iron is an interesting kitchen device, with which it is very convenient to cook a popular dessert. But it does not always work. Sometimes instead of ruddy and crispy waffles there is one disappointment. Why is this happening, is it in the waffle maker?

Is the waffle maker at fault?

Waffle maker does not bake - a familiar expression. It is on the device that the hostesses sometimes transfer their failures. In fact, sometimes the problem is not at all in it.

When the waffle iron is to blame:

  1. Waffles are baked unevenly. On one side they burn, on the other they are white, they do not fry. The reason is a defective device, or it has not warmed up enough yet, you should wait and try again.
  2. Waffles stick constantly, regardless of the recipe, surface preparation, its temperature, and amount of oil. Most likely, the reason for the coating.

If the waffles are cracking or tearing, burning or not browning, oil flows out of them, then the problem is not a waffle iron at all. Let's dig further?

Why waffles stick

Sometimes it is very difficult to remove the waffle from the surface, it sticks from one or even from both sides, remains in the shaped holes, it burns, the pieces cannot be reached. We have to turn off the device, scrape out all the "treasures".

Why waffles stick:

  • The waffle iron is not lubricated. Modern models do not require lubrication, but old waffle makers need to be covered with a thin layer of oil, it is convenient to do this with a silicone brush.
  • Little butter in the dough. In many recipes, it is not even necessary to lubricate the waffle iron, since the dough itself is very fat, when frying it releases oil, it flows into all curls, and nothing sticks. If the oil is low, this does not happen.
  • The waffle iron is not heated. Spread the dough only on a hot surface, otherwise it will stick before a crust forms.
  • Honey in the composition. Often, waffles are made without sugar and honey, such recipes are very popular with healthy food supporters. But, sometimes this is the reason that the waffles are not removed. Honey increases the stickiness of the dough.
  • Too sweet dough. And without honey, but with a lot of sugar, waffles can also stick, so it’s better to follow the recipe, keep the proportions, use scales, measuring glasses.

Often the waffles stick if the coating is scratched. This is especially true for modern models of waffle irons with special application. It is necessary to scrape the surface with a metal sponge, knife or fork, as small scratches appear. Perhaps they are not visible, but the dough is poured and burns.

Also, the coating can be damaged with cold water, it is important to cool the waffle iron before washing.

How to prepare a new waffle iron

  • To wash the surface with water and anti-grease, remove all grease and dirt.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth and dry from the remaining water droplets.
  • Turn on the device to the maximum temperature, warm up until haze appears. There may be an unpleasant smell, it is good, you need to open the window, to air.
  • Cool the waffle iron, wipe it again with a napkin, remove the burnt particles, soot, after which the device can be used.

Why waffles burn

Sometimes waffles do not stick, but prepare too quickly, burn. Even worse, they are roasted unevenly. If the waffle iron is working, it worked fine before, then the reasons are not in it. Why waffles burn:

  • The waffle iron is overheated, the temperature is too high, the baking parameters must be adjusted.
  • There is a lot of sugar in the dough. It is he who provokes the burnings. Should reduce the amount of sand or look for another recipe.

By the way, if the dough is already mixed and the waffles are burning, do not throw it all away. You can knead the same dough without sugar, mix and continue cooking.

Fat, fat or just oil

Of great importance is the oil, or rather its appearance. Now is the time when you can’t take a pack from a shelf in your store with your eyes closed and drop it into your basket. Almost 90% of production contains vegetable fats, substitutes, plus flavoring additives, dyes. From this “false butter” dough will also turn out, there will be some good cakes or buns, but the waffles can burn, stick. If, in addition to bad vegetable fat, there is a lot of water in the oil, then the waffles will not be crumbly and crispy, they will be very hard.

What to do? Just choose a quality oil. By the way, the GOST mark is no longer an indicator, often the manufacturers write it just so that they can inspire consumers with confidence in their products. It is advisable to watch the composition, it should not be anything superfluous, ideally only cream.

By the way, margarine can be used for waffles, there are quite good vegetable formulations, it is important to just browse. It is desirable that the margarine was not less than 65% fat.

Why are the waffles cracking, not folding?

Everyone remembers the twisted wafer rolls with condensed milk or cream inside. Chic dessert, which gives a huge scope for creativity. But sometimes waffles can not be rolled. They immediately crack, crumble, crumble into small pieces. Why waffles crack, do not fold:

  • There is a lot of butter in the dough, the waffle comes out crumbly, crunchy. You should look for another recipe, for example, on sour cream, kefir, with a reduced amount of fat.
  • Wafers are overcooked, overdried. As a result, they break, crumble, you should increase the temperature, shoot earlier, fry until slightly golden.
  • The waffles are cold. It is necessary to roll as soon as the bread is removed from the hot surface. After a few minutes the wafer will become brittle.

You can fold the waffle just by hand into a tube or a cone. Sometimes they do it with a napkin or a towel, in order not to burn the hands, to get an even shape. Also for folding, you can use a straw or a cone, around which a hot waffle is wrapped and cooled.

Finally: it’s all about taste

Regardless of the recipe of the dough, waffles are appreciated for the taste. Be sure to add a pinch of salt, which is a natural enhancer, works no worse than harmful glutamate.

For flavor use vanilla, add cinnamon.

Keep the food quality and freshness. Does the oil smell bad or are there any impurities in the flour?

This is not the place for the test. If you initially save the ingredients, then nothing good will come out.

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