Why do not pancakes work: they turn out to be lumpy, break, burn, do not bake

Why do not pancakes work: they turn out to be lumpy, break, burn, do not bake

Thin and golden pancakes symbolize the sun. No wonder they are the main treat at Shrovetide. Although, on any other day they are also difficult to refuse. But it happens that pancakes do not work. They are torn, not baked or burned. Why it happens?

Why pancakes are torn

The most common problem faced by the hostess - pancakes are torn. They can not be turned to the other side. Lump turns out not only the first pancake, but the second, third and all subsequent copies. What to do in this case? Need to determine the cause! Most often inelastic dough is obtained, in which there are few eggs. You can break one or two in a bowl, shake with a fork, pour into the dough, if necessary, add a couple of tablespoons of flour, and even better starch. At least three eggs per liter of liquid. If they are small, then you need to increase the number.

What else could be the problem:

  1. Low flour. The batter allows you to get very thin and beautiful pancakes, but here it is important not to overdo it. If the flour is small, then it is no longer a dough. So, fill up a couple of spoons, beat, try again.
  2. Bad pan. If the dough sticks even a little and clings to the surface, the pancake is hard to turn over, it just breaks. You can grease the pan every time, but it is better to change.
  3. Early turned upside down. Damn will surely break if it is not ready yet. It is necessary to turn over only when holes appear on top of the dough, it dries slightly.
  4. A lot of oil. It is added to the dough so as not to lubricate the pan frequently. Also, the oil improves the taste. But in large quantities it reduces the elasticity of pancakes.
  5. A lot of baking powder. Soda or baking powder is introduced into pancakes for looseness and tenderness, the appearance of holes. It is also important not to overdo it. In large quantities, they make pancakes weak, tortillas impossible to turn over or remove from the pan.

Most often the problem is precisely in the proportions of liquid, eggs, flour. You need to find and select the most suitable option, to work out the consistency of the test.

By the way, pancakes can break if you pour the dough on an oil pan. The surface needs to be rubbed with a small drop of fat, not more.

Why are pancakes not baked?

Sometimes pancakes are perfectly removed from the pan, browse quickly and even look beautiful, but inside are dense and sticky, they do not bake at all. Very often, this problem occurs when kneading dough in sour milk or kefir. It is necessary to add soda or ripper. If this is not done, the pancake remains viscous inside. Soda also adds friability, because of it, small holes are formed, pancakes are perfectly prepared not only outside.

Other reasons why pancakes are not baked:

  1. Batter. If there is little flour, then the pancake is still reddened outside, as the moisture evaporates, but it does not cook inside.
  2. Cold foods. Dough for pancakes should be kneaded from products at room temperature or let it brew after kneading.
  3. Thin pan. The best pancakes are made on a cast-iron frying pan, which evenly distributes heat and keeps it well. Modern materials deal with this worse.

If there is no problem with the pan, then just add a little flour, you can throw a pinch of baking powder. Then all this is well whipped, leave for half an hour.

Re-stir, start to fry.

Why pancakes are burning

Pancakes are always roasted on a good fire, but you do not need to overheat the dishes. Especially if two or three pans are used at the same time. The dough should not turn brown as soon as it gets to the heated surface. It must be distributed and left for a few seconds. If the pancake instantly seizes, then the fire should be reduced.

Main reasons:

  1. A lot of sugar in the dough. Without sand pancakes are gray and clever, but it’s also important not to overdo it. Otherwise, thin tortillas instantly redden, start to burn.
  2. Bad pan. If it is made of thin material, then the pancake quickly sets, a beautiful crust appears on it, but inside it remains a raw and sticky dough.

What to do? Change the pan. If the matter is a large amount of sugar, then it can be diluted. Knead another batch of dough, but completely without sugar, combine. Or do half the portion, look at the situation.

Why are hard pancakes

  • Thick dough. Flour clogs the mass, pancakes become tougher, they take a long time to prepare, they are poorly saturated with butter. They are difficult to roll, there are cracks and tears.
  • A lot of eggs. It is difficult to make dough without them, but it is important not to overdo it with them. If there are many eggs, the pancakes will be easily removed from the pan, rolled up, but they will be hard and “rubber” in taste.
  • Low temperature. Dry and hard pancakes are obtained if the dough is poured onto a poorly heated pan or simply cooked at a low temperature. Damn we begin to dry up, crumble.

Why are pancakes tasteless

Pancakes are even, beautiful, ruddy, they were perfectly removed from the pan, but still turned out to be tasteless. Unfortunately, it happens. A bad taste can also have several causes.

Why pancakes are not tasty:

  1. Salt not forgotten? Any fresh food is tasteless, even for sweet dishes the dough should be salted.
  2. Bitter milk. Very often, acidified and spoiled dairy products are sent to pancakes. This can be done, but within reason, completely stagnant fluids are no good. In addition, modern milk and kefir with antibiotics begin to taste bitter when heated or spoiled.
  3. What kind of oil? It is advisable to add melted butter or refined vegetable oil to the pancake dough. Flavors that have been flavored or have not been refined can spoil the taste of the dish.

If you look at all of the above, it is often a problem in the pan. The result depends on it no less than on the recipe for pancakes. It is necessary to purchase a special vessel or properly prepare the one that is in the house: calcine with salt, rub with a dry cloth, warm up before adding the dough. It is believed that for cooking pancakes in the house there should be one pan on which other food is not cooked.

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