Hong Kong waffles - pimply love! Dough recipes, baking technology and the most delicious fillings for Hong Kong waffles

Hong Kong waffles - pimply love! Dough recipes, baking technology and the most delicious fillings for Hong Kong waffles

Hong Kong waffles are often called egg whites because of their pimply appearance. This is not an ordinary delicacy. It combines great tastes and unusual designs. Since the dessert is relatively new and appeared quite recently, it is quite difficult to find good recipes. But they are here!

Hong Kong Waffles - General Cooking Principles

For baking Hong Kong dessert, you need a special electric waffle maker with shaped surfaces. Holes are balls. They can be left empty, but often use different fillings. Of course, they are very small, usually pieces, but they give an original taste.

What is preparing the dough:

· Eggs;

· Flour, rippers, dry mixes for baking or creams;

· Sugar;

· Milk is fresh or condensed;

· Little vegetable or creamy.

Beat the dough is not necessary. It can be kneaded with a conventional whisk, but the mixer will help speed up the process. The prepared mass is always allowed to stand for a while, this improves the quality of the baked waffles. In general, the dough can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days. It is very convenient and allows you to cook a treat at any time, to please the household.

Stuffing for Hong Kong waffles - this is the most interesting! Pimply cake is folded into a bun to make a horn. Inside they put cream, berries, whipped cream, pieces of fruit, pour chocolate, caramel. You can still sprinkle it with nuts, coconut chips, colored candies. Win-win is a delicacy with ice cream. Original tastes with mascarpone cream. What do we cook with?

Classic Hong Kong waffles with empty balls (recipe test)

It is these Hong Kong waffles that are used for twisting the wrappers and then filling them. Balls are obtained without filling. Below will be a recipe with the addition of filling in each ball, baking technology will be different.


· 160 grams of flour;

· 7 grams of ripper; · 1 scoop of dry custard or powder for making pudding;

· two eggs;

· 140 grams of sugar;

· 140 ml of water (boiled warm);

· 28 grams of oil;

· 28 grams of condensed milk or concentrated milk without sugar;

· Vanilla.


1. Combine the dry ingredients immediately in the sieve: flour, baking powder, 7.5 grams of it in the classic recipe, add the dry mixture for custard or pudding. Although, they often cook without it, only by increasing the amount of flour. All sift, so as not to appear lumps.

2. Shake eggs and sugar with a whisk or a regular scoop for kneading dough so that the grains dissolve. Add milk and water. It should be warm, but not hot.

3. Connect the bulk mixture for wafers with a liquid mixture. Stir until the dough is smooth.

4. Add the vanilla. It is better to take a liquid extract, three drops is enough. At the end, pour in vegetable oil and mix again.

5. Cover the bowl. You can stretch the cling film. We put in the fridge for an hour. In the process, gluten will swell, taste will improve.

6. Lubricate the heated waffle iron, pour the dough, cover and bake until tender.

Hong Kong waffles filled with balls

Prepare the dough according to the previous recipe, it is basic, suitable for all fillings and fillings. Inside the balls will lay the fruit and chocolate.


· Waffle batter;

· Chocolate

· Banana, kiwi.


1. Immediately knead the waffle dough, send to stand in the fridge.

2. Prepare the stuffing. Chop the chocolate into small cubes. We try not to chop, do the same maximum size. Each piece should fit inside the ball with the addition of dough.

3. Cooking fruits. But you can make waffles with chocolate or fruit only. We clean, cut into small cubes too. At will it will be possible to put two kinds in each ball. In this case, make the pieces even smaller.

4. Heat the waffle iron. We moisten a brush in vegetable oil, we well lubricate it.

5. We collect a little dough with a spoon and quickly pour the form, put in each ball quite a bit, just to cover the surface. 6. Scatter pieces of fruit and chocolate. Well, or one thing.

7. Pour dough on top to hide the stuffing, do not go out the juice, nothing burned.

8. Close the waffle iron. Bring the filled balls to readiness and ruddy color.

Dough for Hong Kong waffles with starch

Another recipe for waffle dough, it is suitable for all types of baking with empty and filled balls.


· 40 g of wheat flour;

· 7.5 g ripper;

· 28 grams of starch;

· 100 grams of white sugar;

· 30 grams of condensed milk;

· 1 tbsp. l custard powder;

· 2 drops of coconut extract;

· 140 grams of water;

· 28 ml of oil;

· Salt


1. Pour out all the dry ingredients in a dry bowl. If there is no cornstarch, then use potato. Mix well, then sift.

2. In another bowl, break the eggs, pour water, add all other liquid ingredients, except oil. Stir until a homogeneous liquid without grains.

3. We combine everything in one bowl.

4. Put the coconut extract, add vegetable oil, mix.

5. Let us brew for an hour in a cool place.

6. Heat the waffle iron, bake bubble wrap on a greased appliance. Fill with any fillings.

Hong Kong waffles with whipped cream and strawberries (banana)

In fact, such waffles can be prepared not only with strawberries or bananas, but also with peaches, and pineapples, raspberries and other tender berries or fruits.


· 3 bubble waffles;

· 150 ml of cream;

· 50 g of powdered sugar;

· 150 g strawberry or banana;

· Some coconut or chocolate chips;

· 2 drops of vanilla extract.


1. Cool the cream, then pour it into a bowl, start to beat. As soon as they increase in size by 1.5 times, add powdered sugar. Make the speed less so as not to dust.

2. We continue to beat, until the mass becomes thick, from the rims do not begin to depart uniform patterns. We drip vanilla, stir, turn off.

3. Flush. Dry the strawberries or slice the peeled banana. If the berries are large, they also need to be cut. 4. Bake waffles, twist the bags, put a little butter cream in a corner, then berries, again cream and berries. Or lay the pieces between the balls, then cover with a layer of cream, turn.

5. Sprinkle the finished dessert with coconut or chocolate chips.

Hong Kong waffles with ice cream and chocolate

Another very tasty option for Hong Kong ice cream and chocolate waffles. We take cream or any other favorite ice cream, keep it in the fridge for a bit to make it a little softer, but not melt. The number of products per wafer.


· 100 g of ice cream;

· 40 g of chocolate;

· Mint leaf;

· 1 bubble wafer fresh.


1. Chocolate grate or chop with a knife into small pieces.

2. Add half to ice cream, stir quickly. If you can not stretch all the frozen areas, then do not worry.

3. Put the stuffing in a rolled-up corner of fresh waffles.

4. Sprinkle the remaining chocolate on top.

5. Put mint in the corner, eat immediately.

Hong Kong waffles with mascarpone

Chic cream for Hong Kong waffles. Additionally, you can add fruits, chocolate pieces, caramel, berries, choose to your taste.


· 200 g of cream of 33%;

· 4-5 tablespoons of powder;

· 200 g mascarpone;

· Vanilla, waffles, fruit or berries.


1. Cream shake up to steep peaks, in small portions enter fine sugar powder. We add its quantity at our discretion, but not less than four spoons. Beat another minute together. We set aside.

2. Mash mascarpone with vanilla. We give the cheese uniformity, the mass will become softer.

3. We combine mascarpone with cream.

4. Fill waffles with cream, optionally sandwich berries, fruits.

Hong Kong waffles with creme brulee

A variant of a very delicate creme brulee filling, which is great for filling waffles. If desired, it can be prepared without pieces of chocolate.


· A glass of heavy cream;

· 100 grams of boiled condensed milk; · 25 grams of chocolate;

· 1 tsp. Roma;

· Waffles


1. As usual, whip chilled cream in a cool foam.

2. Boiled condensed milk happens a different consistence. In any case, before adding to the cream. The product must be kneaded. Very thick condensed milk can be diluted with liquid cream or milk.

3. Combine with cream. Gently stir the air cream until smooth, add rum.

4. Chop the chocolate into small pieces. Add to the mass. You can use coconut chips or caramel pieces, it will also be tasty.

5. Fill the baked waffles with fragrant cream. Decorate to your liking, you can add a few pieces of ripe banana.

Hong Kong Waffles - Tips and Tricks

· If you want to get crispy Hong Kong waffles, you can separate the whites from the yolks and beat half the sugar into a cool lather, then mix it into the finished dough.

· Is the dough in balls not baked? Perhaps it turned out too liquid, this is influenced by the density of condensed milk and the size of eggs. Also, the reason may be hiding in too high a temperature and short cooking time. On average, one wafer should take about 2.5-3 minutes.

· If it is not possible to purchase a waffle iron for Hong Kong waffles with balls, then you can search for a device for Belgian waffles.

· Hong Kong waffles can be cooked with a salty filling in balls. Usually used cheese of different types, ham or just stuffing. Naturally, the dough should not be sweet and you need to adjust the baking time.

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