Chicken in a cream sauce in a pan is tender! Cooking chicken in a creamy sauce in a pan with vegetables, mushrooms, cheese

Chicken in a cream sauce in a pan is tender! Cooking chicken in a creamy sauce in a pan with vegetables, mushrooms, cheese

When you want to change the taste of a familiar dish, the sauce can become an indispensable assistant to the chef. There is a lot of recipe for such dressing, and each dish will have its own version, but the cream sauce is universal. It is prepared quite simply, and it is not worth much effort to transform it - just add a little spice or supplement the sauce with well-combined products.

Chicken in a cream sauce in a pan - general principles of cooking

• In a frying pan in a creamy sauce, chicken fillets are more often cooked, but variants when using separate parts of the poultry are not excluded. In any case, the chicken is pre-fried, so that a golden crust appears on the pieces. The bird prepared in this way has a more pronounced taste and, when stewing in a sauce, is not cooked.

• When choosing cream should pay attention to the shelf life and quality of the product. Fat can be selected based on your own taste. For a richer sauce suitable cream fat content of 20%, from low-fat, you can cook it lighter options.

• Chicken breast fillets are often stuffed, and vegetables, garlic, mushrooms, cheese, and tomato are added to the sauce.

• Spices - one of the ways to improve the taste of the dish, but in this case they should be used very sparingly. You can add fresh herbs - basil or dill are most acceptable. Ground pepper goes well with both chicken and cream sauce. For greater effect, it is better to grind just before adding.

A simple recipe for chicken fillet in a creamy sauce in a pan with vegetables


• fresh chicken breast - 600 gr .;

• 20% cream - 150 ml;

• onion head;

• fresh tomato;

• 20 gr. frozen cream;

• refined oil - 2 spoons;

• two Bulgarian peppers (red and yellow).

Cooking Method:

1. Drain the fillets washed in cool water. We cut it into neat bars, four-centimeter length, with a thickness of up to one and a half centimeters. 2. Cut the onion in two, chop finely, half-whelk, and fry in a pan on a mixture of butter and vegetable oils. We don’t give a burn - often mix, cook over low heat.

3. As soon as the strips of onions get an amber tint, add the pieces of chicken. Slightly enhance the heat, fry the fillet, to lightly browning, about seven minutes.

4. Sprinkle with ground pepper, add some salt. Put tomatoes in a pan with bell peppers. Stew on medium heat for about five minutes, and pour cream.

5. At medium heat bring to a boil, set the minimum fire. Cover with lid, stew the chicken fillet in a creamy sauce for three minutes.

Chicken in a creamy sauce in a pan with mushrooms


• medium fresh champignons - 200 gr .;

• 300 g chicken fillet;

• small onion;

• 200 ml of low-grade cream;

• a teaspoon of “Peasant” oil;

• 30 ml of corn oil;

• garlic;

• chili - a small pod.

Cooking Method:

1. We clean the champignons from dirt, wash and cut them into plates. Cut small fillet pieces, chop onion half rings.

2. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil well, dissolve the creamy fat. Omit the chicken pieces soon and fry them from all sides on high heat. Put the onion, fry with the fillet to transparency. Put the mushrooms in the pan and cook another 5-7 minutes.

3. Lightly add the chicken, season with pepper, sprinkle with flour and mix thoroughly. We warm up for two minutes, add a quarter spoon of chopped chili pepper.

4. Press through two garlic cloves through the press, mix with the fillet and pour the cream. We bring to a boil, remove from the stove.

Chicken fillet in cream sauce in a pan stuffed with cheese


• salted salmon - 125 g;

• 400 gr. chicken meat;

• a glass of medium-fat cream;

• vegetable oil;

• fresh chopped parsley and dill - in full spoon.

Cooking Method:

1. Cheese thoroughly knead with a fork or rub on a medium grater, add fresh herbs, mix well. 2. Wash the breast, wipe off the remaining water with a towel. With a thicker edge, carefully make a deep cut. Do not cut the edges and the opposite side, we need a pocket in which we will put the stuffing.

3. Laying in the resulting hole with a spoon of greens with cheese, stuff the fillet. With a wooden skewer (toothpick), we firmly fasten the edges, closing the filled pocket.

4. Heat about 30 ml of butter in a frying pan, dip the stuffed fillet into it and fry on each side until uniform coloring.

5. Fill chicken with cream, add quite a bit of salt and about a third of a spoonful of crushed pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower the supernatant and leave for a quarter of an hour under the lid.

Chicken stew in cream sauce in a pan with cheese


• chicken carcass, weighing up to 1.5 kilograms;

• half a liter of 11% cream;

• 50 ml of lean, frozen oil;

• “Dutch” or “Kostroma” cheese - 120 g;

• small onion;

• garlic;

• spices “For chicken dishes”;

• dark soy sauce.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the bird with running water. Cut off the excess fat and skin, remove the remaining feathers and chop into small pieces. Putting chicken in a bowl, season with slices of pepper or special spices. Add salt, pour three spoons of soy sauce, mix thoroughly and put in the fridge. Marinating is not long - a quarter of an hour will be enough.

2. In a large frying pan, pour quite a bit of oil and put it on a small fire. We lower the chopped onion and fry the slices to transparency. Do not brown - mix often.

3. Add the chicken, slightly increasing the heat, simmer for five minutes, then pour the cream into the pan. Slightly add, you can put some spices. Warm up well, add shredded cheese, crush two large garlic cloves. Stir, cover and leave to simmer the chicken on low heat until cooked, for about half an hour.

Chicken in a tomato-cream sauce in a pan with basil

Ingredients: • kilogram of chicken fillet (breast);

• two medium sized onions;

• 300 ml of cream;

• white garlic;

• non-aromatic vegetable oil;

• tomatoes - 350 gr .;

• fresh basil.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut chicken into small pieces. Not in cubes or squares, it is desirable that these were slices for chops, but smaller.

2. Peel the onion and two large garlic teeth. We rinse them with water and chop them - we chop the onion finely in half rings, and press the garlic with a special press or rub it with the finest grater.

3. We wash the tomatoes with running water, scald them with boiling water. From the side of the stem we cut the skin and carefully remove it. Cut the flesh into small cubes.

4. Heat the vegetable oil well, spread fillet slices into it and quickly fry both sides until golden brown. We make fire maximum so as not to over dry the tender chicken. Fried fillet spread in a deeper pan.

5. Pour some more oil into the pan and fry the onion on it. Cook, often stirring and not allowing to burn. As soon as onions turn to amber, add tomatoes and garlic. Lightly add the base of the sauce, stir well, stew for two minutes. Pour cream and cook cream sauce on low heat until thick. After the introduction of the cream, bring the sauce to a boil.

6. Pour the finished tomato-creamy sauce to the fillet. Add finely chopped fresh basil leaves. All thoroughly mixed, set on high heat. When the sauce starts to boil, set the minimum heat and simmer the chicken in the sauce for 25 minutes. Be sure to cover the lid!

Chicken in a cream sauce in a pan: a recipe for an aromatic, juicy fillet in slices


• four chicken breast fillets;

• small lemon;

• large clove of garlic;

• two spoons of sweet cream butter;

• a bunch of fresh basil;

• 70 ml medium fat cream;

• half a cup of chicken broth;

• olive or very high quality sunflower oil;

• large onion;

• a quarter spoon of ground red pepper. Cooking Method:

1. Wash the fillets, dry them, cut into slices one centimeter wide. Then evenly, effortlessly, beat off and fry to a pleasant golden color.

2. Squeeze the juice from the lemon. We combine it with the broth, add a clove of garlic crushed with a press and a little grated lemon zest, warm it well.

3. Put a shredded onion in a clean pan, add a little oil. With medium heat, bring onion slices to transparency and pour the broth mixture to them. Stirring, evaporated for 8 minutes.

4. Remove the pan from the heat, spread the butter into it. Stir until it melts. Then pour the cream, add it and mix it well, put the sauce on a small fire. We warm, but do not boil.

5. In the hot sauce, lower the previously fried chicken and simmer in it for twenty minutes.

Tricks of cooking chicken in a cream sauce in a pan - tips

• Chicken better fry in vegetable oil. A special effect can be achieved by using a mixture of fats for this purpose - add a little butter to the heated vegetable oil. Ruddy crust will be more tender, and the dish itself will turn out more fragrant.

• Do not worry if the sauce turned out too thick. It can always be diluted directly in a pan with boiled water or chicken broth. The same can be done in the event that the creaming dressing is not enough.

• Do not beat off chicken. Tender chicken meat, stewed in a creamy sauce, and so get gentle. The exception may be a beating in order to give the pieces or breast the desired shape.

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