No secrets - simple fluffy pancakes on yogurt. Recipes for lush pancakes on yogurt with cottage cheese, decoy, apples

No secrets - simple fluffy pancakes on yogurt. Recipes for lush pancakes on yogurt with cottage cheese, decoy, apples

Having accidentally bought sour milk, do not even think about reproaching sellers.

Do as recommended by experienced psychologists - get the most out of a hopeless situation.

Sucked - great, we just need this!

Sugar, butter, flour, and something else, depending on the recipe.

Half an hour of time, and on the table is such a joy ... from an expired product, mind you, product!

Fritters for yogurt - the general principles of cooking

• To make pancakes with yogurt, always turn out fluffy, soft and airy, you need to know a few secrets of making dough for them.

• One of the basic rules for making air fritters is to use only high-quality flour. In addition, the flour should always sift twice. It fluffs, is saturated with air, which gives the test extra pomp, and it is better to rise.

• Fermented milk base (yogurt) must be warm. It is slightly heated in the microwave or in a water bath. Warming sour milk should be cautious, far from boiling, otherwise it will curdle. The fat content of the product does not play any role, but the freshness is of no small importance. The longer the sour milk is stored, of course, within reasonable limits, the better it extinguishes rippers and, accordingly, the pancakes turn out to be more magnificent.

• The consistency of the finished dough should be slightly denser than thick homemade sour cream. If you take it on a spoon and try to pour it, the dough will fall off in a tight lump, rather than drain.

• Ready-made dough for fritters must be allowed to stand for at least half an hour. Flour will give all the gluten, and the ripper or added yeast will have time to “activate”.

• A pan frying pan must be thick-walled or, at a minimum, coated with a non-stick coating. It is well heated on low heat and add oil, which is also well heated. If the dough is put in not enough hot oil, it will spread. • Turn the pancakes only after the bottom is well-browned and the top starts to bubble. Too lush products are fried and the sides are still cooked or cooked under the lid.

• To make pancakes have a good time to fry and not to burn, the fire must be small, slightly more than average.

• On yogurt, you can make pancakes not only from wheat flour. Often it is mixed with buckwheat, or even replaced by semolina. In the pancake dough, you can add poppy, fruit or bananas. They are cut into small pieces or tinder on a large grater. Bananas are ground with a blender.

• Taste the fritters with the addition of granulated sugar and salt.

Fritters for yogurt in the classic recipe


• sour homemade milk, 400 ml daily;

• 230 gr. wheat flour;

• one chicken egg;

• 0.2 cup of sugar;

• 0.25 small spoonful of quicklime;

• 0.3 tsp. evaporated salt, variety “Extra”.

Cooking Method:

1. In advance, about half an hour before cooking, remove yogurt and egg from the refrigerator.

2. In order to evenly distribute the soda dough, mix it with flour and double-pass through a very rare nylon sieve.

3. Beat the egg well with sugar and salt.

4. Pour in yogurt, whisk inhaling intensely.

5. Gradually mix in the flour and leave the dough for the pancakes for twenty minutes on the table.

6. Then pour about 70 ml of vegetable oil into the frying pan and put on maximum heat. As soon as the oil is well warmed, lower the temperature to medium and spoon the dough into the pan with a spoon.

7. Fry fritters for two minutes on both sides until they turn red.

Yeast puff pancakes with yogurt


• one glass of yogurt;

• half a cup of 15% sour cream;

• four raw eggs;

• a tablespoon of refined sugar;

• a teaspoon of “instant” yeast;

• a small pinch of salt;

• 100 gr. white flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix dairy products and warm slightly in a water bath. 2. Stir in the yeast with the sugar.

3. Continuing to mix, mix all the flour into the mixture. Cover the bowl with the dough cloth and place it forty minutes closer to the heat.

4. When the dough rises, slowly enter the beaten eggs into it and let stand for ten minutes.

5. Stir the dough slightly and place with a spoon into the oil boiling in the pan. On moderate to medium heat, fry like ordinary pancakes, about a couple of minutes on each side.

Recipe for lush pancakes on yogurt with apples


• high-quality flour for baking - 300 gr .;

• half a liter of sour homemade milk;

• three raw eggs;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of table salt;

• six Art. l Sahara;

• 5 gr. baking ripper;

• two large sour apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the eggs, salt and granulated sugar.

2. Add warm yogurt and mix well.

3. Gradually add the flour that has been sown with the ripper. If the dough turned out insufficient thickness, add flour more than the specified amount.

4. Apples free from the peel and seeds, layered into thin medium-sized pieces.

5. Add apple slices to the dough, mix well and let stand for about half an hour.

6. Repeat the process, ensuring uniform distribution of apples.

7. Over medium heat, heat the vegetable oil well and spoon the dough in small portions with a spoon.

8. Cook over medium heat, as usual, for two minutes each side. During the frying process, constantly stir the dough so that the apples do not sink to the bottom.

Recipe for curd pancakes with yogurt


• 300 gr. low fat cottage cheese;

• half a liter of sour milk;

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• three large spoons of sugar;

• white baking flour / s. - 3 tbsp .;

• one tsp. Ripper for the test.

Cooking Method:

1. Stir bored milk with a whisk, warm it in a water bath, add a ripper to the dough. If the liquid does not start to foam slightly and bubble, add a little soda. 2. Separate the eggs and set aside the yolks. Squirrel whip with salt in the foam.

3. Whiten the yolks with sugar and combine with the curd. If grains appear in the curd mass, grind it through a sieve.

4. Then add the sour milk and stir in, gradually, sifted flour.

5. In the almost finished dough, gently stirring it with directional movements from the bottom up, enter the whipped whites.

6. Tablespoon spread portions of dough in hot oil. Roast on medium heat.

Recipe for lush pancakes on yogurt with semolina without flour and eggs


• one and a half glasses of dry semolina;

• two glasses of homemade “stale” yogurt;

• 0.5 tsp. baking soda;

• freshly squeezed lemon juice - 10 drops (replaceable with vinegar);

• choice - cinnamon or vanilla.

Cooking Method:

1. Dry semolina mixed with sour milk and leave until the cereal swells.

2. Then add the extinguished soda with edible acid.

3. Pour a choice of one of the flavors (vanilla or cinnamon).

4. To your taste, sweeten, lightly salt and finally stir.

5. Fry as usual, in a well-heated vegetable oil over medium heat, but be sure to cover the pan with a lid.

Recipe for buckwheat fluffy pancakes on yogurt


• buckwheat and wheat flour - in a full glass;

• sour milk, medium-fat - 2.5 cups;

• 1/3 tsp. quicklime soda;

• one chicken egg;

• salt - to taste;

• 9% table vinegar;

• A large, full spoon of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix and double-cross flour of both types.

2. Quench the soda with vinegar, pour into the yogurt slightly warmed in the water bath and stir well.

3. After the mixture has been standing for a quarter of an hour, pour the egg with a whisk, which is loose with a whisk, and gradually mix in the flour. In a rare dough, add more mixtures of buckwheat and wheat flour. Dilute too thick mass with yogurt.

4. Fry the pancakes immediately, putting the dough in boiling oil. Fry, turning on both sides, without covering the pan with a lid.

Recipe: Fritters on yogurt, with honey and poppy


• one and a half glasses of sour milk;

• chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;

• a teaspoon of burnt baking soda;

• two spoons of liquid honey;

• two full spoons of granulated sugar;

• five tablespoons of dried poppy;

• for serving - liquid honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the quickened soda into the fermented milk, stir and keep warm for at least a quarter of an hour.

2. Then add sugar, a small pinch of salt and eggs. Pour in honey, add poppy seeds and, stirring well with a whisk, stir in the flour.

3. In a hot frying pan add a little odorless vegetable oil and fry pancakes, two minutes on each side.

4. Serve such pancakes hot, watering with honey.

Recipe for lush pancakes on yogurt with bananas


• two small bananas;

• 150 ml of sour homemade milk;

• two spoons of sugar;

• 200 gr. white baking bitch;

• 100 gr. natural thickened cream;

• a teaspoon of factory ripper.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel bananas, cut into small pieces and beat in a mashed potato with a kitchen processor (blender).

2. Mix sour milk with a ripper, add an egg beaten with a pinch of salt and whisk well.

3. Then combine into one, both masses, and, constantly beating, enter flour.

4. At the very end, add well-melted, but not hot, cooled butter. Stir the dough again and let it stand for half an hour.

5. Put the pancakes with the spoon into the oil boiling on the hot-frying pan with a spoon, and fry them until ready.

Fritters on yogurt - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• All components of the dough must be of the same temperature, so the sour cream added to it is mixed with sour milk, and only then heated. Eggs are laid out in advance from the refrigerator and allowed to warm at room temperature. You can also warm the eggs under running warm, not hot water.

• After you have used hydrated soda, do not add flour to the dough, otherwise the pancakes will settle. First you need to adjust its consistency and only after that add the ripper. • The quick soda and ripper dough is injected directly into sour milk or mixed with flour.

• To make the thick dough better off the spoon, it can be dipped in water before each fence. Do not forget to shake off the remnants of it well so that the water does not get into the hot fat, otherwise you can burn yourself.

• The oil in the pan should be enough to cover the dough for a third. With a smaller amount of the product does not work out lush and burn.

• The degree of hot oil can be checked by dripping a little dough into it. If it quickly “grabbed” and did not spread, you can start frying.

• When buying homemade milk on the market, be sure to ask whether it is morning, or evening, “shot”, or whole milk. The talkative seller will advise the one that is better and sour faster.

• Souring milk at home on pancakes, at the same time you can learn a lot of interesting things about the dairy industry. Good "shop" milk sour badly - affects the composition of the product, the degree of pasteurization, reliability and quality of packaging.

• The amount of whey, clear liquid at the bottom of the bottle with sour milk, an illustrative scale of the quality of the original product. If it turned out to be more than a third, be careful not to buy products from this manufacturer. If half the liquid is clear, it is better to forget about this brand forever.

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