Fritters are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lush pancakes.

Fritters are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lush pancakes.

Fritters - general principles and methods of cooking

Fritters have long been considered a tasty and satisfying meal. They are served for breakfast, and as a dessert for lunch or dinner. Some bake pancakes exclusively with yeast, considering that this is the only way to make truly fluffy pancakes. However, for their preparation you need a certain amount of time, because these pancakes are lush because their dough is raised thanks to the yeast. That is why many people prefer other recipes for fluffy pancakes, faster cooking.

For example, wonderful lush pancakes can be obtained from dough on kefir or on yogurt. They prepare very quickly, and they are no worse than yeast. Another option for lush pancakes is pancakes made from dough made with soda or baking powder. In this case, the secret of pomp is that when using these components, carbon dioxide is released, and the dough also rises. In short, the principle of cooking lush pancakes is always the same - to prepare a lush test that can "breathe" and rise. Only then, as in the case with yeast dough, the pancakes will turn out really lush and will remain so not only in the pan, but also on the table.

Fritters - food preparation

For the production of fluffy pancakes, the quality of flour is of great importance. At the same time, it must be sieved at least 3 times so that the flour is saturated with oxygen and our pancakes rise better.

The fat content of kefir or yogurt, which we will use in recipes, does not matter much; there are no special requirements for these products. However, some housewives argue that the more sour kefir or yogurt, the richer and tastier the fritters turn out.

Fritters are the best recipes

Recipe 1: Fritters from yogurt with raisins

Fritters are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lush pancakes.

It is said that the most magnificent pancakes are obtained on yogurt. By adding raisins to the dough, you get a very tasty and nutritious sweet dish. If desired, raisins can be replaced with dried apricots, apples or any other fruit to your liking. Ingredients:

200 gr. yogurt or kefir;

200 gr. flour;

1 egg;

50 gr. Sahara;

100 gr. raisins;

rast. frying oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour yogurt or kefir in a saucepan or bowl (it is better to take a deep and comfortable, to prevent splashing of the dough on the sides). We drive in the same egg and add vanilla, mix everything well.

2. The raisins are well washed and soaked for about half an hour. Then, drain the water, dry it with a paper towel.

3. Add flour to the bowl and knead the dough. Then, continuing to knead, send the same raisins. We need to get on the density of the dough, which we can spread with a spoon in the pan.

4. Well-warming the pan with sunflower oil, bake our pancakes on it so that they become rosy.

Served with sour cream.

Recipe 2: Fritters with cottage cheese and cheese

Fritters are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lush pancakes.

Making fritters with cheese filling, we get a very tasty and original dish. Although, if there is no cheese for the filling, these pancakes on the curd dough themselves always come out consistently tasty and fluffy.


200 gr. cottage cheese;

150 gr. kefir;

2 eggs;

100 gr. flour;

150 gr. cheese;

2 cloves of garlic;

50 gr. sour cream;

0.5 tsp. soda;

to taste the salt and dill.

Cooking Method:

1. For the filling, rub the cheese on a fine grater, chop the garlic and finely chop the dill. Adding sour cream, mix everything. The filling should be very thick.

2. For the dough, mix the flour with eggs, cottage cheese, kefir and soda with a mixer. So that when frying the pancakes absorb less oil, it is better to take the components for the dough not from the refrigerator, but at room temperature. As a result, we should also get a thick dough.

3. Warming up the pan well, pour the vegetable oil in there and spread the dough on it with a spoon, put the stuffing on top of each serving, put the dough on top again. Then fry like ordinary pancakes.

Recipe 3: Fritters on yogurt without eggs

Fritters are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lush pancakes.

Some people think that the more eggs are put into pancakes, the richer they will be. In fact, having tried to cook these lush pancakes with absolutely no eggs, you will understand that the secret of pomp is not at all in eggs. And in what? Try to guess by preparing these lush, soft and very tasty pancakes. Ingredients:

200 gr. kefir;

200 gr. flour;

50 gr. Sahara;

30 gr. rast. butter in the dough;

1 tsp. soda;

rast. frying oil.

Cooking Method:

1. After mixing kefir with salt and sugar in a deep bowl, add flour and soda there. The amount of flour in the recipe is approximate, it is determined by the density of kefir and the quality of the flour. Quickly knead the dough from the taken ingredients, preventing the appearance of lumps. It is better to do this with a whisk or fork.

2. After receiving the dough thickness, like sour cream, put the pan with vegetable oil on the fire to warm up well. Better to take a frying pan with a thick bottom. When it is ready for baking pancakes, add vegetable oil to the dough, quickly stir and begin to spread small pancakes into the pan. Fry them over low heat, covering the pan with a lid.

Fritters - useful tips from experienced chefs

Lush pancakes without yeast can only come from a fairly thick dough. It should look like its consistency in a very thick cream.

If you are used to frying on a small amount of oil or no fat at all, for example, in a pan with a non-stick coating, then you should opt for thin pancakes. These lush pancakes can be cooked only in a sufficient amount of vegetable oil, otherwise they will not bake and at the same time also burn them. As an option - you can try to use for this purpose the oven.

Some chefs also recommend the following. If you are cooking fluffy pancakes on soda, then it should be put in the dough at the beginning of cooking, adding citric acid diluted with water at the end (one third tsp. Of acid per 1 tablespoon of water). When dissolved citric acid is added to the dough, flour can no longer be added to it, so that the pancakes do not settle, then they will turn out no worse than yeast.

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