Fritters on kefir

Babies and parents, grandparents love delicious, fluffy pancakes! Fritters - a wonderful snack for a cup of cocoa, kefir or tea, for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.

Fritters on kefir

If there is no time to cook pastries, and you want something home-made for tea, nazhrezte rosy, fluffy pancakes! And how to prepare them to get tasty, beautiful and airy - read in today's recipe.

There are two basic options: sour milk and yeast. This recipe will tell you how to make yeast free pancakes - a faster and easier option.

Ingredients for lush pancakes on kefir

At 2, 5-3 ten:

  • 500 ml of kefir (sour milk);
  • 3 eggs;
  • sugar to taste;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 1 tsp. soda;
  • 1, 5 tbsp. - 1 and 2/3 of Art. flour.

Method of cooking puff pancakes on kefir

In a bowl, combine eggs and sugar. If you want to make fritters sweet - put 4-5 tablespoons of sugar, if the snack option - enough 1 spoon. Whip sugar and eggs with a mixer or just mix well.

Pour kefir in a bowl. Sour milk is also suitable, as long as it is not bitter. Even whey is good - but, of course, yogurt or kefir tastes better.

Fritters on kefir Fritters on kefir Fritters on kefir

We pour soda into the dough, preferably without lumps, and then mix it thoroughly. See the bubbles in the dough? Dairy product perfectly extinguishes soda without vinegar, the main thing is to mix well. The blistering dough - the more magnificent, delicate fritters! Cooked dough can not be left for a long time, as it can stand, the bubbles will disappear, and the pancakes will turn out flat. So we knead - and immediately fry! Slightly salt the dough and sift the flour into the bowl - first take 1 cup, mix, and then add the rest of the flour, from 0.5 to 2/3 cup, until you get moderately thick dough, the consistency is like fatty home-made sour cream.

Fritters on kefir Fritters on kefir Fritters on kefir

Pour the sunflower oil into the pan, and when it warms up well, spread the portions of dough with a spoon, trying to make the pancakes round. Make sure that there is a small gap between the fritters, then they will not stick together. If the dough spreads too much - you need to add a little flour.

Fritters on kefir

Fry the pancakes on the fire a little more than the average, carefully we look, so as not to burn - they redden very quickly. The signal to turn over - the appearance of openwork holes in pancakes.

Gently turn the pancakes with a spatula or fork on the other side and fry until golden.

Remove the finished pancakes on a plate, pour some butter into the pan and begin to fry a new batch. And I advise you to try the first one right there. Hot, fresh pancakes right from the pan - the most delicious!

Fritters on kefir

It is great to pour the fritters with sour cream, honey or jam! And if the season is fresh fruit, you can add berries, slices of apples, apricots directly into the dough. In winter, try exotic pancakes with pineapples, and at any time of the year - with cottage cheese or jam. These are options for sweet teeth, and there are also snacks recipes: pancakes with sausage, minced meat and fresh greens. Here are some recipes of your choice!

Fritters on kefir

Fruit and berry pancakes

Pour into a ready-made dough clean berries (cherry, blueberry, cranberry), dried in a sieve or on a towel, or pieces of fruit (apples, peaches), mix and fry fritters. If the fruit and berries are very juicy, then on top of the finished dough, first pour a little potato starch (1-1, 5 tbsp. L.), Then add the berries and mix. Starch absorbs excess moisture, and fritters will not appear unbaked because of the juice. If you use canned cherries, then before adding to the dough, keep it in a colander to drain the juice.

Spring green pancakes

A very interesting recipe, good in spring and early summer, when full of fresh greens.

With my and finely cut a large bunch of green onions, dill, pour the greens into the dough after kefir and soda, mix. Then add flour, mix again and fry the pancakes, as usual.

Pancakes with “surprise”

Sweet cottage cheese, thick jam, a slice of sausage, a spoon of fried onion with minced meat or mushrooms can serve as a “surprise”.

Pour into the pan is not a full spoon of dough, and half a serving. Put a “surprise” in the middle and fill it with the second half of dough. Fry the pancakes with the filling on a smaller fire than the usual ones, and a little longer, so that they are well cooked in the middle. Gently overturn and fry on the other side to a ruddy color.

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