Sour fritters - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sour pancakes.

Sour fritters - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sour pancakes.

Sour pancakes - general principles and methods of cooking

Where pancakes, here and good; where the pancakes, here we are! We all love thin pancakes, but they take time. Another thing pancakes - no less appetizing, they are a real magic wand, when there is no time for cooking. Thick blinkers of thick dough several pieces in a frying pan roast almost instantly, and they are eaten even faster. Fritters of yogurt grow, grow in size, they are fluffy and soft. It is a pleasure to cook them - first, you do not need to soil your hands with flour, kneading the dough. Secondly, cost-effective recipes consist of simple affordable products.

In some cases, yeast dough is used, which is made directly on the water. With a certain technology, you can get an infinite number of options. Sour pancakes on the water are fried with slaked soda, but of course, they have a simpler taste. Say what you like, and tasty pancakes cooked according to classic recipes, including milk or dairy products. Pour them with honey, sour cream jam or condensed milk, and get a wonderful dessert for tea.

Sour Fritters - Food Preparation

Sour dough for pancakes unobtrusive and very pleasant. You can get it in a different way - using yogurt or kefir, ordinary whey or just water acidified with lemon juice or acid. Rich and tasty pancakes are obtained using ryazhenka or kefir. It is fashionable to bake fritters and sour cream, but they will be very high-calorie. The result is even better if you dilute it with water or milk to the consistency of kefir. If the base is neutral, add more acid and soda for fluffy pancakes, or use more baking powder. Spread the dough in a frying pan with a spoon, it is very convenient to use a classic wooden Russian spoon.

Sour Fritters - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Sour pancakes with yogurt and apples

You can cook pancakes without apples, but whatever you say, it’s tastier and more interesting, especially if you cut them into small, thin slices. Any variety will do, but for contrast, the better one is the sour (Antonovka, Semyrenko). Sour milk undiluted is also better, but if it is not enough, it can be diluted with water. Ingredients: flour (5 tablespoons with top), egg, yogurt (200 ml), sugar (1 spoon), a pinch of soda, apples (2-3 pieces, preferably sour), vegetable or ghee for frying

Method of preparation

Cut the apples. Some housewives rub them coarsely, but flat pieces are much better. Beat the egg with sugar and salt. Add flour, mixed with a, sour milk and sugar. Mix and add apples. Put a dough on a preheated pan with 2 spoons of butter, a few things at certain intervals, as the pancakes tend to grow. Fry on low heat. Stir the dough during cooking each time, otherwise the apples, emerging, are used before. Spread on a plate and pour the jam or sour cream.

Recipe 2: Sour Fritters with Pear and Ginger

A dish for lovers of strong tastes. Pear and raw ginger will give a bit tart combination, teasing and warming inside. A new taste, pleasant and unusual complemented by cheese - a real man's dish.

Ingredients: eggs (2 pieces), sugar (2 spoons), hard cheese (50 grams), fresh or ground ginger, lemon, flour (0.5 cups), vegetable oil or ghee.

Method of preparation

Beat eggs with sugar. Rub on a coarse grater pear and cheese, add a pinch of ginger. Combine products with beaten eggs and pours a little flour. Straight into the dough, you can squeeze half a lemon. Fry the pancakes as usual - laying out the spoons in a pan. The pear from the peel can not be peeled, so that the distinct taste of the fruit is felt more. Lemon pleasantly acidifies the dough. Brew to this dish strong fresh tea.

Recipe 3: Sour Banana Fritters

If you want to please your loved ones very very original dish, cook banana fritters. By the way, this dish is unusual for us only. In those places where bananas can be removed from the branches, banana fritters are one of the daily dishes. Sour product here needs quite a bit.

Ingredients: flour (1 cup), sugar (1 tablespoon), salt (teaspoon), sour milk (1 cup), soda (half a teaspoon), vegetable oil (2 spoons), bananas ( 2-3 pieces). Method of preparation

Do not like to mess around for a long time - use a blender. Mix egg, sour milk, vegetable oil and bananas until the lumps disappear. Add the mixed flour, baking powder (or soda) and sugar. Put pancakes on a heated pan with butter and fry them in the usual way. You can decorate them with strawberry pieces, powdered sugar. Serve with sour cream.

Recipe 4: Sour Fritters on Yeast

Yeast dough seems capricious. Cooking buns or pies should be with caution, according to proven recipes that the dough is properly raised. And in the case of pancakes, you can not worry - the first time they get you just fine.

Ingredients: flour (600 grams), milk mixed with water (600 g), sugar (1 spoon), yeast (20 grams), sugar (2-3 spoons), salt, eggs (2- 3 pieces), vegetable oil, butter (1 spoon).

Method of preparation

For the dough we dilute 20 grams of yeast in a small amount of water (three spoons is enough). In the mixture, add half the milk and half a spoonful of sugar, then 2 cups of the sifted flour. Stir the dough and cover with a towel. Leave for a few hours. When the brew rises, we dilute the remaining products in a separate bowl, pour it into the brew and gradually add the flour. The dough is soft and elastic. It should come up a bit, and you can fry it in the usual way. Ruddy beautiful pancakes - what you need for breakfast or dinner.

Sour pancakes - useful tips from experienced chefs

Fritters can be cooked with cottage cheese. You say: yes, these are ordinary cheesecakes, but there are still differences. The dough on the pancakes is more liquid, while the cheesecakes are molded by hand. Cottage cheese pancakes with added berries such as currants or raspberries are even tastier. You can use frozen berries. Simply rub the curd with the eggs and combine with the rest of the ingredients and fry on both sides.

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