Pies with pumpkin and apples are magical homemade pastries. We see off the autumn pies with pumpkins and apples

Pies with pumpkin and apples are magical homemade pastries. We see off the autumn pies with pumpkins and apples

Ruddy apples and pot-bellied pumpkins are frequent neighbors on the kitchen table. They make casseroles and pastries from them, jam and even juices.

One of the brightest combined recipes is, perhaps, pies. And they have a wonderful property.

Hot, piping hot, and even lying down for a couple of days, they are equally tasty, although they are completely different. If the fans of hot and cold pumpkin-apple pies start a dispute with you, feel free to ask for a draw and proceed to the pies immediately.

Pumpkin and Apple Pies - General Cooking Principles

• In pumpkin pies and apples are crushed. The flesh of vegetables and fruits is cut into medium-sized pieces, rubbed into chips, and in the presence of a blender, cut into mashed potatoes. Sometimes pumpkin and apples are pre-stewed or baked.

• Crushed pumpkin and apple pulp is added to the dough or mixed with it. Often they put the apples in the filling, and knead the dough with the pumpkin.

• Forms with pumpkin and apple pies are placed in an oven that has already been heated to the recommended temperature. Baking time depends on the specific type of cake and is always indicated in the recipe. The optimum air temperature in the oven should not exceed 180 degrees. Product readiness is checked by piercing the surface with a wooden stick.

Nut cake with pumpkin and apples


• kernels of nuts, peeled - 50 g;

• 500 gr. pumpkins;

• 400 gr. high-quality flour;

• 50 gr. natural butter, cream;

• a pack of factory ripper;

• 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves, cinnamon, coriander and salt.


• 350 gr. peeled apples;

• 1 gr. vanilla crystals;

• ground cinnamon - to taste;

• 50 gr. sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Separate the firm pulp of the pumpkin from the fibrous part with seeds, peel the skin. Slice the vegetable into large slices, spread the pieces on a baking tray and bake at 180 degrees until softened. Put on a sieve, cool slightly and grind. 2. Grind walnuts in a coffee grinder or smash them well with a blender.

3. To pumpkin puree, add soft, butter, spices, nuts and mix well. Then add the flour ripper and carefully, slowly, knead the dough.

4. After cleaning the apples, cut them into thin slices and dip the slices in water, slightly acidified with lemon, so as not to darken.

5. Separate 3/4 of the kneaded dough and evenly cover the bottom with a round shape, with a diameter of up to 25 cm, and form small sides. To prevent the cake from sticking, pre-cover the bottom of the form with parchment.

6. On top of the dough, spread out the apple slices evenly, sprinkle them with sugar and lightly tap with cinnamon, mixed with vanilla.

7. On the apple filling randomly lay out the remnants of the dough, tearing it off in small pieces.

8. Place the form in the oven and bake, maintaining the heat at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Delicate pumpkin and apple pie


• four eggs;

• one and a half glasses of flour;

• spoon ripper;

• a full glass of refined sugar;

• apples - 3 pcs .;

• 150 gr. thickened cream or butter;

• crystalline vanillin- 1 tsp;

• 200 gr. the pulp of a ripe pumpkin;

• cinnamon powder - 1/3 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Grate a hard pumpkin pulp with a large grater. After peeling the apples, chop them into thin short straws or small pieces and mix with the crushed pumpkin.

2. Sprinkle cinnamon over the filling, put a tablespoon of sugar in a separate bowl, and add the rest to the filling and mix thoroughly.

3. Gently breaking eggs, separate the whites and yolks. Beat the whites with a small pinch of salt until a dense foam is obtained, sprinkle the yolks until white, adding sugar.

4. Add melted butter to yolks and mix thoroughly with a whisk or beat with a mixer at low speed.

5. Add the prepared oil mass to the whipped proteins and mix in a gentle movement, from the bottom up.

6. Continuing to gently stir the resulting air mixture, gradually introduce the double-seeded and flour ripper. It should make a gentle “airy” dough. 7. Apply butter to the bottom and walls of a round shape, about 22 cm in diameter and sprinkle with a dry semolina. Remove excess cereal by lightly shaking the container upside down above the sink.

8. Place half of the dough in an evenly prepared baking dish. Lay out all the stuffing on top and cover it with the remaining dough, gently leveling it with a moistened spoon.

9. Put baked in a preheated oven and check the readiness of the cake, punctures a match or toothpick after 40 minutes.

Curd pie with pumpkin and apples under meringue


• white baking flour - 360-400 gr .;

• 75 gr. refined sugar;

• 1 egg;

• creamy “Farmer” oil - 50 g;

• 20% sour cream - 100 gr .;

• ripper - 1 bag.


• 300 gr. peeled and pumpkin seeds;

• 200 gr. apples sweet-sour or moderately sweet;

• half a kilo of elastic 9% cottage cheese;

• 100 gr. white sugar;

• half a small thin-skinned lemon.

For cream:

• 125 gr. powdered sugar;

• two raw proteins.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the butter in advance in the freezer and freeze well.

2. Combine the granulated sugar with the sour cream, pour in the egg, whisk well and rub the frost-bitten butter into the resulting mass with a large grater.

3. Add some salt, add the ripper and sifted flour. Knead the dough, which does not stick to the dishes, and place it in a bag in the freezer for half an hour.

4. In a deep saucepan, pour half a glass of water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pour in half the sugar, lower the sliced ​​pumpkin and the same size chopped apples, without the peel. Over low heat, extinguish the vegetable and fruit until the slices are completely softened, cool.

5. Add the remaining sugar to the curd and mix. Twist in a meat grinder or perebite to a porridge mass blender.

6. In a separate bowl, just a blender, mash the cooled slices of pumpkin and apples. Mix the curd and fruit mass.

7. Roll out the dough in the cold roll around a little wider than the form and shift into it, slightly lifting the edges on the wall. Cover the sheet with parchment paper, put a handful of dry peas on top and set it to bake at 180 degrees. 8. After 20 minutes, remove the blank from the oven, carefully remove the parchment with peas and return the cake back for another 15 minutes.

9. After that, remove the sand from the oven, put the prepared stuffing in it and send the cake to bake.

10. After twenty minutes, cover the surface of the product with powdered sugar and bring it to readiness. You can get the cake when the protein mass becomes a creamy shade.

Quick and easy pie with pumpkin and apples, without kneading dough


• full glass of semolina;

• unrefined sugar - 200 gr .;

• 160 gr. wheat flour;

• a pound of juicy pumpkin pulp;

• four large apples;

• finely ground cinnamon - 1 / 3h. l .;

• sweet cream butter - 100 gr .;

• baking soda - 1/2 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Having cleaned the peels and seeds of the fruit, rub them separately with a large grater.

2. In a bowl that is suitable in size, sift flour, add semolina and all the sugar, cinnamon and soda, mix. Divide into 3 equal parts.

3. Slightly form a small form or thick-walled pan without a handle, rub it with butter and distribute a third of the loose mass on the bottom.

4. Top and gently level the pumpkin chips, cover it with a piece of loose “dough”. Put grated apples over it and close them with the remaining free-flowing mixture.

5. Spread butter over the entire surface of the future cake, if possible evenly. You can freeze it in advance and rub with a grater with large cells.

6. Place the cake mold on an average level of the oven heated to 180 degrees and bake for 50 minutes.

Pie with pumpkin and apples - “Colors of Autumn”


• pasteurized milk - 50 ml;

• four spoons of any honey;

• egg;

• 100 gr. unrefined sugar;

• 8 tablespoons of water;

• 2 apples;

• peeled pumpkin pulp - 500 gr .;

• purchased cultivator - 1 tsp;

• 350 gr. wheat flour of high quality. Cooking Method:

1. Cut the flesh into cubes first, then chop into a blender. You can rub it with the finest grater. After washing the apples, cut them to remove the hearts and cut them into thin, thin slices, leave the peel.

2. In the milk, stir the sugar, pour in the egg, add the ripper, whisk thoroughly. Enter the pumpkin with flour and whisk everything well again with a whisk or blender. You can use a mixer.

3. Any refractory form, with a diameter of about 20 cm, rub with butter and sprinkle with ground breadcrumbs. Pour the dough and level the surface with a spatula.

4. Top carefully in a spiral lay the apple slices skinned up, the flesh slightly press down, so that it is slightly dipped into the dough.

5. Place the roaster in the oven for 50 minutes, keeping it at 180 degrees.

6. Mix honey with water, place on moderate heat. While stirring continuously, boil for a minute and turn off the heat. Pour the baked syrup in 10 minutes until ready.

Pie with pumpkin and apples - “Autumn manna”


• finely ground pumpkin - 1 cup;

• half a cup of sugar;

• one cup of medium kefir;

• a glass of shredded grated apples;

• wheat flour - 120 gr .;

• two eggs;

• fresh semolina - 200 gr .;

• 100 gr. thick cream, home;

• a handful of light raisins;

• Refined lean oil - 2 large spoons;

• ripper - 2 spoons;

• one third of a spoon of ground cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Put in semolina in slightly heated kefir, mix and let stand for at least half an hour. The longer the mixture builds, the better the semolina will swell, and its grains will not be felt in the cake.

2. Slightly squeeze the pumpkin pulp and mix it with crushed apples and sugar.

3. For 10 minutes, fill the raisins with hot water, then squeeze it and dry.

4. Mix the flour that has been sieved through a sieve with the ripper and cinnamon.

5. On a small fire or using a water bath for the same purpose, melt the butter, cool it slightly, and beat well with eggs. 6. In the swelled semolina add apple-pumpkin mixture and raisins. Pour in the eggs, beaten with butter, add flour with other ingredients added to it and knead the dough. Add vegetable oil and mix immediately.

7. Apply a thin layer of cream on the walls and bottom of the mold, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and shake off the remnants.

8. After that, in the prepared form pour the dough and place it in the oven. Baking duration 40 minutes.

Pies with pumpkin and apples - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Be sure, and best of all, not once, cross the flour. This will allow you to saturate it with air, which will add extra lightness to baking.

• If you need to add soda or baking powder to the dough, mix the powder with the flour and then cross it. So they better go on the test.

• Be sure to apply a layer of butter on the bottom and walls of the molds. This will prevent sticking of the product and greatly facilitate the removal of the finished cake from the mold.

• If the pastry is still stuck, put the mold on a damp cloth, such as a towel. After a quarter of an hour, the bottom will dampen a little and the product will slip by itself.

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