Warming the body and soul - mulled white wine. Prepare a flavored mulled wine from white wine with berries, citrus, honey, apples

Warming the body and soul - mulled white wine. Prepare a flavored mulled wine from white wine with berries, citrus, honey, apples

A remedy for autumn blues, winter cold and even colds, a drink with a beautiful amber color and a tart taste - all this is mulled white wine.

It is not so familiar to us, as brewed on the basis of red wine, but no less pleasant and useful.

Basic principles of making white wine mulled wine

First of all, let's define wine. For making a hot drink, connoisseurs recommend taking dry or semi-dry white. It is stronger, tart, fragrant. However, semi-sweet can also be used if desired. It is not necessary to buy expensive matured wines, you can take a light young wine. The main thing is that it should be of high quality and natural.

To get mulled wine the wine will need to be heated along with the spices. It is important to remember - do not exceed the temperature of 70 degrees and do not allow the drink to boil. The signal for the end of heating is the appearance of small bubbles on the surface of the liquid.

Further spices. They give mulled wine its bright spicy taste and warming effect.

Vanilla. Of course, it is best to use a real vanilla pod. But since it is not always possible to find it, and for the price it is not very affordable, you can take vanilla sugar. By the way, it is also produced on the basis of natural vanilla.

Cinnamon. This spice with a warm aroma is used in the form of sticks. Ground powder may cloud the finished drink, and it will lose its transparent straw color.

Cardamom. For the preparation of mulled wine, you can use the whole box of cardamom or break them to get a brighter smell of spices.

Ginger is added carefully and slightly, otherwise his strongly pronounced, intense taste will kill all the others.

Carnation Without this classic ingredient is difficult to imagine mulled wine. It is also better not to overdo it, so that the drink does not taste bitter.

Sometimes they add some star anise to mulled wine (gives anise flavor), nutmeg, juniper or allspice. Sugar is also added to the drink - not too much so that the taste does not become too cloying. And for greater utility, instead of sugar, honey is used in some recipes.

The classic supplement to mulled wine is lemon or orange, their juice or zest. If citrus is used together with the peel, it is very important to wash it properly, and it is better to pour boiling water on it, because now for long-term storage fruits are treated with various substances. In addition, hot water will also help to remove excess bitterness.

Also in white mulled wine in different recipes add berries, such as raspberries, apples and pear.

Classic mulled white wine

This basic recipe has a rather large selection of spices. If some of them do not like, you can remove or put not so much. Also to your taste vary the amount of sugar.


Liter of wine (dry white);

cardamom - two things;

cinnamon - stick;

carnation - four buds;

ginger - a piece of the root of two cm;

sugar - two tablespoons;

half a bag of vanilla sugar;


Method of preparation

The orange is very good and we will wash it thoroughly, beat it with boiling water. Cut it together with the peel - it is possible on slices, it is possible on the circles.

Cut ginger root into small pieces.

Choose a suitable size pot, also fit a small saucepan. Pour wine there. Add all our spices, plain sugar and vanilla. We place on the weak fire and begin to warm up. Stir. As soon as small bubbles appear, it's time to turn off the flame. Boil liquids do not give!

Now we put cut citrus into mulled wine and leave it to infuse for about a quarter of an hour. After that, the drink must be filtered to remove pieces of fruit and spices. Mulled wine ready to serve. Choose beautiful glasses or cups to your taste and enjoy a hot drink.

Mulled white wine with lemon and honey

If you are cold and cold, this drink will help to warm up and have a beneficial effect on the body due to the healing effects of honey and vitamin C. In addition, the composition of white wine has such a component - caffeic acid. It helps to improve the work of the lungs, relieve cough, and therefore a hot drink from white wine will come in handy when you have a cold. Ingredients

A bottle of white wine (dry);

carnation - three things;


honey - two tablespoons;

Cinnamon - one stick.

Method of preparation

Lemon wash Pour boiling water. Divide into two halves. The first cut into slices. The second is needed for squeezing the juice.

Pour the wine into the pot. There also - spices and lemon juice.

Heat the liquid gradually, on a very quiet fire. Boil not give. As we see small bubbles on the surface, turn off. Give a little cool and only then put the honey to keep it useful substances. Under the lid, leave for a quarter of an hour, let it infuse.

When serving glasses can be decorated with lemon slices.

White wine mulled wine mulled (with the addition of rum)

Strong and spicy. If desired, the star anise and cardamom can be added to the set of spices, then mulled wine will have a particularly rich taste.


Half a cup of water;

half a liter of wine (semi-sweet white);


two apples;

cinnamon - two sticks;


carnation - three things;

100 grams of rum;

25 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

Thoroughly wash the fruit. From the orange we remove the zest, squeeze the juice out of the fruit. Apples and pear thinly cut into small slices.

Water is poured into a saucepan. We put there all the spices. A little heat. Add sugar. We continue to heat and stir until the sugar disperses without residue.

Now it's time to send slices of fruit, zest and orange juice. Cook a few more minutes. Then slowly pour in the wine. It remains to heat the liquid to the desired temperature (70 degrees) and remove when bubbles appear.

Immediately pour rum. Insist a quarter of an hour. Strain, pour, serve.

Mulled white wine with berries

Blackberries, raspberries, currants or cherries - choose the berries to your taste. You can take fresh, but fit and frozen.


Half a liter of wine (dry white);

sugar - three tablespoons;

berries - 250 grams;

vanilla - a pod (or a bag of sugar with natural vanilla).

Method of preparation Wine, sugar and berries are placed in a saucepan. We start to heat up. Very strong flame do not. If you use vanilla sugar, just add it to the wine. If you have vanilla in a pod, then it should be cut along, carefully scrape out the fragrant contents with a knife and send it to the stewpan. There we also place the pod itself.

We warm the mixture until sugar dissolves and bubbles appear. Submit this mulled wine can be right along with the berries, not filtering.

Mulled white wine with zest and orange juice

Drink with a pronounced citrus flavor. Especially useful because it is made on the basis of fresh juice.


Half a liter of white wine (semi-dry);

two oranges;

brown sugar - four tablespoons;

five pieces of carnation and cardamom.

Method of preparation

Both citrus use for juice. From one of them we also remove the zest, after carefully washing the fruit.

Put the juice in a saucepan on a weak flame. There also immediately go peel, sugar and spices. We give the sugar to completely disperse, and the juice to boil for a third.

Now came the turn of the wine. Add it to the juice. We warm everything together. Filter, serve.

Mulled white wine with egg yolks

An unusual version of a hot drink from wine. Egg yolks give a delicate texture and a pleasant taste. Wine for this recipe is better to take a semi-sweet.


A bottle of white wine (semi-sweet);

glass of water;

carnation - three things;

cinnamon - stick;

sugar - three tablespoons;

yolks of four eggs.

Method of preparation

We combine water and wine in a skillet, set to warm up on a slow fire. Add all the spices.

Separating the yolks from the proteins, mix them with sugar, rub them very carefully. The mass should turn white.

Now you need to pour the wine into the pounded yolks: slowly, with a thin stream. Stir constantly. It is important that the wine is not too heated, otherwise the yolks will easily curl.

We arm ourselves with a whisk, and, whipping the resulting mixture with it, warm it slightly until foam appears on the surface. Immediately pour into mugs and serve.

Mulled white wine with tangerines and honey

Another version of mulled wine with citrus. Tangerines make this drink a New Year's holiday.


100 grams of honey;

half a glass of water;

bottle of white wine (dry);

carnation - three things;

two mandarins;

cinnamon - two sticks;


Method of preparation

Well washed orange cut into small slices. Tangerines clean and just disassemble into slices.

Spices are placed in a saucepan, pour them with water. Add honey. Bring to a boil, do not forget to stir. Strain out.

The resulting spicy liquid is mixed with wine. Again, pour into the saucepan and put on the stove. Put the citrus. Slowly heat, do not boil. Can be poured by the glass.

Mulled White Wine - Secrets and Tricks

· Strain the finished drink, if you do not want it to be too concentrated - the spices and fruit, even in a glass, continue to saturate the wine with their taste. For example, lemon peel with too long infusion can give mulled wine a bitterness.

· When adding strong alcohol to mulled wine - brandy, rum, brandy - try not to get carried away, otherwise the taste of the wine itself will simply be lost.

· If you strive to maintain the maximum beneficial properties of honey, put it in mulled wine not immediately, but a few minutes after the end of cooking, when the liquid has cooled slightly, about 40 degrees.

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