Compote of apples and oranges - the harmony of benefit, taste and aroma. How to prepare a compote of apples and oranges in different versions

Compote of apples and oranges - the harmony of benefit, taste and aroma. How to prepare a compote of apples and oranges in different versions

Compote from apples is familiar and loved by many since long.

In addition, apples - the most common fruit in our country, so the drink comes out quite economical.

However, tasty and healthy. And what will happen if an apple is added to the apple?

Today, the chefs have room for imagination, experiments are welcome. The combination of apples and oranges in one compote is very successful: the two flavors complement each other, besides, both fruits have great benefits, rich in vitamins and other substances.

Preparing such a compote is easier than ever, and the result is always happy. To compote apples and oranges pleased the family and guests, you just need to take into account a few simple rules.

Basic principles of cooking compotes from apples and oranges

The process of making a drink is quite simple. Whole or peeled and diced apples are immersed in hot water. Orange slices are added and separately - zest. For sweets are used sugar or honey. Compote with fruit simmers for several minutes, then infused.

If a drink is prepared for future use, for the winter, then fruits and sugar in cans are poured with boiling water. Then the water is drained, boiled again. Again in the banks, then they are sealed and sent under a warm shelter to cool. You can pour hot syrup at one time, then sterilize the jars for a certain time depending on the volume. Next, the compote is twisted tightly.

To the compote of apples and oranges, additional ingredients are also added, it can be berries and fruits - lemon, black chokeberry, cherry, raisin, currants of any kind, as well as various spices: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla.

The main thing when cooking compote is to prepare the ingredients correctly. Apples are better to choose sweet and sour, medium ripeness. Unripe fruits will not be fragrant, and overripe when boiling to fall apart in porridge.

Small apples can be cooked whole, and large ones should be cleaned from the core and cut into pieces. From the orange is usually advised to remove the skin. White films are removed, otherwise the drink will be bitter, and the fragrant rind itself, if desired, is added to the compote with orange pulp.

The ratio of apples and oranges can be very different. From equal proportions to one to ten. And the orange in any case should not be more than apples. Nevertheless, it serves more as an aromatic and flavoring additive to apple base.

Apples are better to boil a couple of minutes and only then add more delicate oranges to them.

Compote cooking time - no more than five minutes from the moment of boiling. Next you need to give the drink to infuse until cool.

Compote, especially if the fruit pulp boil soft, it is better to strain. Optionally, you can add slices of apples already in the glass.

Making a simple compote of apples and oranges

This is a basic recipe, according to which you can easily and simply make a delicious compote of apples and oranges. A minimum of ingredients, and the amount of sugar can be varied as desired.


• A pound of apples

• Two oranges

• Glasses of sugar

• Two liters of water.

Method of preparation

Apples cut into slices, after removing the middle.

Pour water into a saucepan, put sugar and put it on fire.

In hot water throw apples.

Peel oranges, remove bones, cut into slices or divide into slices.

When boiling compote add pieces of oranges.

Let boil for 3 minutes and turn off the fire.

After cooling, drain the compote. The undigested fruit pieces can be eaten separately or added to glasses with compote.

Compote from apples and oranges for the winter

Tasty preparation for the winter with the scent of summer and the tropics - apple compote with oranges. Preparing is very simple, with a set of favorite spices, you can adjust the taste of the drink. Small apples are also suitable, they are even easier to handle.


• Kilogram of apples of any size

• Two glasses of sugar

• Water

• Two oranges

• Half cinnamon sticks

• Several clove buds.

Method of preparation Products are based on 2 three-liter jars. However, you can make 3 two-liter, 4 liter and a half or 6 liter.

Banks wash, sterilize - pour boiling water or hold in the oven, microwave.

Also handle the caps.

Apples wash. Large cut into 4 parts, removing the core. Small take the whole.

Spread the apples equally on the banks.

Also split the sugar.

Wash oranges, cut into circles, add to jars.

Put in each spice.

Pour boiling water over each can. Wait 5 minutes, drain.

Boil the syrup again and pour the contents of the jars again.

Roll up the covers and put them under a warm cover for a day by putting the cover down.

Apple-orange compote with cinnamon and wine

Thanks to wine and spices, compote produces a taste reminiscent of mulled wine. However, it does not contain alcohol - a small amount of alcohol evaporates at high temperature. You can make more or less sweet options.


• A pound of apples

• Litere of water

• A glass of sugar

• A pair of cloves

• A piece of cinnamon sticks

• Vanilla pod slice

• Orange.

Method of preparation

Boil syrup from water and sugar.

Apples wash, cut, removing the middle of each.

Remove the zest from the orange with a knife or a special device.

Squeeze the juice from the pulp.

Put apples into the boiled syrup.

After boiling, throw all the spices and zest.

After 3 minutes of boiling pour the juice, let it boil again and turn it off.

Leave for 15 minutes to infuse.


You can eat hot, warm or chilled, but not icy.

Compote from apples and oranges with the addition of black chokeberry

This is an autumn compote, they prepare it when the blackfruit ripens. However, if you freeze its stock, you can cook compote for a year. It is very rich in vitamins. True, we must bear in mind that the black chokeberry reduces the pressure. And although its concentration is not great, this fact is better to take into account. For those who have high blood pressure, the drink will be a magic wand.


• 3 large ripe apples or 7 small pieces • Glass of black insects

• Two oranges

• A glass of sugar

• Two liters of water.

Method of preparation

Wash fruits and berries.

Large apples cut in half, you can not clean or remove seeds.

Rowan and apples put in a pot of water, bring to a boil, cook for a couple of minutes.

Grind the orange with a blender or grinder with the peel.

Add to compote orange and sugar.

Boil a minute.

Allow to cool, mix, to give mountain ash juice.

Strain, lightly squeeze.

Compote of apples, oranges and other fruits

This compote is real fruit platter. You can make it for use directly after preparation, and you can prepare for the future. Consider the second option. The first is even easier - boil the fruit in syrup and cool.


• Two apples

• Two pears

• Three apricots and plums

• Orange

• Half lemon

• A sprig of mint

• One and a half cups of sugar

• Three liters of water.

Method of preparation

Peel apples and pears from the rind and cores. To cut in cubes.

Dip apricots and plums in boiling water, then in cold water. Remove skin and bones.

Peel the orange and lemon. From the skins remove the white flesh.

Cut orange and lemon into cubes.

Fold the pears and apples in a saucepan, add water, pour sugar.

Cook for two minutes.

Add apricots and plums, cook for two minutes.

Put the citrus zest and pulp.

Cook for two minutes.

Turn off the fire. After a couple of minutes, put a sprig of mint in compote

Allow to cool completely. Remove the rind of lemon and orange and mint.

If desired, you can strain, and you can eat with fruit.

Compote of apples, oranges and red currants

Red currant goes well with apples in compote: it adds brightness to a pale apple broth, and also makes a pleasant sourness. The combination with orange will enrich the taste palette and create a mixture of different flavors. A recipe is proposed compote for the winter, you can also prepare a drink for consumption immediately after preparation.


• A pound of apples

• A glass of red currant • One orange

• Two glasses of sugar

• Water

• Pinch of vanilla sugar - on request.

Method of preparation

Wash the apples, cut into slices.

Wash the orange, cut into slices or circles

Spread the fruit in one-liter jars - 4 jars are needed.

Wash currants, you can not remove the twigs for beauty.

Spread out on top of the apples.

Boil three liters of water with sugar. Add vanilla sugar.

Spread equally on the banks. If it is not enough, add each boiling water. To do this, boil water at the time of pouring, so that was at hand.

Cover with lids. Put in a large pot of hot water, turn on the fire.

Sterilize for 20 minutes after boiling.

Screw, cool, clean in a cool place.

Tips and tricks of cooking compote of apples and oranges

  • Often in apples, especially small ones, worms can hide. The same problem, by the way, cherries and plums suffer. If you plan to use the whole fruit, then remove pests can be a simple way. Fruits or berries should be placed in salted water for an hour. Larvae will definitely get out.
  • Compote from apples usually does not have a pronounced color. A small amount of orange will only give it a slightly orange tint. But the bright berries like plums, black chokeberry, currants will strongly color both the drink and the apples in it.
  • If a compote of apples and oranges is made for the future with double pouring, some sugar may remain undissolved. It's not scary. You just need to put the bank on its side and lightly roll it. Then clean up in the heat. In general, it is recommended to do so with any preservation for a better distribution of substances.
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