Apricot juice for the winter - sunny drink! Different ways of harvesting apricot juice for the winter at home

Apricot juice for the winter - sunny drink! Different ways of harvesting apricot juice for the winter at home

Summer pleased with the harvest of apricots? Need to prepare juice! For a fragrant drink you need quite a bit: ripe fruit and good mood. Here you can look for a suitable apricot juice recipe for the winter.

Apricot juice for the winter - general principles of cooking

The easiest way to extract juice is with a juicer. It can be manual, electric or steam. You can also make a drink by wiping boiled fruit. Often the drink is diluted with water. Sugar, citric acid, various aromatic additives can be added to it. Apricot juice is often prepared with the addition of other fruits, for example, apples, citruses.

Sterility is our everything!

Since the juice is subjected to heat treatment, after washing the apricots do not need to be dried. But after boiling, sterility is required. It is not allowed to get into the drink raw water, streaks and other debris. Pour juice only in clean and dry cans.

How to sterilize containers:

• above the steam;

• in the oven;

• in the microwave.

Once grandmothers fry jars in the sun, but today this method has lost its relevance. Pour the drink only in a boiling state. Twist clean, preferably sterile caps. A special key is used. It is necessary to cool the billet upside down, then the banks return to their natural position.

Apricot juice for winter with pulp

An ancient recipe for apricot juice for the winter, which is prepared without special devices. All that is needed is an enameled pan, colander or sieve. The amount of fruit is arbitrary. Sugar in the drink add optional.


• apricots;

• sugar.


1. We wash apricots, we sort into halves. Drying fruits is not necessary. Bones immediately throw away.

2. Fold the halves into a large saucepan necessarily enameled. If you cook the billet in an aluminum dish, then it will have an ugly shade. 3. Now pour water. It is needed so much that the liquid is equal to the fruit, that is, it has reached their level.

4. Turn on the stove and start cooking. You can immediately make a big fire.

5. As soon as the foam begins to appear, we immediately remove it. In juice, it is useless.

6. Boil the fruit until soft. As soon as the apricots begin to decay, remove from heat. Brew cool.

7. Merge compote through a colander, set aside a decoction for a while to the side.

8. Rub boiled fruit through a small colander, but better through a sieve. Get rid of the skins.

9. Gentle puree, which came out when wiping, combine with the broth, stir and set again on the stove.

10. Now add sugar to taste.

11. Give the juice to boil for five minutes, remove the foam. We pour the drink into sterile jars, cork and remove the preform.

Apricot juice for the winter at home through a juicer

The easiest way to prepare apricot juice for the winter at home. Only a suitable juicer is needed, which will separate the veins and skins from the liquid. Brand and device do not matter.


• 5 kg apricots;

• 300 grams of sugar.


1. We wash apricots, we release from stones.

2. Halves the fruit skipped through a juicer.

3. We estimate waste. Apricots in this regard are capricious and the cake can be a lot. If it is really so, a lot of waste has come out and they are wet, then we pass them through the juicer again.

4. We connect everything that has turned out to be extracted from fruit. Pour into a saucepan.

5. Add sugar and put on the stove.

6. As soon as the next drink starts to boil, remove the foam.

7. Give the juice to boil for three minutes, but you can and more, if the output needs a thicker product.

8. Spill, cork and sunny drink is ready!

Apricot juice for winter with lemon

Option of very fragrant apricot juice for the winter at home. At 3 liters of pressed drink will need only 1 lemon.


• 3 liters of fresh juice;

• 500 ml of water;

• 1 lemon;

• 150-300 grams of sugar. Cooking

1. Wash apricots and squeeze the juice in any way. The easiest way to use an electric juicer.

2. Add sugar to the water. The sweeter the apricots, the less it is needed. Put the syrup on the stove.

3. We dip the washed lemon in boiling water, then remove the zest with a knife. This is a thin, yellow-colored citrus peel. Pour zest into sugar with water.

4. After boiling, let the syrup boil for about five minutes so that the peel gives off the flavor. Strain out.

5. Cut the peeled lemon and squeeze out all the juice from it, also filter.

6. Now combine lemon juice, flavored syrup and prescription juice from apricots. It should be 3 liters.

7. Put all this on the stove and cook the drink a few minutes after boiling. If you suddenly appear foam, do not forget to delete it.

8. Juice is ready! Spill, hermetically corked, cool up bottom.

Spicy apricot juice for winter at home

Recipe incredibly aromatic juice of apricots, which is prepared with the addition of spices. If you do not like some ingredient, then simply exclude it. You can also make your favorite supplement, if it does not contradict the taste of apricot.


• 4 liters of juice;

• 4 star studs;

• 1 vanilla pod;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 300 grams of sugar;

• 1 sticks of cinnamon;

• 4 mint leaves.


1. Take 700 ml of water, pour into a saucepan, put sugar and set to boil.

2. Add all the spices to the saucepan, you do not need to grind anything.

3. Squeeze lemon juice, immediately pour to the apricot drink. All that remains, that is, a half with a crust, is poured into a boiling syrup. Cook it for at least ten minutes.

4. Strain the aromatic mixture, pour it to the juice. Stir.

5. Put the saucepan on the stove with a drink, let it boil. From the surface we catch foam.

6. We taste the drink. Add sugar or acid if needed.

7. Boil for about five minutes, pour into sterile dishes, cork with treated lids and send juice to the basement.

Apricot juice for the winter with apples

Option, perhaps one of the most popular flavors of apricot juice. With apples, the drink turns out very pleasant, sour and unusually fragrant. Juice extract any of the available methods, it is better to use an electrical device.


• 5 kg of apples;

• 5 kg apricots;

• 700 grams of sugar;

• 500 ml of water.


1. Water can be immediately poured into a large saucepan and put on a slow fire.

2. Sugar also immediately fall asleep in water, let dissolve.

3. We rinse the apricots washed and released from the seeds through a juicer, immediately add the juice in portions to the water with sugar, let the drink get warm, let's not waste time.

4. We also wash the apples, cut them in pieces, bypassing the stubs with seeds. We extract the juice from them, also use a juicer.

5. Pour the apple juice to an apricot drink.

6. That's it! It remains to boil the drink for five minutes after boiling. We remember about the foam that needs to be removed.

7. Next, we pour the blank into sterile dishes, how to prepare it is written above.

Apricot juice for winter at home with a blender

The method of making apricot juice for the winter at home for those who have nothing to squeeze the drink. It will take a blender, better immersion. You can use the combine, but it will be longer.


• 3 kg apricots;

• 900 ml of water;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. citric acid.


1. Rinse apricots with water. No need to remove the bones. The fruits must remain whole.

2. We take a large pot to fit a colander. Pour 2/3 of the water. We put on fire, give boil.

3. Next put the pan or bucket with a cold ode, you can with ice-cold liquid.

4. Put the whole apricots in a colander and put it in a saucepan with boiling water for 20 seconds.

5. Then take out and immerse in ice water.

6. After a minute, we take out the apricots and remove the pelt in one motion, immediately throwing out the stone. Put the cleaned pulp in a bowl. 7. Take the blender and mash the fruit until smooth.

8. Add water to them, pour sugar and throw citric acid. You can squeeze the juice from fresh citrus.

9. Cook juice for a few minutes. At the request of the drink can be made even thinner, diluted with water. But in this case, do not forget to add sugar and acid to maintain a pleasant taste. Spill, remove for storage.

Juice of apricots for the winter through the juice maker

Sokovarka - a special device for extracting juice. It is a three-story construction with a tube.


• apricots;

• 5-7 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Pour water into the lower compartment of the juice cooker. Usually comes from two to three liters, but it is better to look in the instructions.

2. Divide the washed apricots into halves, fold into the latticed (uppermost) part of the juice cooker.

3. Top apricots sprinkle with sugar to enhance the secretion of juice.

4. Turn on the fire. Cook juice.

5. After about 45 minutes, you can remove the clamp from the tube and pour the juice into a sterile container. We cork.

Apricot juice for the winter - tips and tricks

• Apricot cake from the juice cooker should not be thrown away. It will make a wonderful mashed potatoes, which can be put in a pie filling or on a marshmallow.

• Apricots perfectly combined with different fruits. You can make juices with the addition of pears, peaches, different berries. But do not add blackberries, otherwise the drink will turn blue.

• Any juice will become more aromatic and tasty if you add a little vanilla, cinnamon. It is better to use natural pods and sticks. The composition of the spice bags leaves much to be desired.

• You can use not only jars, but also glass bottles with screw caps for blocking juices.

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