How to make apple juice in a juicer for the winter? Very simple! Subtleties and tricks: with what and how to cook the juice in the apple cooker

How to make apple juice in a juicer for the winter? Very simple! Subtleties and tricks: with what and how to cook the juice in the apple cooker

Sokovarka - a unique device that can extract the juice, even from solid beets or radishes.

But why do we need a tasteless drink?

It is much more pleasant to cook fruit juice, sweet and fragrant.

You can drink it right away or prepare it for the winter, which is very convenient and useful.

How to cook the juice in the apple cooker, close it for the winter?

How to Boil Juice in an Apple Juicer - General Cooking Principles

Apples before laying in the juice cooker should be thoroughly washed and cut. Since the product will be completely exposed to heat, it is very important to remove the stubs with seeds. From them, the drink may appear unpleasant taste, bitterness. Seeds can also clog holes in the upper compartment of the juicer, which will interfere with the flow of fluid. Be sure to cut off all damaged areas, traces of rot, wormholes. Chop finely apples do not need. Small fruits enough to cut into four parts, large can be 6-8 parts.

Sokovarka consists of three parts:

• bunker / sieve (top tank);

• co-receiver (in the middle);

• a saucepan for water.

Prepared fruit stacked in a hopper with holes. In a saucepan poured water. To reduce the time, you can use boiling water immediately. Water should be poured to the level marked on the bottom of the saucepan. Sometimes there is no mark, in this case you need to look in the instructions for the device, but usually it is 2 liters. During installation on the hob, the coconut drain valve should be closed. Sometimes instead of it on the device a rubber tube with a clip.

How to make juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter

The traditional method of harvesting apple juice through the juicer for the winter. The tap drink immediately flows out sterile, hot, it does not require additional boiling. Use ripe, juicy fruits to get a lot of tasty drink. To enhance the allocation of juice is added a little sugar.


• apples;

• A handful of sugar. Cooking

1. Cut the washed fruits into slices, put in a saucepan from the juice cooker. Try to lay tight to fit more product.

2. On top of the apples need to sprinkle a handful of sugar. Layers can also be pulled, but not much, otherwise the drink will turn out to be too sweet.

3. Pour water into the desired compartment, install the structure on the stove, tightly cover the apples with a lid.

4. Turn on the stove, leave the juice cooker for an hour, the tap should be closed.

5. Now you need to prevent the fruit with a spatula, pressing movements to drip juice. If the pieces are still very wet, cover the pot and hold for another half hour.

6. While the juice is preparing, you need to rinse, sterilize the banks. Covers also need to handle. It is enough just to pour boiling water over them.

7. Now take the prepared jar, bring it to the faucet and fill it to the top with juice. Cover with a lid, roll up immediately.

8. Fill jars or bottles until the juice runs out.

How to make juice in apple juice cooker with melissa and zest

Apple juice will get much more fragrant and tastier if you add a little fragrant ingredients. The easiest way to use herbs is citrus zest. But how is the juice brewed in the apple juice cooker with them and where should they be put?


• apples;

• 2 sprigs of lemon balm;

• sugar;

• 1 orange or lemon.


1. As usual, crumble the apples into large chunks, throw away the bits. Place half in the strainer.

2. Wash the orange or lemon with soda to remove the wax. Cut the zest. This can be done with a peeler or grater.

3. Take a piece of bandage or gauze, roll in 2 layers, lay out the zest and tie it tight. If this is not done, the citrus pieces will fall between the apple slices and clog the sieve holes.

4. Put a bag of peel on the branches of lemon balm.

5. Top it with a handful of sugar.

6. Lay the remaining apples to the top. Also add some sugar.

7. Close the device, turn on the stove, boil the juice after boiling for 30 minutes, then stir it, let it steam for another ten minutes. 8. Pour an appetizing drink in cans, roll up for the winter or cool and eat like this.

How to make juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter with a pumpkin

A very popular mixed drink with the addition of pumpkin. It differs not only taste, but also very bright color. Before you boil the juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter, take care of choosing a good, ripe and sweet pumpkin.


• pumpkin;

• apples;

• sugar.


1. Crumble the washed apples into slices, put them into the juice cooker first, fill in half or a little more. Lightly coat layers of sugar to make more juice.

2. Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds, cut into pieces, place on top of apple slices. Also sprinkle with sugar on top. If the pumpkin is homemade or just good, you can cook the juice from the slices along with the crust.

3. Close the device, turn on the stove, cook for 40-50 minutes.

4. Now you can open the lid, take a long spatula and mix the apples and pumpkin well. Cover, cook another quarter of an hour.

5. Now you need to mix the contents of the upper barrel well again so that all the glass liquid is sieve.

6. Open the faucet, pour the drink into sterile containers, immediately roll up the lids. Cool the pumpkin and apple billet upside down.

How to make juice in the apple and carrot juice maker without sugar

Useful preparation which can be used in baby and dietary food. Sugar is not added. Carrots use only juicy, orange. Otherwise, she will be a guest in the sieve of the device and will not give anything out.


• apples;

• carrot;

• water.


1. Peel carrots, cut into 0.5 cm circles. Immediately throw back the tails. If you come across roots with green centers, it is desirable to cut the rod. He will add bitterness to the juice.

2. Cut apples into large chunks.

3. Put a good layer of apples into the juice cooker first. Then you can alternate the apples with carrots. If you wish, tuck a little sugar, the juice will come out more. 4. Install the strainer on the device, do not forget to add water to it.

5. Turn on the stove, close the lid, cook for at least an hour.

6. Then you can stir, leave another 20 minutes.

7. Open the tap, fill the sterile jars. If the food is intended for a child. Choose small containers. If you do not remove the drink for storage, then this juice is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

How to make juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter (spiced with grapes)

Before you start cooking the juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter, you need to thoroughly wash the grapes and sort them out, because there is always a lot of dust, cobwebs and other varieties on it. The most delicious drink is obtained from fine wine grapes, but you can take any other varieties.


• grapes;

• apples;

• sugar;

• citrus peel;

• 2 cloves;

• 1 sticks of cinnamon.


1. At the bottom of the sieve lay out sliced ​​apples, about half.

2. In a piece of gauze wrap cinnamon sticks, cloves, citrus peel. You can use dry peel. If desired, add a couple of mint leaves or a sprig of lemon balm.

3. Tie a gauze shred with spices in a bag, put it on the apples. Sprinkle with sugar.

4. Separate the grapes from the twigs, add apples to the top of the sieve. It is not necessary to sprinkle it with sugar, as it gives the juice well without it.

5. Turn on the stove. Boil the juice after boiling water from 30 minutes to an hour. In the end, stir well, remember the skins, but be careful not to tear the bag of spices. It can also be wrung out.

6. Pour into cans, cork.

How to Boil Juice in the Sokovarke of Apples and Chokeberry “Cherry”

A very interesting way of harvesting apple juice with the taste and color of cherry. Chokeberry doesn’t need much, a standard juice pot needs two or three glasses. It is desirable that the berries were ripe and juicy.


• 2-3 glasses of chokeberry;

• 20 cherry leaves;

• Apples (how many will leave);

• 150-200 g of sugar.

Cooking 1. Before you boil the juice in the apple juice cooker for the winter, you must soak the chokeberry in cold water, let the dust and litter go, then rinse well.

2. Cherry leaves should also be rinsed, leave to drain water.

3. Apples crumble into large chunks. Put in a saucepan device.

4. Top with black chokeberry and cherry leaves, sprinkle with sugar.

5. It remains only to turn on the stove, wait for exactly an hour. But after 40 minutes you can see how the process is going, stir the mass.

6. Pour the apple juice with cherry flavor in cans, roll up, send for storage.

Cooking juice in an apple juice cooker - tips and tricks

• Apple peel contains a huge amount of vitamins of different groups, pectin and tannins. Therefore, the skin of the fruit before laying in the tank do not need to be removed.

• Cooked peel with pulp can not throw away. They have enough taste. The mass can be used to prepare the filling for the cake, you just need to add sugar, jam, raisins, vanilla. Hot waste can be folded into sterile jars and rolled up for winter cakes.

• It is impossible to add sugar to hot juice after cooking, even if it seems sour. The drink will be gone, not worthy until winter. If sour fruits are originally used, you need to sprinkle sugar over the layers in the barrel.

• Sweet apples make aromatic juice, but it may lack the very acid that gives brightness to taste. Exit - add lemon. You can simply sprinkle the apples with powder mixed with granulated sugar. As an option - dilute some acid in boiling water, pour the apples on top.

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