Making lemon juice - recipes with a divine flavor! Lemon juice: recipes of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with it

Making lemon juice - recipes with a divine flavor! Lemon juice: recipes of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with it

Lemon juice is a frequent ingredient in various foods and beverages.

It gives savory acidity to food, enriches with vitamins and is simply good for the body. Therefore, any hostess should be able to do it.

It turns out that there are many ways. How can you make lemon juice, as well as recipes for delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with this wonderful ingredient.

Natural lemon juice - recipes and general principles of cooking

To get the juice using fresh, juicy citrus medium size. They must first be washed with soap, if the surface has a brilliant bloom, it is better to pour boiling water over it. The same technique will help extract more juice. From one medium-sized lemon you can get from 30 to 60 ml.

How can I make lemon juice:

• Press hands. The easiest and most frequently used method that does not require any additional devices. Citrus is cut across into two parts and pressed.

• Using a hand press or special juicer. Now on sale a lot of devices of various types. The subsequent filtering of juice from pulp, washing of auxiliary subjects will be required.

• With electric juicer. It allows you to get the most juice, but it requires washing the equipment, which often consists of a large number of parts: knives, nets, juice tanks and oil cake.

• Using a meat grinder, blender. The citrus is simply crushed, then squeezed through a gauze or sieve. It is required to remove all the bones so that the juice does not turn out bitter. Quite a time consuming way.

Most often, the juice is squeezed out manually, as it is simpler and easier. If you need to recycle a large number of lemons, you can use any accessories.

Making lemon juice - recipe from acid

This option is used for various dishes, if you do not have fresh citrus on hand or you need only a few drops of juice and it is a pity to cut a whole lemon. It should be noted that such a drink does not have a pronounced citrus aroma, but you can always add pre-prepared zest to the dish. Ingredients

• water;

• lemon acid.


One part of citric acid powder is two parts of warm water. The ingredients are simply mixed until completely dissolved. It is better to give such a juice to brew for half an hour, so that all the crystals are dispersed in the liquid.

Making sweet lemon juice - a recipe for a healthy drink

Do you want lemon juice? For many, only one phrase will cause a mouthwash. But they just do not know that a drink can be very tasty and sweet. This drink will change the idea of ​​lemon juice, help replace harmful lemonade and soda.


• 150 ml of water;

• 50 ml of lemon juice;

• peel from half citrus;

• 3 tsp of sugar.


1. Put the zest in the water, boil the drink on the stove 2 minutes after boiling. Cool and filter.

2. Add sugar, lemon juice and mix well.

3. We help ourselves! If desired, some of the water can be replaced with orange juice, the drink will be more saturated.

Alcoholic cocktail with lemon juice - a recipe with vodka and vermouth

Strong enough drink, which for some reason is called "Yabeda". From this amount of products you get 800 grams of drink. If you need to reduce the fortress, add more ice, but it is better to lay it not in the total mass, but in portions in glasses.


• 200 grams of vodka;

• 500 grams of vermouth, better than white;

• 120 grams of lemon juice;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 4 pieces of ice.


1. In a carafe pour lemon juice and put sugar. Close the cork and shake well to dissolve the sand.

2. Add vermouth, vodka. Shake well again. You can mix with wooden sticks.

3. Add ice, let it melt. You can replace the same amount of cold water.

4. We pour in glasses with ice cubes and we use for the designated purpose.

Warming cocktail with lemon juice - recipe “Citrus jam”

Another recipe for an alcoholic drink, for the preparation of which, in addition to lemon juice, you need orange jam. If desired, it can be replaced with lemon or grapefruit. The quantity of products is calculated for one portion. Ingredients

• 50 ml of vodka;

• 30 grams of lemon juice;

• 20 grams of orange jam (or any other citrus);

• 100 grams of ice cubes;

• lemon peel.

You will also need a sharp peel knife and a blender.


1. Using a knife, remove the zest from citrus, trying to make long strips.

2. Blender whip jam, lemon juice and vodka.

3. In the glass for whiskey (Rocks) put ice.

4. Pour mass, whipped with a blender, and put strips of peel on top.

Cocktail with lemon juice - recipe “Lightning” with vodka and orange tincture

To make a lemon cocktail, you need an orange tincture, but you can also use lemon. All ingredients must be chilled.


• 20 grams of vodka;

• 50 ml of lemon juice;

• 20 ml of orange tincture;

• 40 grams of water;

• a pinch of powdered sugar, 2-3 pieces of ice in a glass.

For sprinkling, a fine mesh strainer is required.


1. Mix lemon juice with tincture, add vodka and water.

2. Pour into a glass with ice cubes.

3. From above, using a strainer, sprinkle icing sugar.

4. Serve immediately, do not give the drink stand.

Cocktail with lemon juice and ginger “Fat Burning”

It is believed that citric acid promotes weight loss, reduces appetite and breaks down fat. Especially well proven cocktails with ginger, helping to find not only harmony, but also to support immunity. And in order to get rid of extra pounds more effective, it is recommended to drink a drink 3 times a day in a glass.


• 1 tablespoon dried green tea;

• litere of water;

• whole lemon;

• 15 grams of ginger.


1. Boil water, it is more convenient to do it in a saucepan.

2. Peel the ginger root, grate three.

3. As soon as the water boils, turn off the fire, add the prepared ginger and green tea. Cover the saucepan with a lid and let it brew for 20 minutes.

4. We remember the lemon in our hands or roll the table, cut it in half and squeeze the juice into the brewed tea. Mix and begin to thin! The drink can be heated as needed or consumed cold, does not matter.

Cocktail with lemon juice - recipe for “over the face”

A wonderful recipe for a drink with lemon juice, which will help strengthen the immune system and will be a faithful companion in the fight against colds. For the preparation, it is better to use natural honey, but if it is allergic, then this ingredient can be excluded or replaced with raspberry jam, rosehip syrup. From this amount of products, two portions are obtained.


• 100 grams of lemon juice;

• 350 grams of water;

• Spoon of dried chamomile flowers;

• tablespoon honey.

To taste this drink can add a little ginger, a pinch of cinnamon or a starlet of cloves. And it will acquire warming properties and matchless aroma.


1. Brew chamomile tea from dried raw materials and hot water. If possible, you can pour in a thermos and let stand for several hours. If not, 15 minutes is enough.

2. Cooking lemon juice in any convenient way.

3. Filter tea, add lemon juice.

4. Put the honey, stir until dissolved. We consume the drink in the form of heat, always prepare fresh and do not store.

Refreshing Drink with Lemon Juice - Recipe with Mint

A wonderful drink that refreshes in the heat, uplifting and energizing. You can use regular mint, pepper or lemon balm. In any case, it will turn out tasty and fragrant.


• one lemon

• 3 sprigs of mint;

• 800 ml of water;

• 80 grams of sugar.


1. Remove the zest from the citrus and squeeze the juice.

2. Boil the zest in water with the addition of two sprigs of mint and sugar. Cool, strain.

3. Add lemon juice.

4. We put in glasses on 3 cubes of ice, we fill in with the prepared drink and we decorate mint leaves from the remained branch. You can also put lemon slices in a glass.

Miracle cocktail with lemon juice - Sassi water recipe

Sassi Water is a vitamin cocktail that is used for cleansing, healing and losing weight. There are several options for its preparation, but one thing is invariable - lemon juice. It is better to cook in the evening so that the cocktail will be infused, and it can be consumed the next day. It is important to use good water, spring or mineral without gas. Ingredients

• 2 liters of water;

• 10 grams of ginger;

• big fresh cucumber;

• lemon;

• mint.


1. Squeeze the juice out of citrus, mix with water. The remaining cake cut into pieces and also add to the total weight.

2. Grind ginger or finely chop it, send it to a cocktail.

3. Add the washed and chopped cucumber into thin ringlets.

4. Put the washed and pounded mint leaves.

5. All mix, cover and leave to infuse for at least 8 hours.

6. We filter drink and we use for improvement. It is recommended to drink a glass 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. On the water Sassi can spend fasting days that will help lose weight and cleanse the body.

Lemonade Lemonade - Homemade Drink Recipe

Store shelves are crammed with various types of lemonade, and buying it today is not a problem. But the composition of industrial drinks horrifies. And not every parent is willing to risk the health of his beloved child and stuff him with chemistry. The solution is to make lemonade by yourself, the more so it is done very simply.


• spoon of honey;

• lemon;

• 500 grams of water.


1. Water is filtered. You can use mineral.

2. Squeeze the juice out of citrus, mix with water.

3. Add honey, stir until dissolved. We drink with ice cubes, which can also be frozen from such lemonade or any juice.

Energy drink with lemon juice - a recipe for lifting vitality

Fatigue, loss of strength, drowsiness and bad mood. Do you know this? In this case, you need to cheer up, and help energy drink his own cooking. Useful and incredibly fragrant.


• 1 tsp. natural ground coffee;

• a quarter of a lemon;

• a piece of ginger;

• to taste sugar.


1. Brew coffee in any convenient way - in the Turk or the car. It is better not to use a soluble surrogate, since the percentage of natural coffee is often small in it, such a drink will not encourage.

2. Grind ginger, put in hot coffee and leave for 15 minutes. Then filter. 3. Squeeze the juice from a quarter of a lemon, pour it into coffee.

4. Add sugar, you can replace with chalk, stir and cheer! Similarly, you can make a drink with cocoa, the smell of chocolate also improves your mood and improves vitality.

Making Lemon Juice - Tips and Tricks

• When choosing citruses for juice, many prefer hard fruits. In fact, unripe lemons are also very dense, while they have little juice and give it up poorly. It is better to just smell citrus and evaluate the appearance. If it is fragrant, moderately dense and has a smooth skin, then it can be sent to your basket.

• To extract the maximum amount of juice from the fruit at minimum time, you just need to effortlessly roll it around the table. Then we cut it in half, it is better to do it over a bowl, since juice will already be spilled from it. A couple of movements and in the hands will remain empty halves.

• Lemon juice retains its properties well in frozen form. Therefore, if you want to use only half a citrus, then from the second squeeze the juice, pour it into a container and send it in the freezer. And you can pour into ice molds and use as needed in tea or for cocktails.

• If you do not like the sour taste of lemon juice, it can always be mixed with orange or grapefruit. Color and taste will become more saturated, but the aroma peculiar to lemon will remain.

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