Compote of nectarines for the winter

Compote of nectarines for the winter

Nectarines are no less useful than peaches. They contain many vitamins A and C, which are especially needed by the body to maintain immunity during the cold season. In addition, nectarines contain a lot of fiber, contributing to the normalization of digestion. But the compote of nectarines for the winter make not only why. It is appreciated for its pleasant delicate taste, reminiscent of sunny summer.

Cooking Features

Nectarine contains a lot of ascorbic acid and sugars, which provide the ability to store compote, even if it is prepared without sterilization. But still some features of the preparation of this drink for the winter should be considered.

  • For compote you need to take only uncorrupted fruits. If the fruit is dented from at least one side, it is no longer suitable for preservation.
  • Thorough washing of fruits is an important condition for making compote. Therefore, you need to wash each fruit individually, and this should be done carefully so as not to damage the skin.
  • Most often, nectarines are preserved whole, but you can cut them in half and remove the bone. In this case, it is recommended to place the nectarines in a jar in slices down.
  • Banks for compote need to be washed qualitatively, “to the creaking”, and then sterilized in any way. This will ensure the safety of compote without additional sterilization.

Compote from nectarines will be even tastier if you use apples or grapes in its preparation.

Classic recipe for nectarine compote

Composition (3 liters):

  • nectarines - 500-600 g;
  • water - 2 l;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the fruits, if they are too large or you prefer to preserve the seedless fruit, cut each individual and remove the stone.
  • Sterilize the jar and fill it with nectarines.
  • Boil water and pour fruit over it.
  • Cover the jar with a sterilized lid and cover with a warm cloth. Leave it in this condition for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the water from the can into the pan, measuring its volume. If it turned out to be more than the amount specified in the recipe, the amount of sugar should also be increased accordingly.
  • Add the required amount of sugar to the water, bring to a boil and boil for about 5 minutes to completely dissolve the sugar.
  • Fill the nectarines with boiling syrup. Hermetically close the jar.
  • Place the can upside down, roll it up and leave it for 24 hours.
  • After a specified time, remove the banks for the winter.

It is possible to store compote of nectarines at room temperature, but when stored in a cool place, it will stand for much longer.

Compote of nectarines with apples and plums

Composition (3 liters):

  • apples (peeled and sliced) - 0, 25 kg;
  • nectarines (peeled and chopped) - 0, 25 kg;
  • plums (peeled and sliced) - 0, 25 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 4 kg;
  • water - 2, 5 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash fruits, wipe them dry.
  • Cut the plums and nectarines in half, remove the bones from them. Nectarines cut another 2 parts along.
  • Cut the seed box out of apples, cut the apples themselves into large slices.
  • Sterilize the jar and put the fruit in it in random order.
  • Boil water and add fruit slices to boiling water. To prevent the jar from cracking, place a knife blade under it.
  • Cover the jar with a lid and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Drain the liquid from the jar into the pan, add sugar and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Fill the fruit with hot syrup.
  • Roll banks, flip. Wrap a warm blanket or blanket.
  • When the banks are cool, store them in a cool place.

Compote of nectarines, apples and plums in a couple of months will acquire a rich color and aroma. Even if the temptation to try this drink is great, it is better to be patient and wait until winter.

Compote of nectarines and grapes

Composition (3 liters):

  • nectarines - 0, 5-0, 6 kg;
  • grapes - 0, 2 kg;
  • water - how much will go into the jar;
  • sugar - 50 g per 1 liter of water.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the fruit, cut it in half, remove the bones, cut the flesh into small slices or large cubes.
  • Wash the grapes. Some grapes are cleaned by removing bones from it. If the grape variety allows you to do this (that is, the berries are large), then it’s better to actually remove the stones. In this case, you need to weigh the already cleaned berries.
  • Place nectarine slices in a sterilized jar, and grapes on top.
  • Fill the fruit with boiling water, cover and leave for a quarter of an hour.
  • Pour the fragrant liquid from the jar into the pan, measure the required amount of sugar.
  • Boil water, add sugar to it, boil the syrup for 5 minutes after the sugar has dissolved.
  • Pour the hot syrup into a jar of nectarines and grapes.
  • Hermetically close the jar and set it upside down.
  • Wrap a can with warm clothes. Most often used for this blanket.
  • After 24 hours, a can of compote can be removed for winter storage.

Compote prepared according to this recipe should be stored in a cool and dark place.

Compote of nectarines is sweet and very fragrant. It is very refreshing, gives a sunny mood. Before serving, drink can be decorated with a sprig of mint.

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