Spice Plums Compote

Spice Plums Compote

Preparing a delicious compote for the winter is usually troublesome, as we used to sterilize the jars. This time we will skip this step, but the drink will be perfectly stored all winter. In order to keep the compote longer than one year, we will extract the bones, so choose the appropriate grade of plums.

Cooking time - 40 minutes

Number of servings - 1

Per 100g:

B - 0.14

W - 0.05

Y - 11.95

Kcal - 48.36

Ingredients for cooking compote with spices:

  • Plums - 350 g;
  • Water - 1.2 l;
  • Sugar - sand - 200 g;
  • Badyan - 1 inflorescence;
  • Carnation - 2 buds;
  • Cinnamon - 1 stick.
Spice Plums Compote


Large beautiful plum cut in half and extract the bones. It is necessary to make an incision only in the case when it does not work out differently, and if your fruit is sufficiently ripe and the stone leaves itself well, then do so.

Spice Plums Compote

Preparing the jars in a way that is familiar to you - we rinse and temper so that the jar does not break during the preparation. Boil caps.

In banks, pour the plums.

Spice Plums Compote

Fruit should be 1/3 in a jar, and about 1-1.2 liters of water. Pour boiling water. For compote, we take only filtered or bottled water - it must be chlorine-free, tasty and clean.

Banks are covered with lids, but do not roll up and let stand for 15 minutes.

Spice Plums Compote

Drain the water into the pan, add sugar and spices to it. For this procedure, it is convenient to use a special cap with holes and a spout, or to hold the plums with a spoon - but this is difficult and inconvenient.

Cook syrup after boiling for 3-5 minutes.

Spice Plums Compote

We extract the spices with a slotted spoon, otherwise the compote will be too fragrant.

Pour syrup into the jars and immediately roll them up.

Spice Plums Compote

We wrap the compote in a very high quality, it should be cooled for at least a day, and even better for a day and a half.

After complete cooling, the compote is ready, but it is better to open it after 3 weeks, so it will become more saturated and tasty.

For flavor, you can also add an orange - one circle per jar. In this case, it will be a bit bitter, but it will have a rather strong orange flavor. If you do not like bitterness - then put the lobule without zest, or rather without the white part. Separately, boil the zest with spices, remove it and proceed further according to the recipe.

So our fragrant compote is ready, which in its aroma is a bit like mulled wine, and if you pour in a little wine, you get this wonderful winter drink.

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