Melon drinks for the winter are tasty and unusual, a variety of options. Stock up on melon compote for the winter - a must!

Melon drinks for the winter are tasty and unusual, a variety of options. Stock up on melon compote for the winter - a must!

A fragrant melon is always nice to eat. It is an excellent dessert, which you can enjoy all year round with pleasure. After all, the melon is tasty not only fresh, but also as a preservation. It quenches thirst well, so it is very organic in compotes.

You can not only drink a scented liquid, but also soak biscuit dough, pancakes, and pancakes with it. And it is pertinent to add melon slices to pies, cakes, ice cream, enjoying the summer delicacy in the winter cold.

Winter Melon Drinks - General Cooking Principles

Melon fruits used to prepare a drink for the winter should be ripe, but not overripe. Inside they have firm and firm flesh. Otherwise, the drink will turn out muddy and poor quality.

We wash the melon and dry it. Cut the fruit in half and, armed with a spoon, remove the seeds. Then cut the melon into slices and peel it.

The flesh of the fruit is cut into medium cubes. They need to either immediately throw in hot water, or first boil the syrup, and then load the melon slices and boil for a few minutes. Allowed to pour boiling sweet solution on the pieces of fruit laid in tara.

In work such inventory is useful:

• glass containers and lids;

• saucepan;

• wooden spoon;

• skimmer;

• colander;

• kitchen towel or thick gauze;

• well-ground knife;

• clean cutting board;

• tablespoon.

The washed jars are sterilized either over steam or in the oven (150 degrees twenty minutes). When the container with the compote is heated additionally, it is quite enough to clean it completely.

Fill the jars with ready-made drink, twist it tightly and turn it over. For greater safety, we wrap the container and ship it for storage only after it has cooled completely.

1. Melon nectar for the winter “Aromatic”


• melon;

• 650 gr. Sahara;

• 20 gr. citric acid;

• litere of water.


Heat water and pour sweet ingredient into it, and then citric acid. Cook the sweet syrup. With a melon, remove the peel. Cut the flesh into medium pieces.

Drop the melon into the sugar syrup, mix and blanch for about three minutes.

Overload the fruit pieces into a clean glass container. Fill it up to the top with syrup.

Sterilize the jars for no more than 10 minutes and cork hermetically. It does not hurt to turn the jars and cover at least with a towel.

After the drink has cooled, transfer it to the room cool and dark. And do not remember about the melon compote until winter comes.

2. Compote from melon for the winter “Fragrant drink”


• melon;

• litere of water;

• half a pound of sugar;

• one spoon of Art. citric acid (no slide).


We wash the melon and dry it. Cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds.

Prepared melon cut into slices. Cut off each peel and cut into small cubes. We place them in a deep vessel.

Cooking jars: wash and sterilize.

Put slices of melon in a glass container. Banks periodically shake, so that the tasty cubes fit more closely.

Pour cold water into a saucepan. Pour citric acid and sugar. All mix and bring to a boil.

Remove the ready syrup from the heat and pour it into a glass container filled with melon slices. Sweet solution should be enough for four liter jars.

Cover the container with compote with lids and sterilize in a saucepan with a towel at the bottom for 15 minutes.

Banks twist and wrap.

3. Winter melon drink with almonds


• 800 gr. melons;

• one kg of granulated sugar;

• 1000 ml of water;

• 200 gr. almond


Free from fragrant melon peel. From the pulp we cut the average size of cubes 2? 2 (cm).

We put the fruit pieces in layers in a clean jar and pour a handful of almonds.

Pour sugar into a scoop, fill it with water and stir. Cook thick syrup.

Fill with ready-made sweet mixture of jars with melon slices and almonds.

Cover with lids, put on the bottom of a wide saucepan with water and sterilize.

Then we roll, turn over and cover with a rug.

A day later we shift the jars of fragrant melon compote to the place intended for storing supplies.

4. Melon nectar for the winter with lemon juice


• two small melons;

• water - liter;

• pound of sugar;

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar;

• two Art. l freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Peeled melon divided into the same and small slices. Putting more tightly in prepared jars.

Boil water in a saucepan and add regular sugar, vanilla and lemon juice.

Cool syrup cool. Fill it in jars with melon.

Sterilize the container in boiling water and close.

Jars overturned and wrapped for a day. Then we hide in the pantry.

5. Winter melon drink with ginger


• one melon;

• four Art. l Sahara;

• two slices of ginger root;

• citric acid - pinch;

• half a liter of purified water.


We wash the melon, divide in half, and then cut into thin slices.

We take one such piece in hand, make vertical cuts on the fruit and cut off the flesh from the crust.

Ginger root cleaned from the skins. Cut off a few slices from it.

Put ginger on the bottom of a clean liter jar, and then add melon cubes, stacking them tightly one to another.

Mix sugar with citric acid. Put dry ingredients on melon pieces.

Water boil and pour it to the very edge of the jar. For air you need to leave a minimum space.

Next we sterilize the container in a saucepan with gauze or cloth at the bottom. The time of this operation is 15 minutes.

We take out the container, tightly close the lid.

Overturn and cover blanket or blanket. Do not touch until cool.

Hide compote with melon in a cool place until suitable.

6. Melon compote for the winter with spices


• one kg of already cleaned melon;

• two mugs of lemon;

• a small piece of orange peel;

• two studs;

• centimeter piece of cinnamon sticks;

• two and a half glasses of water;

• Citric acid - five grams.

• 0.65 kg of sugar.


Place the pieces of melon in a deep bowl.

Pour sugar in a liter jar with citric acid, mix. Fill with water and stir everything again. Pour the solution into pieces of melon and leave for a day.

Drain the water in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

Load the melon slices and boil them until transparent.

We take out the fruit with a wooden spoon or skimmer and fold it into dry clean and warm jars.

Put on top circles of lemon and spices.

Syrup bring up to 100 degrees, then pour it into jars.

We twist a container with covers, we overturn. Top throw something warm. After the banks have cooled, we place them in the storage room for storage.

7. Melon drink for the winter with plums


• three hundred gr. melons;

• sugar - 1 cup;

• ten plums;

• three cups of water;

• 50 gr. sweet grape wines;

• citric acid - 10 grams.


We cut the melon into pieces.

From plums remove the bone.

Cook the syrup by loading sugar into hot water. Dip the pieces of plums into it and bring to a boil.

Let the syrup cool and pour the wine into it.

Add the slices of melon and citric acid.

We wait until the compote boils, and immediately we pour into banks and roll it up.

Then we proceed in the standard way: we turn it over, we wrap it up and after 24 hours we hide it in a secluded place. We open the drink no sooner than the winter days come.

8. Melon compote for the winter “Assorted”


• melon - 100 grams;

• apples - 80 gr .;

• two tight and juicy plums;

• half a liter of purified water;

• sugar - four tbsp. l ..


Mince slices.

Peel the apples, remove the seed box. At plums we take out stones.

Apple peel pour boiling water and boil for about fifteen minutes.

Then strain the broth and pour sugar into it. Bring to boil.

Put apples in the broth and cook for about five minutes.

Add plums, in a minute - fragments of fragrant melon. Another 120 seconds boil and lay out vegetables and fruits in sterile jars.

Pour the liquid part of the compote into a glass container and spin it.

9. Melon nectar for the winter “Refreshing”


• one kg of melon (prepared pulp);

• 450 gr. strawberries;

• 600 gr. sugar sand;

• four and a half glasses of water; • sprigs of mint.


At the bottom of the clean jars put on a mint sprig.

Strawberries washed and dried.

Cooking sweet syrup. When he leaves for about five minutes, put a colander with melon slices in it. Boil for three minutes and unload in clean jars.

Strawberries are distributed among the banks.

The sweet syrup is heated to boiling and pour it into the container.

Sterilize jars with compote and twist. We put upside down and harbor.

In a day we transfer the canned drink to storage in a quiet and dark room.

Such compote is desirable to drink cold, you can even add pieces of ice.

Winter Melon Drinks - Tricks and Tips

  • We must not forget about the wayward nature of the melon. In particular, risking to combine the pieces of the fruit with milk, with almost one hundred percent probability can be expected problems with digestion.
  • Melon seeds can be used to advantage. Their use in a crushed form increases the male power.
  • The amount of sweet ingredient can be changed depending on taste preferences.
  • Glass containers before use should be sure to check for the absence of chips and cracks.
  • I sterilize the jars, you need to be careful and very careful: they can easily burn them. You should definitely arm yourself with kitchen mitts or mitts, put on a tight apron.
  • The temperature of the water in the pot and inside the beverage cans at the beginning of the sterilization process should be approximately the same.
  • Melon compote can be prepared with other (preferably sour) fruit in arbitrary proportions.
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